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Ussr x Third Reich  by TheDreamGirl171
Ussr x Third Reich by TheDreamGirl171
Small One Shot Collections of the Ship USSR x Third Reich. Rest in the first chapter
  • ockids
  • sad
  • yaoi
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A Mysterious Secret... by creamyaesthetic_
A Mysterious creamyaesthetic_
A murder was found in 31st October 1981. The death of Harry Potter. He's known as the boy who lived. Everyone knows it's Voldemort who killed his parents, but there's mo...
  • dracomalfoy
  • ronmione
  • anger
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Countryhumans OneShot  by TheDreamGirl171
Countryhumans OneShot by TheDreamGirl171
Just a small collection of one shots. I'll probably always update when I feel like it. Otherwise, have fun
  • love
  • nazi
  • countryhumans
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Superhero by rynersraider
Superheroby rynersraider1987
everyone knows the how chaotic things can get when everthing is wild. the strong live, the week die etc etc. some people try to protect the week and some accualy do. oth...
  • foxboy
  • romance
  • blood
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Talking about my Shitty life by Delilah_Flewwellin
Talking about my Shitty lifeby Horses For Life!
Warning: in some of my pages I cuss if you don't like cussing this ain't a book for you.
  • my
  • short
  • life
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Partners in Crime (a high school Murder story) by _DemonsLiveOnEarth
Partners in Crime (a high school Brinda
Max Autre is 16, she has known Jack Onore since they were 5. They meet when their parents were alive. Both in uncles care. Max was the first to kill some one. She was in...
  • dirtytalk
  • highschool
  • maybelemon
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Precious  by _taekokkie
Precious by Dreamy.hyunjin.
This is a high school fanfiction so its gonna have a lot of drama , hate and bullying. What's gonna happen when you get to school being a transfer.
  • fanfiction
  • daehwi
  • blackpink
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{Boku no hero academia in a nutshell} by DaestarsPoelar
{Boku no hero academia in a ラナ
Not really will cover all of BNHA. Just doing random ships or skits. No Lemons. Also, I don't own BNHA. [Started: 18/5/2019] {Finished:xx/xx/xxxx]
  • bakudeku
  • bakutododeku
  • bakagou
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A Killer by Instincts by Saiko254
A Killer by Instinctsby Saiko
He was quiet. He kept to himself. So how? How in world did he turn out like this? A crazed killer.... That's what he was. It's what he became. This story is being publis...
  • dorms
  • killing
  • knives
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Luna and Black Knight by RemyHood1017
Luna and Black Knightby Lovely._.Remy
Aiden is a sassy, smart, and sarcastic girl. She loves pranking people and shows no mercy when doing it. But all her life she's been dodging bullets. Tragedy struck when...
  • action
  • funny
  • humor
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If You Stick Around by Bloody_Sugar_Skull
If You Stick Aroundby Treime Stuf
The static was a constant. The only constant but a constant none the less. It has its differences sure but it's always there, Playing off in the background of my mind...
  • quiet
  • demon
  • familiars
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Rant book by BlueberryTilapidaLV
Rant bookby BlueberryTilapidaLV
Rant all you want her all are welcome no shaming if you shame I ban! No exceptions! Do whatever the Heck ya want otherwise! ^•^
  • hate
  • stronglanguage
  • rant
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Daddy diego by Whatsupalex
Daddy diegoby Whatsupalex
Lexi's was at a pool party for the end of summer she get to the bus stop and there is this boys that is fine. ⚠⚠⚠ dirty⚠⚠⚠
  • romance
  • cussing
  • teenromance
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this is a creek fanfict yay WARNING: THIS STORY IS REALLY GAY! PROCED WITH CAUTION! Credit to the artists
  • gay
  • cussing
  • imtrash
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Mega High(Ppg) by SofiaSorto2
Mega High(Ppg)by Kawaii
The Ppg turned gangster and now have to go to a new highschool. It's not an ordinary highschool This high school hides many secrets What happens when they have drama wit...
  • ppnks
  • blossick
  • murder
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The Running CPU by SilverDemon9813
The Running CPUby SilverDemon9813
Neptune believes shes done the unthinkable and has ran away to a new dimension as a result. But one day she runs into an old acquaintance, Uni while living her new life...
  • othertagsilladlater
  • noire
  • croire
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The River Between Us by dead_boy66
The River Between Usby dead_boy66
High school is tough and expensive. A boy age 16 poor as dirt and depressed as the dark night must survive the harsh life of a high schoolers. ~~~~~~~~~~~ "punching...
  • freshmen
  • gore
  • gay
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C•M Stories by spiritualmonaghan
C•M Storiesby Lily
Just a book with short stories about Cameron Monaghan. Cover made by myself (Don't tell me, I already know it sucks ass. OK!!!) This is not actually meant for anyone, it...
  • cameronmonaghan
  • personal
  • imagines
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That Cabin In the Woods- Sad Sontails Story by LyssidicaPresents
That Cabin In the Woods- Sad LyssidicaPresents
These are really just one shots that are longer than one chapter but the first one is called That Cabin In the Woods. sadness I guess T^T
  • akwardness
  • sonic
  • cussing
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Tale of the Twin by Punnyqueensams
Tale of the Twinby Samantha Williams
Rose, the twin of Lilith, becomes a Vault Hunter, due to Lilith nagging. Our so called hero, Jack, notice her and surprising he didn't make a connection. What happens wh...
  • borderlands
  • death
  • lilith
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