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On The Wicked and Fallen by JtAndrews4
On The Wicked and Fallenby Tucker Ross
The screams of the sacrificed and glee of demons still echo in his mind even months after he witnessed and survived horrors that have broken his sanity. Mad and abandone...
Cuthulu Lives by animewriter1273
Cuthulu Livesby animewriter1273
This story is about a young boy named Carl who was a weird kid and no one understood him because he believed in everything he heard but one day a curse comes upon him wh...
Super Camp Lazlio Bros by luigicamplazlo1998
Super Camp Lazlio Brosby luigicamplazlo1998
super mario camp lazlo cross over pls enjoy thanks =)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DARKLIGHT by TimColley
DARKLIGHTby Tim Colley
A government agency that keeps monsters, aliens, ghosts, vampires, zombies, etc. in check. FBI Agent Lelani Song just got recruited, and she's getting a full-blown crash...
DND CULT OF CUTHULU CAMPAIGN  by hydragonsbreath128
DND CULT OF CUTHULU CAMPAIGN by hydragonsbreath128
This is a short couple chapter adventure for any dm that wants to take another look at table top games like call of cuthulu and port then to dungeons and dragons. This c...
Upholder Of Myths (DISCONTINUED) by CopulationPopulation
Upholder Of Myths (DISCONTINUED)by CopulationPopulation
The Daughter of the Phoenix and Caladrius: Phoerinix Rius Caladrius, (fe-ree-nix) The Daughter of the Fire Dragon and a Rare Crystal Dragon: Nightshade Cry...
Save My Soul by Anonamoslover1990
Save My Soulby Grace B.
Ace Walker and Lo Xeno are too broke collage students living in New York city. They both have a huge secrets. But what happens when they have to use their secrets to sav...