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Ageplay rp by Smol-Demon
Ageplay rpby Payste Dagger
  • cuddles
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  • daddies
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"Sir" by Blossomofstories
"Sir"by Blossomofstories
17 year old Rosey lives with her mother, soon to finish highschool in a couple months. She has a great relationship with her mother, but she can be very rebellious, her...
  • daddysgirl
  • daddies
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Their baby boy by Xxsoldier_girl
Their baby boyby Xxsoldier_girl
Iris Kanely was born when the vampires and werewolves took over the world. Iris lived with his parents who were abusive and drug addicts. Iris never had a childhood grow...
  • ageplay
  • babyboy
  • daddies
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Unstoppable  by hannahphoenix19
Unstoppable by HannahPhoenix19
I know he is married and I know he loves his wife so much but I'm gonna take him, he doesn't know me I'm unstoppable. ( Hannah is a young girl who fell in love with a...
  • revenge
  • cheating
  • husband
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Daddies by AmazeDolan99
Daddiesby Holly Hunt
It's all said in the title 🤰🏼💦🍆👅 Message me for people you want added in
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  • hot
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Nathaniel  x Reese x daddy binks x mommy hitler x Joe clark by Pewdiepie009087
Nathaniel x Reese x daddy binks Someone
Reese mommy gets unbirthed by Nathaniel, daddy binks cums in fear of Nathaniel unbirthing power
  • preg
  • nonfiction
  • sexism
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Daddy Grayson😍 by danakens
Daddy Grayson😍by Gray
Just read and find out😏
  • daddygrayson
  • grayson
  • daddysgirl
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 .::New Idols On The Block::. by FluffyBlob
.::New Idols On The AntiSocial Ghoul
I'm too lazy to do a description..... so um you could maybe read the first pages and then see if you like it ♥️ This book might get messed up so hard in so many ways.
  • boyxgirl
  • girlgroup
  • yoongi
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Billion Dollar Daddies [PDF] by Breanna Hayse by nucicunu90017
Billion Dollar Daddies [PDF] by nucicunu90017
Read Billion Dollar Daddies PDF ebook Listen to Billion Dollar Daddies Breanna Hayse audiobook Read Online Billion Dollar Daddies: Special Edition: Jennie and Sam Book 2...
  • pdf
  • hayse
  • breanna
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ddlg little      I need a daddy  by jackaverylovesme
ddlg little I need a daddy by samantha
I need a daddy daddy application
  • daddies
  • daddysgirl
  • ddlg
 ᴰ ᴬ ᴰ ᴰ ᴵ ᴱ ˢ  by PapiTheo
ᴰ ᴬ ᴰ ᴰ ᴵ ᴱ ˢ by PapiLiam
Just some beautiful human beings
  • singer
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Cyber Daddy by FernLily88
Cyber Daddyby FernLily88
After meeting the dominate of your dreams online, a real meetup is finally happening. Will things go as smoothly as they do over text or will you need to find a new &quo...
  • daddies
  • onlineromance
  • little
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I THINK IM IN LOVE by zebraa09
I THINK IM IN LOVEby zebraa09
finding a new man that has the same sex drive as me .... react or let me know if i should finish the rest enjoy please !
  • first-time
  • sexstories
  • daughter
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Daddy's Girl by euesworld
Daddy's Girlby Eue
A woman who has a kinky side and a "Daddy" has a wild sex fueled time in this happy, romantic, kinky, dirty erotica.. this is probably the most romantic age pl...
  • fantasy
  • daddysgirl
  • daddies
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one shots by Just_Brielle
one shotsby Bree
one shots I might make into actually books if people want them
  • gaming
  • random
  • ddlb
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Together we stand  by dog_333
Together we stand by dog_333
Ash and Joey are a gay adult couple who are trying to raise ashes cousin the best they can with the help of joeys sister. There are many ups and downs to trying to raise...
  • boyxboy
  • daughter
  • love
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My Twins by nat__33
My Twinsby Nat_33
"Why do you stutter baby?" Asked Damon, first time I heard him speak, he had a deeper voice than Devan but just as beautiful. "I can't tell you I-I-It's e...
  • bxgxb
  • bdsm
  • spanking
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Emilia (Sequel to Aiden) by HardinsGirl1
Emilia (Sequel to Aiden)by HardinsGirl1
The continuation of Aiden. ♥️♠️ ------- **Mature Romance** **Mature Audience 18+** **Strong Language** **Sexual Content**
  • newstory
  • hardinscott
  • stephenjames
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A little experience by rockandrollllll
A little experienceby 4 3
Lizzie is a 15-year-old girl, who is curious about being a little, she confides in to two daddies on a website over time asking questions trying to figure out where she...
  • kidnapped
  • babygirl
  • daddies
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Forever & Always by RosedBambino
Forever & Alwaysby RosedBambino
In this story, a young man named Jorge Garay is abducted by two men who call themselves Daddy and Papa. The two men claim to be husbands, saying that Jorge is the last...
  • noeneubanks
  • babyboy
  • daddies
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