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Angel by greenappleinatree
Angelby X_random_X
Angel The sixteen year old rebel who tries to get though life after her father ran out on her, her mother and her siblings. Making her innocent, sweet personality disa...
Daddy Brought Home the Stepdaughter by Hannah_Hatter
Daddy Brought Home the Stepdaughterby Hannah Hatter
Brad Whitaker is a radio host trying to get his stepchildren to love him, and call him Dad. But his plans turn upside down when their biological father, Dusty Mayron, re...
Daddy's Home  by awkwardteen4ev
Daddy's Home by awkwardteen4ev
nope your not getting anything from here. gonna have to read
Daddy's home (fanfic) by GrayWolfStar
Daddy's home (fanfic)by GrayWolfStar
Emmaline Mayron is the eldest child of dusty and Sara this is her point of view. (AN// I am terrible at making summary's for stories hopefully people will read it regard...
Shubble X Aphmau(3) by Trin-Da-Potato
Shubble X Aphmau(3)by Trin-Da-Potato
A=aph S=shub M=shub's mom F= shub's dad *At The Garden* ~Aph leens in closer to Shubb and kisses her~ A: I wanted to ask you a question ever since I found out that y...
★one-shots★ by pieceofspaghetti
★one-shots★by sara's gf
oh. here's a book. it's gonna be full of gay shit. for example, the main interests here are me and sara & marcus and kurt. because we're cool like that.
Daddy's Home (18+)🥵😘😩😏 by evenewsong
Daddy's Home (18+)🥵😘😩😏by evenewsong
A story in which daddy's brings his kitten some tampons home because he is nice🥺🥺
Daddy's home maybe forever by weasleywife345
Daddy's home maybe foreverby weasleywife345
Stepdad brad thinks he's got everything down with his newly wedded wife and her three kids. How will will brad feel when the biological father comes home, and the oldest...
Daddy's home by atrah33
Daddy's homeby AMANDAAA☺️💗🔪
John Constantine couldn't ask for a better life,wellll,he could.His girlfriend has three kids named Kinley,Jaxon,and Kealey. They don't exactly like him.. Then one day,J...
Daddy's Coming Home by diesel_redneck
Daddy's Coming Homeby Diesel_Redneck
Three teens and their siblings get surprised by their dads that have been gone for most of the year. Each teen receive a letter from their principals saying they have an...
Everything Has Love- A Dusty Mayron Love Story  by MinnieMouseSparklez
Everything Has Love- A Dusty MinnieMouseSparklez
Angelica Is Sara's sister who's staying in town for a week for Christmas with Sara's husband Brad and her ex husband Dusty with their kids Megan and Dylan. She realizes...
the half sister (daddys home) by horseallen
the half sister (daddys home)by horseallen
I'm devina mayron and this is my story