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Heart of a Demon - Zeldris X OC by forever_birlems_babe
Heart of a Demon - Zeldris X OCby Cool guy cal
When a devil falls in love, it is the most hauntingly beautiful thing ever. And you should be terrified, for he will go to the depths of hell for her.
The Cursed Alpha by Rubeyrose
The Cursed Alphaby Scarlet
Izuku Midoriya is an omega with a very unique quirk and an even rarer ability. Katsuski Bakugou is an Alpha with a very explosive personality and a hidden ancestry. Can...
Day After Day by masonfitzzy
Day After Dayby Mason FitzGibbon
Each day she wakes up in a different body, not knowing who she is, and each night that body dies. She is the Reaper Syndrome, and she's desperate to know why. ...
NSFW Oneshots (Tentacles) by l3wd_stuffx
NSFW Oneshots (Tentacles)by Linn (she/her)
These are NSFW oneshots. This of course contains sexual content, so this is directed to mature audiences. These oneshots revolve in tentacle hentai, so if you're into th...
Warrior - The Weeping Monk by forever_birlems_babe
Warrior - The Weeping Monkby Cool guy cal
- The Cursed Fanfiction - *spoilers ahead* It was believed that Ash Folk were completely wiped from Britania but that wasn't the case... there were two left. Both on op...
The Female Lycan by Raph_rocks01
The Female Lycanby —••|EMILY|••—
It use to be a rare thing. Seeing a female werewolf. It was almost like their were no such thing. But now female werewolves have the same population as males. Except fo...
tEchNobLaDe x rEaDeR  by AveryStewart5
tEchNobLaDe x rEaDeR by nisa
NOT A JOKE I TOTALLY TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY! JkJk Unless..? ok fr This is a joke and I don't actually have any feelings towards technonoob 🎃🎃🎃
CuRsEd McYt / MeMeS 🥺 by dumbass_whor3
CuRsEd McYt / MeMeS 🥺by ily
time to bless your eyes <3
For the love of a Dragon (Thranduil fanfic) by residenthobbit49
For the love of a Dragon ( Mae Sagittarius, at your serv...
Cursed elleth. Dragon. Thranduil. You finish the puzzle. residenthobbit49 :) Note: I am in the midst of editing the final couple of chapters - just in case the writing s...
Our Story by Mk1120
Our Storyby ~MK
I curled under the jungle gym and cried my eyes out. Suddenly a shadow hovered over me. I looked up saw a boy about my age staring at me with a Unknown expression. He be...
Tale as Old as Time | ✓ by TessieGirl98
Tale as Old as Time | ✓by Reyna
The retelling of a classic tale with a slight twist. A golden crossover between Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. A prince who turned into a beast due to his na...
ZEUS by Aroha_xox
ZEUSby Aroha_xox
TRAILER IN CHAPTER 1 #1 Memories 10/10/2019 #1 Hurt 27/09/2019 #1 Werewolf 04/07/2019 #1 Blind 09/02/2020 #1 Time 10/06/2020 There are three of them They are ruthless Th...
For You I Will ; Howl x Reader by Heathers133
For You I Will ; Howl x Readerby Heathers133
A Howl Pendragon x Reader story made by GuignolOrchestra and Heathers133. Updates every Sunday. Please enjoy!
Bloodlines: Flawed ~Book 1~ by Squeaks7
Bloodlines: Flawed ~Book 1~by SJ Moquin
There's a fine line one walks in life. A fine line between good and evil. A Bloodline... ~*~*~*~*~*~ College senior, Delanie Drakon, survives on heavy doses of coffee, t...
Jjk x male reader | Gojo Satoru  by The_Whatever_
Jjk x male reader | Gojo Satoru by Ur local dis[ass]ter
l/n y/n is an illusive first grade sorcerer that isn't exactly easy to track down when he doesn't want to be found. However he does come towards the light every now and...
Cursed Alpha....🍁🍁🍁 by hopegirl_37
Cursed Alpha....🍁🍁🍁by hopegirl_37
Taekook 🐰🐯 කතා කරන බාශාව ඉස්සල්ලම ටිකේ අවුල්... ඒ දේවල් වලට අකමැති නුසුදුසු අය leave වෙන්න මෙතනින්ම..🌝.. තව පොඩි අයත්..
𝑺𝑯𝑰𝑵𝑰𝑮𝑨𝑴𝑰 | 𝐡𝐱𝐡 𝐱 𝐦! 𝐨𝐜 by stfu_mars
𝑺𝑯𝑰𝑵𝑰𝑮𝑨𝑴𝑰 | 𝐡𝐱𝐡 𝐱 𝐦 マルス — 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐒
❝𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡 𝐢𝐬 𝐚 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐲𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭❞ -Kaori Satou, the boy who never perishes. It was as though he were a shadow, you could never get rid o...
just a cursed girl (jujutsu kaisen x reader) by Horniintentions
just a cursed girl (jujutsu Horniintentions
i didn't see any jujutsu kaisen x reader fanfics so i felt like making one, i haven't read the manga but i'm watching the anime so i don't know everything about the show...
•Cherry tomatoes•  by SabakunoMimi
•Cherry tomatoes• by 🫐Mimi🫐
🫐JJK x Reader🫐 "I'm tired, let's go eat some cheesy beef quesadillas.." "Y/n you can't just live off quesadillas." "Watch me!" An ordinar...
Cursed Ships bnha  by Chloe351129
Cursed Ships bnha by Chloe
Just ships that shouldn't be a thing