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Crush Imagines by EnderGirl1776
Crush Imaginesby Stale Baguette
Just a book of little things to imagine happening to you and your crush. I don't write using any mature themes such as depression, eating disorders, self-harm, smut, lem...
  • crushes
  • crushxreader
Staying With The Bad Boy | ✔ by uknown0004
Staying With The Bad Boy | ✔by unknown
@wrestlingmanager This is seriously one of my favorite books! I love all the plot twists, and the romance in this story. Wish it had never ended. I totally recomend it...
  • bestfriends
  • drama
  • badboy
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Underdogs by Floats
Underdogsby natalie
Arden Heart didn't mean to push her school's star quarterback, Levi Jacobs, down the stairs. It was an accident, but nobody other than Levi seems to believe her. Feeling...
  • firstpersonpov
  • highschoolromance
  • football
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In a chatroom with the Avengers(AvengersXreader) by berry1012002
In a chatroom with the Avengers( berry1012002
Jokes,pranks,threats,secrets exposed, are the kinds of things that happen in this chatroom. You get a chance to chat with the Avengers and a few of other characters I mi...
  • fights
  • loki
  • hulk
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Plus Size/ Chubby Reader One-Shots by Runaway-To-My-Aid
Plus Size/ Chubby Reader One-Shotsby Queen S👑
All in the name, all fandoms.
  • fandoms
  • plussize
  • all-fandoms
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Time Travellers (Book 1)  by 9Harry9
Time Travellers (Book 1) by Harry Potter
Due to a time turner harry finds himself in 1976 his parents 7th year. He meets the marauders and his mom. But what happens when Lily starts falling for harry instead of...
  • peterpettigrew
  • timetravel
  • jily
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No Name (Jake Webber x OC) by ThatEmoGirlLexi
No Name (Jake Webber x OC)by ThatEmoGirlLexi
☠️No Name☠️
  • adorable
  • emo
  • cute
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My Hero Academia Boyfriend Scenarios+Oneshots by -_Splendid_-
My Hero Academia Boyfriend G a m e r • M a d
This is stupid, don't read it.
  • denkikamanari
  • neitomonoma
  • mha
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letters °dream by babynorenmin
letters °dreamby ɴᴀ ʀᴇɴᴊᴜɴ
she writes letters to the boys she loved but never sends them. [inspired by to all the boys i loved before] cover by a sweetie @-NaJaesthetic
  • jeno
  • dreamies
  • chenle
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Crush Imagines (Completed) by 5_seconds_of_holland
Crush Imagines (Completed)by I need more sleep
This is for the people that imagine a life with the one they longing admire. Cover: @aussietears
  • requests
  • fun
  • smile
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The Good Girl Kicked Me In the Shin With Her Stiletto Heels *SEQUEL* by CUniQue_Love
The Good Girl Kicked Me In the CUniQue love
Flynn Skylar is finally in college. He's now in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend Harley and it seems like they're falling apart. He now has to pick up th...
  • crushes
  • friendship
  • love
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Sehun's Crush ✧ sebaek | short story [✔️] by velvetfrnk
Sehun's Crush ✧ sebaek | short bambam’s waifu
Sehun realizes he loves Baekhyun more than as friends when it's too late.
  • love
  • shortstory
  • baekyeol
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Separated Lovemates (Negaishipping) by prettyotaku_lol124
Separated Lovemates (Negaishipping)by Tizaki
Iris, freshman at high school and class tomboy takes a turn in feelings. Who she has the feels for? That one friend from Elementary. Or should I say, Ash Ketchum? "...
  • soulmates
  • pokemonbw
  • dawn
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Love On Board||The Suite Life On Deck x Reader|| by hannahhyatt15
Love On Board||The Suite Life On hannahhyatt15
Join (Y/N) (L/N) and her friends as they attend Seven Seas High and get into trouble, fun, laughter, crushes, adventures, and more. (Y/N) is Mr. Moseby's niece who is...
  • marcuslittle
  • marionmoseby
  • adventure
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Relatable Moments: School Edition by NatalieGarcia_
Relatable Moments: School Editionby Natalie
This book contains anything that you can relate to during the school year. Since school is starting or has started, I thought I should make something like this! I hope y...
  • people
  • relatable
  • crushes
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Romance Collision (Rewritten Version) by SAMiAMiz
Romance Collision (Rewritten Gigi Bean
At Middleton High, the girls can't help but fawn over the "Cloud Nine Dream Buffet", or the ever-so-gorgeous McNeill brothers. Between three best friends, Eve...
  • humor
  • secretadmirer
  • friendships
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Every Good Girl Wants A Bad Boy by Bl20dyBitXh
Every Good Girl Wants A Bad Boyby KandyyB
The quote has been around forever. Every good girl wants a bad boy. What happens to forbidden love when you can't have what you want but get it anyway Ivy and Jay are tw...
  • crushing
  • passion
  • addicting
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Thirsty for Attention (Urban) by ShadyAveri
Thirsty for Attention (Urban)by ShadyAveri
**WONT BE ABLE TO READ SOME CHAPTERS IF YOU'RE NOT FOLLOWING ME, SO FOLLOW & READ ** India isnt ugly, or lame... she just stays to herself. Independent, young, beautiful...
  • adoption
  • abortion
  • chicklit
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Horcrux Destroyers (Book 2) by 9Harry9
Horcrux Destroyers (Book 2)by Harry Potter
Harry, James, Sirius, Remus, Hermione and Lily have set for destroying the horcruxes. But when their worst fears come true will they lose spirit or will they go all the...
  • remuslupin
  • jamespotter
  • ginnyweasley
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Accidents Happen by thinmint_writer
Accidents Happenby Evelyn Abraham
One decision. That's all it took. And now Michelle Jones is going to be a mother. Peter Parker is going to be a father. But they're only sixteen. Michelle Jones has alwa...
  • michelle
  • baby
  • spideychelle
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