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11 Ways to Wattpad like a Pro! by LEPalphreyman
11 Ways to Wattpad like a Pro!by LAUREN PALPHREYMAN
11 Top tips and tricks to get the most out of Wattpad! From a Watty Award winning author with over 30 million reads online.
Are you struggling to write a book? Are you unsure where to start? Are you spending too much time staring at a blank page, not knowing where to begin? I know the feeling...
The Mismatch : A CUPID'S MATCH SHORT VALENTINE FANFICTION  by theofficialericka
The Mismatch : A CUPID'S MATCH Ericka M. Howell
Valentines Day may have Lila a little too excited. A Cupid's Match fanfiction short Cupid's Match by: Lauren Palphreyman Copyright © 2019 Ericka M. Howell
Cal's Match (Cupid's Match contest entry) by Jennarocks246
Cal's Match (Cupid's Match Jenna
This is my entry for the contest with Cupid's match!! ••• Its seems like everyone has a match! Lila has Cupid and Charlie has Klaus, even Crystal had Mino even thoug...
I'm Crystal and he's Cal  by Color_from_the_wind
I'm Crystal and he's Cal by Eliza
This is a one-shot story off of The Cupid's Match-Making Service book! Crystal has too fix a problem a fellow cupid made, but bumping into Cal makes a detour arise ...
Cals perfect match  by QueenValantina
Cals perfect match by QueenValantina
For one shot contest! Cupid wants to everyone to have the happiness that he gets from being i a great relationship. He's going to help his brother by finding his match a...
Of Love and Discord by weidansima
Of Love and Discordby weidansima
Eris, the Goddess of Chaos and Discord, had always spent her days causing mischief and discord on mortals. It was not until one day that Eros (Cupid), the God of Love...
Cupid's Baby by MatchuEspinosa
Cupid's Babyby Paige
One shot entry for Cupid's Matchmaking Service Contest ---- "Cupid, I'm pregnant."
Cupid's Beautiful Mistake by mugglebooks
Cupid's Beautiful Mistakeby ꧁𝙰𝚂𝙷꧂
★What if Cupid hit the wrong person?★ #1 in dimensions #1 in dystopian #6 cupidsmatch ••• Esma's voice echoed through the phone, &q...
Cupid vs Cupid by tenshi1295
Cupid vs Cupidby tenshi1295
Cupid's matchmaking service has got a new rival!Are things going to wind up a little bit? This is an entry for Cupid's match contest.
Hidden Feelings by sineaad
Hidden Feelingsby sinead mc laughlin
Crystal is ready, after so many lonely years, to uncover the identity of her Match. The result causes a shocking revelation of feelings from her, and she finds that thes...
Midnight Kisses by unknownalien11
Midnight Kissesby a l i e n
"You...are invited to Cal's birthday party!! OH MAH GAWD!! Mom!! Look! Mom it's CAL we're talking about here. AHHHHHHHH!!" Mom gave me weird looks as I jumped...
The Matchmakers' Match by zylen_el
The Matchmakers' Matchby Zylen El
This story is an entry to the Cupid's Match One-shot Competition. Crystal had been the founder for ten years already. Lila and Cupid have a five-year-old son, Tony, whil...
Lila's Rose by MiraCassell
Lila's Roseby MiraC
Lila is spending Valentine's Day with Cupid - but something is very wrong...
don't stop doing what you're doing by taegakie
don't stop doing what you're doingby RIRI
this is a Cupid's Match contest entry
You've Met Your Match by that_choco_girl
You've Met Your Matchby daniel pearl
so this story is about...naaahhhhh who needs a description when you got eyes to read and enjoy this story trust me you'll enjoy it I write anything that comes to my head
One For Cal by 91011BadWolf
One For Calby Storm
An entry for the Cupid's Matchmaking Service one shot contest. Everyone has a significant other. Everyone except Cal that is. While Cal might claim to not care, Cupid...
Cupid's Match : One Shots by LostInTheWoods1
Cupid's Match : One Shotsby •ERIN•
A collection of Oneshots based around 'Cupid's Match' Cupid's Match Contest Winner // LEPalphreyman Cover By Myself (One of the winners) I do not own 'Cupid's Match' or...
Pranking Cal by MoonlightCookie98
Pranking Calby MoonlightCookie98
Cupid decides to prank Cal over the phone! (Get it... PRANK CAL!!! - I hope you did!) :D *CupidsMatch Contest Entry*
Music-Matched by IreneCallista07
Music-Matchedby Irene Callista
All he ever wanted was to meet his match. All she ever wanted was to find her true love. All it took was a forced invitation to a party and a belted-out song for both...