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A match made in hell | soukoku by akkuaku
A match made in hell | soukokuby akkuaku
Chuuya is a new student at Seacoast High School. After being suspended countless times for his behavior, this was the last school available so he had to learn to manage...
The buried noose | SKK one-shots by akkuaku
The buried noose | SKK one-shotsby akkuaku
Soukoku one-shots Might take some of the ideas and continue them if they get a lot of feedback Thanks for checking it out and hope you enjoy!
High school days | bsd by Strawberryyswing
High school days | bsdby bakkazai
Various scenerios happening in the daily life of not so normal kids as they experience their school life and love. I hope you'll like it.
Parted Entanglement { ① } by heathereo
Parted Entanglement { ① }by yap heather
''You used yourself as bait ,'' Dazai couldn't see the problem here. What's the shorty upset about ? ''You could've died YOU IDIOT !'' Chuuya snapped as if he could rea...
[BSD] [Dachuu/Soukoku] Giấu em đi, trong những bình yên bất tận by sronnie19
[BSD] [Dachuu/Soukoku] Giấu em đi...by - R -
Author: R Disclaimer: Tất cả các nhân vật đều thuộc về Bungou Stray Dogs Pairing: Dazai x Chuuya, Past AU. Genre: Pink, Sweet, Fluffs Note: Là chiếc fic sinh nhật muộn...
Treat you better | BSD by Strawberryyswing
Treat you better | BSDby bakkazai
Is it possible to find true love at the first try !! For chuuya it was almost at the end of his life that he understood what true love really means.
[Dachuu] Thương hay Ghét by Yuisiucute
[Dachuu] Thương hay Ghétby 𝘠𝘶𝘪 𝘚𝘢𝘯𝘢𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘺
*Nhân vật thuộc về Kafka Asagiri và Sango Harukawa, nhưng số phận của fic thuộc về tôi. * Nhân vật bị OOC, là OOC đó, chính là OOC.( điều quan trọng cần nói 3 lần) *...
One shots by TobeeeFLYYY
One shotsby TobeeeFLYYY
Soukoku,Shin soukoku, and and more are going to be featured in this fanfic :) (I do not own BSD or any art presented in this fic unless I say so!!!) Credits to the maker...
Soukoku - One Shots  by ChuuyaLover
Soukoku - One Shots by ChuuChuuCutie
1) "Blinding Lights" - Dazai is sleep deprived and Chuuya tries to help him with a night ride. 2) "As long as we're together" - Chuuya leaves Port Ma...
(Dazai x Chuuya) Soukoku Doujinshi [Bungou Stray Dogs] by rosenguyen1705
(Dazai x Chuuya) Soukoku Doujinshi...by rosenguyen1705
Vì một số lý do nên mình quyết định làm nên bộ truyện này, mong mọi người ủng hộ LƯU Ý: MỘT: MÌNH ĐÃ XIN CHỦ NICK RỒI NÊN CÓ GÌ CŨNG ĐỪNG NÉM ĐÁ NHA (SẬP NHÀ CHẾT) HAI:...
Bungou stray dogs ship text memes!! by MeiHalo
Bungou stray dogs ship text memes!!by saturn
Ship text memes! There are multiple every chapter and you get some funny scoops on different AUs and situations!! The ships supported in this are: Soukoku/Dachuu, Ranpoe...
The Kiss Of Darkness {Soukoku} by soukoku_arts
The Kiss Of Darkness {Soukoku}by soukoku_arts
Oneshot of Soukoku is here! I wrote different plots and story. I'll give the content. 1.A Kiss Of Darkness 2.Little Love 3.The Perfect Chuuya 4.I am so Happy 5. Seven 6...
value ✓  by NotKiv
value ✓ by tea addict
sometimes you need to learn how to value the people in your life ❯❯ highest rankings #1 in soukoku #3 in bsd #4 in bruh 31.01.2021 - 13.8.2021 this is actually my fir...
[Edit][DaChuu] Tuyển hợp truyện ngắn Soukoku by Hakuzona
[Edit][DaChuu] Tuyển hợp truyện...by Song Nguyệt Ly
[Tôi kết cho người một vòng hoa, kết luôn cả lương duyên đôi ta.] ※ Disclaimer: Họ thuộc về Kafka Asagiri và Sango Harukawa. ※ Trans: QT ※ Edit: Song Nguyệt L...
Parted Entanglement { ② } by heathereo
Parted Entanglement { ② }by yap heather
'''Can you... can you not look ?'' Chuuya was shocked at his words. He didn't realize that taking his body meant that he could see whatever's underneath, when the bandag...
ᴘᴏʀ ꜱɪ ʟᴏ ᴇɴᴀᴍᴏʀᴀꜱ • Soukoku Oneshot by minichuuy
ᴘᴏʀ ꜱɪ ʟᴏ ᴇɴᴀᴍᴏʀᴀꜱ • Soukoku Onesh...by Savka
Dazai ha estado provocando por años a Arthur con la insistente cercanía hacia su hijo. Por lo que el padre de Chuuya, finalmente decide darle una única oportunidad.
»»----;Shinsoukoku & Soukoku Oneshots;----«« by acunakenyu
»»----;Shinsoukoku & Soukoku Onesh...by 𝙰𝙶𝚅
»»--⍟--«« EDITED First timeΨ(≧ω≦)Ψ There are only 11 stories here so please don't expect that much from me :( Also only 2 smut˙˚ʚ('◡')ɞ˚˙ Shinsoukoku and Soukoku fanf...
eye candy || soukoku. by aydensville
eye candy || soukoku.by Ayden.
chuuya has always been curious about him, the brunette covered up in bandages. he just wants to know him more, probably exchange a few words. that is all.
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