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Love Me, Will You? [On-Going] by _imyko
Love Me, Will You? [On-Going]by _imyko
Liking someone wasn't easy for Maria Coreen Casillego, commitments were never her thing. She was just typical well, she thought. Silver Nex Javier wanted a stable relati...
BL SERIES 1: AXEL MORGAN by Julianlabsss
BL SERIES 1: AXEL MORGANby Julianlabsss
BL SERIES #1 (ONGOING) 'I love you, you know that?" COVER BY: MWRITES26
Iris Complex (Yowamushi Pedal Oc!Fanfic) by Wynnfield
Iris Complex (Yowamushi Pedal Oc! Wynnfield
Since young, Arakita Ayame has always achieved good results in whatever she did. "If it's too easy, then it's too boring," she'd state. Ayame didn't have a sin...
Yowamushi Pedal: Breakthrough by RheiaL
Yowamushi Pedal: Breakthroughby Rheia
First year, Akiyama April, comes back to live with her dad after her mother passed away. From Australia to Japan, she has to learn the language all over again as she fin...
Riding Along The Silent Winds (Yowapeda fanfic) [ON HOLD] by XXXBlackCatBellaXXX
Riding Along The Silent Winds ( XXXBlackCatBellaXXX
Scarred from a painful past, Shizuko Yuki transfers to Sohoku High from a small town in the country in hopes of meeting Onoda, who brought her passion of cycling back to...
BL SERIES 1: AXEL MORGAN by _Julianlabsss_
BL SERIES 1: AXEL MORGANby Julianlabsss
BL SERIES #1 (ONGOING) 'I love You, You know that' Cover By: MWrites26 PS: Continuation of BL SERIES 1 on my first account 'Julianlabsss'
【~Melonicholic Love~ Vinny Hong/Juhwan Jang】 by JTinaCarlos
【~Melonicholic Love~ Vinny Hong/ Mama
She laughed at them, placing a hand against her lips to hide the smirk. Her cerulean orbs stared into theirs as she took a step back to make distance. "You guys rea...
Stay With Me ✿ by coco-usagi
Stay With Me ✿by Dee ✿
Losing can be almost unbearable. Like a weight that's crushing you with every passing second. But it's so much easier when you have someone there just to stay with you...
Best Friends On Adventure by uzanu123
Best Friends On Adventureby uzanu123
It's story about best friends who decides to go on adventure to a certain place. Read on find out their journey with lots of fun joy and adventures. ❤❤ :)
Super Cyclist by ElSabioComico
Super Cyclistby ElSabioComico
Cycling, also called bicycling or biking, is the use of bicycles for transport, recreation, exercise or sport. Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and now numbe...
Melody Of Cycling [OC-Insert] by KagamiharaKon
Melody Of Cycling [OC-Insert]by 鏡原 根
Kon. Kagamihara Kon. That is the name of an ambitious girl setting her sights at the top of the world. Having already been through a lot herself, she ended up in Sohoku...
Cycle of a Lifetime by BikerGuy
Cycle of a Lifetimeby BikerGuy
A lunchtime conversation 10 years earlier, leads a father and son from Connecticut to buy bicycles in Tallahassee Florida and head west, hoping to reach the beach in...
Unguided events by Post261
Unguided eventsby Post261
Thank you for reading. This is a work in progress. Any comments, feedback and criticism is well appreciated! A map of the area is included in Part 2 For a moment, let's...
How to train for long distance cycling? by upbeatcycling
How to train for long distance Upbeat Cycling
Are you participating in a cycle race or going on a long bike tour soon? If you expect to crunch a lot more miles on your bike, you may want to test whether you will be...
A small piece of write-up on one of my cycling experience. Come and enjoy the heart felt emotions that I encountered on my way home. Though banal,the way it is depicted...
Unforeseen (I guess?) by Teerina
Unforeseen (I guess?)by Harshi.N
"One day, if something happens to one of us..... say something like an attack" Pooja had learnt to live with her best friend's vivid and rather tiring imaginat...