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My Camp Campbell (MaxNeil) by Animetrashtrancy
My Camp Campbell (MaxNeil)by BigBronyDaddy
Max had been through a lot of shit, but the one thing that stayed constant was Camp Camp, without it he wouldn't be who he is today, still going strong at 15, the only...
  • jaspvid
  • campcamp
  • cussing
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lithium [ columbus, ohio ] by unholymalfoy
lithium [ columbus, ohio ]by ,
[if you're on a phone/tablet, turn it on dark mode for the best experience. plus, it looks better with the gifs] [lyrics at the bottom are from the song lithium by nirva...
  • 13yearold
  • seventhgrade
  • young
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You are mine. King George III x Reader by Punnyqueensams
You are mine. King George III x Samantha Williams
(YN) Washington, was a great fighter. She was loved by the rebels and fear by the British army. To General Washington though, (YN) was his younger sister. I do not own...
  • cussing
  • yandere
  • hamilton
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Pasta Camp by TheGirlOfTheGalaxy
Pasta Campby Galaxy Girl
Warning: cussing, death, blood, My name is Blaire Brook, I'm a 16 year old trouble maker. My mother had enough of me so she decided to send me to a camp. I knew that the...
  • fighting
  • cussing
  • jeff
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Kid to young adult by Lovely_Angel_13
Kid to young adultby Lovely_Angel_13
Just read the story in to lazy to put a description :)
  • walkers
  • dixon
  • depression
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One-shots ~ {Random} by fanficstoryz
One-shots ~ {Random}by Snek queen
Not taking request,, this is sorta a random oneshot book I'm making for myself. But,, I wanna share them ig- This will contain lemon, angst, fluff. And oc's and fandoms...
  • bxblove
  • fluff
  • countryhumans
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Precious  by _taekokkie
Precious by Dreamy.hyunjin.
This is a high school fanfiction so its gonna have a lot of drama , hate and bullying. What's gonna happen when you get to school being a transfer.
  • wannaone
  • pysical
  • pain
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Slenderman by vogelk
Slendermanby vogelk
Teenagers that were fooling around when they finally got something
  • idk
  • horror
  • cussing
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Hello, My love by Ruby_amaya1
Hello, My loveby Ruby_amaya1
Hi there the main character is Olive and her friends. This story is like any other love fucked up story you know but i hope you still enjoy. oh and by the way this is my...
  • cussing
  • guns
  • badboys
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The Animalistic City of New York by AshleyBroderick
The Animalistic City of New Yorkby Ashley B
Eighteen-year-old panther shifter, Jade O'Connor, begins to fall in love with her sixteen-year-old tutor, a rabbit shifter, named Madison Edwards. SNEAK PEAK OF CHAPTER...
  • lgbtq
  • shapeshifter
  • girlxgirl
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Heart attack (Todobaku) by AKrCos
Heart attack (Todobaku)by Akrcos
  • cussing
  • heart
  • attack
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How I met a total bitch/Min Yoongi ff/ by jiminloverffs
How I met a total bitch/Min anna soloman-copeland
I don't really know how to explain this story cuz I am making it up on the way so I hope you like this cringey 15+ story.
  • funny
  • alot
  • cussing
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The Coffee Shop by skyoung200
The Coffee Shopby S'bean
No one expects much from this hole in the wall coffee shop but it has a lot more to offer than appearances suggest. Alceste figures that out and from there his life is n...
  • coffeeshop
  • witchy
  • friendship
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Our Lives (Creppypasta Slender Brother's) by A_Fallen_Angel7
Our Lives (Creppypasta Slender Kira
Kira and KittyGamer was once had a peaceful and happy life. They were born as half human and half wolf. They were the most powerful ones they had powers that know one h...
  • wolf
  • abused
  • worriorwolfs
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8th Grade by michelleawesomeyasss
8th Gradeby Michelle Gurrola
This is a story based on actual facts and events that have happened in my life and this story is set in the summer before 8th grade to the end of 8th grade everything is...
  • 8thgrade
  • socialanxiety
  • family
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Talking about my Shitty life by Delilah_Flewwellin
Talking about my Shitty lifeby Horses For Life!
Warning: in some of my pages I cuss if you don't like cussing this ain't a book for you.
  • my
  • life
  • short
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From sacrificial Bride to Ouran Queen who new by Anime243forever
From sacrificial Bride to Ouran Anime243forever
we all know the story of yui komori but did you know that's not how she really is she's not really a flat Chested teen nor is she's not really a submissive teenager inst...
  • cussing
  • diaboliklovers
  • ohshc
The Running CPU by SilverDemon9813
The Running CPUby SilverDemon9813
Neptune believes shes done the unthinkable and has ran away to a new dimension as a result. But one day she runs into an old acquaintance, Uni while living her new life...
  • othertagsilladlater
  • croire
  • nepgear
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Rant book by BlueberryTilapidaLV
Rant bookby BlueberryTilapidaLV
Rant all you want her all are welcome no shaming if you shame I ban! No exceptions! Do whatever the Heck ya want otherwise! ^•^
  • stronglydislike
  • cursing
  • profanity
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something about him by cmaryannm
something about himby chloe
damn i really have a thing for my brothers friends lmao pathetic i also talk about killing myself 24/7 so if youre uncomfortable, this aint your book
  • bisexual
  • austin
  • alayna
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