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Bourne A Diamond (First Draft) by Hamster_Lord
Bourne A Diamond (First Draft)by Hamster_Lord
Warning: Majorly addictive reading material ahead. Read at your own expense. Sixteen year old Kaylee Boardman is an only child. Her Dad died in a skiing accident when s...
  • mystery
  • secrets
  • featured
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Bloody Murder by Cgren5
Bloody Murderby Chels
Jamie, late 20s Forensic Investigator in Australia. Her friend, Patrick, always admitted he had feelings for her, but maintained his smile despite her constantly turnin...
  • story
  • supernatural
  • oringalcharacters
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Double Crossed by ErikaMacdonald
Double Crossedby ErikaMacdonald
A government agency known as CSIS is starting to fall apart. When some highly classified information is stolen by their enemies, Hecate, the agency is forced to do somet...
  • spies
  • espionage
  • crossed
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DEADLOCKED: A Trial Beginning by RMSecor
DEADLOCKED: A Trial Beginningby RMSecor
Alexandria Henson, a young classy and sophisticated trial lawyer embarks on a perilous journey that takes a wrong turn as she soon discovers. Up until now, it has been a...
  • deadlocked
  • murder
  • mafia
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Justice Died [Naruto] DISCONTINUED by 77270891203d
Justice Died [Naruto] DISCONTINUEDby 77270891203d
They were agents. They were used to people dying. Especially people close to them. Especially teammates. Squad Seven has been slowly healing back together after a teamma...
  • mafia
  • fbi
  • seven
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Things for certain things by kittycuteface
Things for certain thingsby kittycuteface
If there is a contest or I got tagged or something, my entry will be in here
  • selfie
  • stuff
  • random
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Drakes: Heroes and Villains by ShaknaIs
Drakes: Heroes and Villainsby Shakna Israel
Three years after Drakes: The Five Eyes, a global investigation into the events is under way, and all eyes are on Suzie Drakes, some wanting to label her the scapegoat...
  • drakes
  • csis
  • spy
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Meeting You Was Destiny by BeautifulLies
Meeting You Was Destinyby ████████████ 99% ...Name Cann...
Melina Hart just wants someone to love her. This has seemingly proved difficult though as Melina is about 40 pounds overweight. She never felt like she fit in with the o...
  • jackson
  • csis
  • cyanoacrylate
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Mediterranean Mission by JackSakalauskas
Mediterranean Missionby Jack Sakalauskas
Mason Borders, operative for CSIS, has been given a new mission. He has to track a terrorist on a Mediterranean cruise. The ship will stop at a number of ports along the...
  • mystery
  • istanbul
  • hat
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Cover Your Tracks {Collab W/ XxSaphiera6xX by TheWhoniverse
Cover Your Tracks {Collab W/ XxSap...by Laurren
Harper Stevens, a 27 year old Canadian CSIS agent and Cameron Davids, a 28 year old British MI6 agent have a big secret. When not safe guarding their countries from evil...
  • mi5
  • kgb
  • canada
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