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Entrapped hearts  [Yandere Cult X Reader] by Lost_With_Alice
Entrapped hearts [Yandere Cult No One
When Y/N and her best friend Amelia embark on what was supposed to be a peaceful getaway to a secluded retreat, they unknowingly step into the twisted web of a dangerous...
Somewhere in the Trees by z0mbies
Somewhere in the Treesby z0mbies
A school trip goes wrong when a class gets lost in the woods and stumbles upon a strange "family" living deep within them. ___________________ 2023 IMPORTANT N...
Cinnamon // Sally Face by centuriesofsilence
Cinnamon // Sally Faceby Abby :)
Violet Sinclaire's curiosity often gets the best of her. Sal Fisher has a lot to hide. He'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.
SECT BOUND . aaron hotchner by simplyjareau
SECT BOUND . aaron hotchnerby Katey (taylors version)
No-one had seen Annabel Bradey in a decade, that was until she resurfaced in SSA Aaron Hotchner's office in Quantico. She was carrying scars both physical and mental, bu...
Blood Trials: The Hunt Of Siblings Begin by Birdsarecoo1
Blood Trials: The Hunt Of bird
Based on The Coffin Of Andy And Leyley. | | | A Hunter must hunt, prey has to be killed, and souls must be taken. That's what the demon has said. He was not going to de...
Blasphemy - Minchan by escapethe_gayships
Blasphemy - Minchanby Min
Bang Chan has spent his entire life stuck in a religious boarding school. With days full of bible study and prayer he never got the opportunity to explore the real world...
he's a cult leader by evan-peters-is-hot
he's a cult leaderby yer_da_punts_council
this is a rewite on this story knowing kai since college as an ex lover you bumped into him for him to turn your life upside down
Boy of the Cult by OwlHouseEnby
Boy of the Cultby Chaotic_nonbinary
Written with the help of my awsome partner in writing and in crime:@Vultureraptor Hunter's parents died when he was very young, he was raised by his puritan Christian un...
Just Survive  by SamanthaMarkle92
Just Survive by Samantha Markle
Ashley and Colby are traveling through the post-apocalypse landscape out of protection only, on the road to a settlement that will give them permanent safety. Everything...
The Code of the Colony  by GreyBlud
The Code of the Colony by Nico Holt
Hundreds of years in the future an isolated society has a break out of zombies and the few citizens left have to take it on. Not knowing something more sinister is bubbl...
The Martyr Maiden  by HellhoundGigiSpring
The Martyr Maiden by HellhoundGigiSpring
Lydia Gorey,a Pagan orphan girl,was taken under care of The Discreet family and she was last seen when she was 16
THE ROSARY/ bloody ribs... by aphroditestoenails
THE ROSARY/ bloody aphroditestoenails
" born from the ribs i am, die at the hand of satan I shall." 𝕺ᵣᵢGᵢₒₙₐₗ ₕₒᵣᵣₒᵣ ...✟...
EDITED| Attract The Devil  by LiannQ
EDITED| Attract The Devil by LiannQ
Title(s): Attract Magic; The Devil; 招魔 Author: Mu Xi Niang (耽美同人) Status: 22 Chapters (Completed) Introduction: In order to describe the horror of the devil more clearly...
Starblood: Awakening by EtherealLorekeeper
Starblood: Awakeningby EtherealLorekeeper
"Starblood: Awakening" transports readers into a realm where magic intertwines with cosmic forces, and a young apprentice, Rethemor, discovers that his destiny...
The Maze by Adanna2009
The Mazeby
Aurora, a nurse in New York City, witnesses a chilling murder that plunges her into a world of darkness she never knew existed. Cloaked figures, brutal killings, and a l...
Shadow's Twilight by StoryTeller603
Shadow's Twilightby AnimeGirl1956
Weekly Updates Every Wednesday *** In a world shrouded in perpetual darkness, overrun by cultists and curious anthropomorphic beings, lies the tale of Shadowa - a young...
The duplicate by NthabelengManganyi4
The duplicateby Nthabeleng S. Manganyi
Angelina sacrifices one of her son's twin daughters for wealth. Her daughter-in-law, however, continues to see and raise both twin girls. Pamela,the daughter-in-law, spe...
Protectors- Wrath of The Stranger by InfinityAceStudios
Protectors- Wrath of The Strangerby Ace 17
Set immediately after the events of Origins-Protectors, The Stranger has just arrived on earth, and the heroes who have defended the planet time and time again face off...
Kai anderson imagines by Bitchynicexox
Kai anderson imaginesby Bitchynicexox
kai anderson imagines, a lot of smut heheheh❤️