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The Blazing Sun by faezerhmarafa26
The Blazing Sunby Faeeza marafa
Nusaibah is your average fulani girl.. she has the beauty and the hair but she doesn't exhibit d 'fulaku' or shyness they normally have..She is fire and she certainly do...
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Claimed  by This_is_Sarah_Adel
Claimed by Sarah Adel 👑
" Aubrianna, let's go there. Please! It will be so much fun, " said my best friend, Grace Harrison. " I know it is fun, but it is not safe, " I said...
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Conquering Worlds: The Cultivating Celestial by Realm_Spirit
Conquering Worlds: The Realm_Spirit
When Li Yue met an unforseen disaster on one night, she didn't expect she would get betrayed by someone close. At the same night, she managed to stumble in an ancient ru...
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The Hooded Figure [SAMPLE] by tashapea
The Hooded Figure [SAMPLE]by Pea
[SAMPLE] - the rest can be found at "I heard he punched a teacher who tried to take his hood off." "Really? I heard that he's hideously ugl...
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Girl In The Mirror House (editing) by UnicornThatLovesBTS
Girl In The Mirror House (editing)by Haitus
1st Place In The Blue Awards. 2nd Place In The Bangtan Awards 2017 3rd Place In 21st Century BTS Awards You entered a room. You live there now but something strange kee...
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The Cat Who Knew How to Cry by VoiceOfAlasais
The Cat Who Knew How to Cryby Natalia Anikina
The English translation of the Wattpad Featured & Wattys 2015 Winner story. ... And the moment you allow that tiny evil enter your heart, the moment you act in a m...
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Resistance by turtlephant
Resistanceby starwarsfangirl
"Oh, hello, you're probably wondering what's going on! Let me explain: My name is Cleopatra, but call me Cleo. I'm a slave. I live in New Gand, what used to be New...
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Envy by 4inessed
Envyby —b❥
/ˈenvē/ v. the desire of having quality *** Who am I? Just your average teen struggling with life, but get this, I'm not. I'm beyond struggling; I'm dying. Dying of sic...
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My Hooligan Savior by UnrealisticRlty
My Hooligan Saviorby Lyssnccmso
Too many whys that can't be answer Elijah Hurst run away from home. The fragile girl doesn't know who to trust after the earth shattering truth comes face to face with h...
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Tears of Death by CosmykDragon
Tears of Deathby CosmykDragon
Tears of happiness, Tears of sadness, But none compare To tears of death. _________ "I write this to you, my dear friend. Or rather, my enemy. You broke me. You tor...
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The Contract. S.R  by Kim_crys
The Contract. S.R by Crystal May
Being in WWE was hard especially when you are in a fake marriage relationship with the Architect himself
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Two Halves by WishingMagic
Two Halvesby WishingMagic
"Good Morning Sir, I'm here about the job opening. I was wondering if you could -" "Sorry love, you're not quite what we're looking for." Time and t...
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Crush [✓] by akirethelast_
Crush [✓]by akire
Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love. status : completed An introvert's love. #1st place in Blue Rose Awards (2017) #decemberwinners04/12/17 RELEVANT AWARDS RANKING: #1...
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on the REBOUND (On Hold) by squishieshnoofus
on the REBOUND (On Hold)by squishieshnoofus
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The Shameful Past of Mistress Т. by VoiceOfAlasais
The Shameful Past of Mistress Т.by Natalia Anikina
Book One: The Soul Swappers Talia an Kamian, feline aristocrat and a telepath moves her residence to Enhiarg's darkest and most blood chilling city, Lennes, in hopes o...
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Pilot Dreams (Star Wars) by Snowxueqi
Pilot Dreams (Star Wars)by Snow Skywalker
Meet 12 year old Luke Skywalker, a moisture farmer on Tatooine, the son of a spice freighter navigator. Or so it seems.
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Through Karson's Eyes by 4inessed
Through Karson's Eyesby —b❥
Needing a change in her life, 17-year-old Willow Mae struggles to overcome the negative changes from her past. Desperate, she plans a solution: staging her death. Now l...
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Haunted By My Future by HatiCang
Haunted By My Futureby HatiCang
In a life filled with fear and sadness, a girl decided to break free. Her once tedious life changed drastically, especially with the mysterious dominance showing man who...
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The Fandom Traveler by turtlephant
The Fandom Travelerby starwarsfangirl
Eve is a girl with the ability to travel into her favorite fandoms. What happens? Percy Jackson Young Justice Doctor Who Star Wars More later...
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