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Arson by heavenly_sleep
Arsonby Heavenly Sleep
Izuku takes out the lighter and flicks it on. He lights the notebooks and watches in awe as every page turns to ash. Every pop the fire makes sounds like Bakugou's quirk...
Feels Better {Dabi x Deku} by ixDekuxi
Feels Better {Dabi x Deku}by T.J
The night Izuku Midoriya got drunk changed his life forever. His dreams of being a hero go to shit as he realizes the perks of being a villain. And... a certain someone...
//Depressed Deku x Dabi //Dabideku by Fuckinghilarious
//Depressed Deku x Dabi //Dabidekuby Fuckinghilarious
Depression... For Izuku Midoriya this was nothing new... Izuku has never had an easy life ... Quirkless Bullying Useless Wannabe hero ... Kacchan... But then... Dabi...
Dating app turns into secret love life by yoaixay
Dating app turns into secret love...by xcurly girl
Deku goes onto a dating app and he is meeting someone to have sex, because he wants to forget Todoroki cheating on him with Momo. But when he meets the guy it turns out...
Addicted to flames by Shiitakemushroomy
Addicted to flamesby a toaster
This book is TEMPORARILY not going to be updated for a good while. Izuku was an odd child. He loved fire. He would watch stuff burn and giggle to himself over it. Most...
Threatened By Affection [DabixDeku] by quiiquii87
Threatened By Affection [DabixDeku]by QuiiQuii87
Completed! This is a Dabi x Deku story. This happened during forest training camp, except, there's a little twist. Deku actually got through the portal with Bakugou and...
The Devil Inside Us (DabiDeku) by _Hybrid_Wolf_
The Devil Inside Us (DabiDeku)by _Hybrid_Wolf_
This is a Depressed! Villain! Izuku x Dabi au. When Midoriya finds himself kidnapped by the league of villains and doubting his lifelong idol, he realizes there's a who...
Forbidden Love (DabixFemDeku) by EriChan96
Forbidden Love (DabixFemDeku)by Eri-Chan
I'm Izumi Midoriya, how is it that I do not have a quirk? Will I be a qurikless no body forever? But didn't get that, who knew that one could change sides so easily. I'm...
Dabixdeku by societiesweirdo
Dabixdekuby Madness is me
This is a Dabi Deku story. Deku is being beaten at home by his father and his mother was murdered when he was a child. Whilst escaping his father He goes to UA earlier...
Sure, Why Not? by ianiracle
Sure, Why Not?by ianiracle
"Hey, heartbroken. What ruined your day?" I looked up at a man with jet black hair, blue eyes, and some massive scars standing in front of me "Nothing muc...
Rebal💀 by 0-dont-give-a-damn-0
Rebal💀by 💔💀💯
Who knew one summer could change everything. It was the end of the 1st year in UA and izuku decided to spend his summer with his mom,Inko Midoriya.But when he made it ho...
I Was Never Meant To Be A Hero by Dixie_danger12321
I Was Never Meant To Be A Heroby Dixie_Danger
His mother. Dead. His childhood. Gone. Midoriya once dreamed of being a hero, saving people, defeating villains. But fate did not favour him. The fire. the outstretched...
Are We Really the Villains? [VILLAIN REHAB] by CrossoverShipper
Are We Really the Villains? [VILLA...by CrossoverMaster
Izuku Midoriya. He has been experimented on for years. You may think: 'How could the villains do something like that to our precious cinnamon roll?'. Well...you thought...
His Older brother (Dabideku) by BubbleGumChild0
His Older brother (Dabideku)by AM
The School Cinnamon Roll is cheated on and decides on going to the bar to forget about his ex. But a certain scared guy captures the interest of Izu so dabi is not a vil...
dabixdeku by oikawakinnie0
dabixdekuby oikawa kinnie
this is a au where dabi is 17 and this is when class 1a dont know the lov DISCONTINUED
Broken (Dadzawa) by JustAnAnimeFan22
Broken (Dadzawa)by Flame Brain
Since the day Izuku and Kota's mother died, they were abused by their father and hated by society. What will happen when they escape from their abusive father but run in...
Why Do You Hate Me? (Dabi X Deku) by bella_luz22
Why Do You Hate Me? (Dabi X Deku)by bella_luz22
🚫Waring suicidal thoughts and actions!!!! 🚫 Deku has loved Kacchan for a while even though Kacchan hates his guts. Deku gets diagnosed with depression and anxiety bef...
The Three Psycho Are HERE!!! (TOGA DABI DEKU REHAB) by HarleyHasDied
The Three Psycho Are HERE!!! (TOGA...by Harley
Dabi Deku and Toga are all running from the hero's but are caught and forced to go to U.A for a villian rehab progam. what will happen when you put three villain's toget...
Long time no see by SunshineCj9
Long time no seeby SunshineCj9
Four childhood friends grew apart. Now one is a Pro Hero at the ripe age of 22. The other is a villain age 23. The other two no whereabouts for them. Now when hero's and...