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The First Crusade by min_yoongles
The First Crusadeby Whalien
A historical retelling of the First Crusade in which Abel, a Christian crusader, becomes friends and connects with Rayan, a Muslim. Due to their positions and circumstan...
  • muslim
  • angst
  • unlimitedpride
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2 by ahalim2001
2by Halim Hamada
War, love, passion, lust and truth... This book is a 12 part series. With each chapter published weekly.
  • poem
  • passion
  • got
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Secreta Corporis by jegarvey
Secreta Corporisby jegarvey
"Secreta Corporis is, in the tradition of The Name of the Rose, a marvelously erudite novel that brings the past to life in all its complexity while engaging the re...
  • languedoc
  • templars
  • coming-of-age
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The Great Escape: Crusade Edition by YA_book_lover13
The Great Escape: Crusade Editionby YA_book_lover13
Set in 1212, the Children's Crusade has began. A view point if what had happened on the ships in Mediterranean Sea. (Originally a history assignment) One-shot
  • crusades
  • assignment
  • shortstory
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The lost crusader by sagittariuswriter09
The lost crusaderby Zayna Mansoor
A short story based on the 13th-century Children's crusade. ( I wrote this for a history assignment btw)
  • muslims
  • history
  • shortstory
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Douce Dame Jolie by LouLou032
Douce Dame Jolieby Lou (Skyller Frozenheart)
The story follows the bond between a nobleman and a peasant lady, along with the events of the Fourth Crusade. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been one year since the city o...
  • love
  • σταυροφορίες
  • historicalfanfiction
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Journey to Masyaf (Part 1: The Fall) by MarionJager
Journey to Masyaf (Part 1: The MarionJager
The Great War has raged for almost four years since the Archduke was assassinated . One man, one bullet, one death, bringing nations colliding in chaos and stacking the...
  • secretsocieties
  • mystery
  • desert
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The Holy Templar Knights of Ashfeld by thelonewanderer2277
The Holy Templar Knights of Ashfeldby thelonewanderer gaming
This book is the info of the characters for my for honor book series called "Deus Vult" this book is about the holy templar knights' bio for the first book whi...
  • crusades
  • templars
Journey to Joseph by rhymeswithfry
Journey to Josephby rhymeswithfry
Hildegund is always getting in trouble for acting too masculine. If it was up to her she would have been born a boy, but that's not how the world works. Or, at least th...
  • ya
  • transmale
  • historical
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Legend's Maiden » Robin Hood by oracle01
Legend's Maiden » Robin Hoodby 𝕷𝖆𝖉𝖞 𝖔𝖋 𝕾𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖜𝖔𝖔𝖉
Perhaps you know the legend of Robin Hood. Perhaps you know me. I'm the one he fell for. His story was never mine to tell, but I can tell my story, one that will forever...
  • robin-hood
  • crusades
  • historical-england
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The Little Apocalypse: Millenium Crusades by qubasar
The Little Apocalypse: Millenium Sinan
Little Apocalypse unleashed, more than ninety percent of the human population decimated in phenomenal event. All over the world, governments and institutions collapsed...
  • fantasy
  • doomsday
  • politics
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Dank Memes *OFFENSIVE WARNING* by HeLLcAt333
Description update: If you are an easily offended wimp who can't take a joke or a little dark humor, go away. The 1st, original addition to dank memes saga.
  • offensive
  • crusades
  • dank
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Honour by dburstro
Honourby dani burst
Two men, fighting for their religion, at the Siege of Damascus during the Second Crusade
  • crusades
  • fighting
  • religion
Tales of the 35th Century by draa02
Tales of the 35th Centuryby J. Moss
Exciting science fiction, serialized into short parts. Action packed tales set in the 35th century, during the 'Space Crusades' which pits Earth against independent plan...
  • sciencefiction
  • action
  • serial
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Crusader Craze by Weaver42
Crusader Crazeby Weaver42
The first in a series of many, a typical fan-fiction about a gamer getting stuck in her favorite game. Gemma Rosso has to play through the acclaimed Assassin's Creed ser...
  • fantasy
  • timetravel
  • medieval
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Teen Crushes || Advice For Shy Girls/ Boys by Crushes_
Teen Crushes || Advice For Shy Crushes_
So, I'll give advice on Questions you may ask. Any question or if you feel awkward you can personally text me. :)
  • boyxboy
  • boyxgirl
  • crushes
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The Endless Sea(Preview) by Joahquin_Menendez
The Endless Sea(Preview)by Joahquin Menendez
A young man named Erwin is stuck in a conflict between himself and the Kingdoms of Europe. After fighting in the crusades and his friends being excommunicated they try t...
  • world
  • colony
  • battles
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Daybreak by FlaxenIchor
Daybreakby Birdie
Maeve lived in Zefyr most of her life, and now it has been captured under the name of God. The Empire has taken her away from her home as a slave. As she lives under the...
  • fantasycreatures
  • bloodline
  • magic
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❝Robin Hood❞ Guy of Gisborne by hannahjrutledge
❝Robin Hood❞ Guy of Gisborneby H.J.R.
"What is your reason of being here?" One of the Nottingham guards called out to the Rider in Black, of which this mystery rider was given a name by the townspe...
  • outlaws
  • guyofgisbornerichardarmitage
  • armitage
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Hogwarts: Origins by Anupam0070
Hogwarts: Originsby Anupam Niyogi
Discover the events and the birth of the idea that led to the formation of the most famous school of witchcraft and wizardry
  • crusades
  • harrypotter
  • hogwarts