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In the sun we will find our passion by Secotangente
In the sun we will find our passionby Secotangente
Casey is pure, Casey must be preserved. Casey must stay for the Beast. The world needs to know the true essence of evolution, and Patricia - in her own way - is going to...
  • wendell
  • crumb
  • beast
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CRUMB AND MUFFIN by ofseokjin
CRUMB AND MUFFINby ɨռ ɛքɨքɦaռʏ
  • bestfriends
  • crumb
  • muffin
My abusive life {Chresanto August love story} by Tori_Kelly99
My abusive life {Chresanto Tori_Kelly99
Read and find out
  • htc
  • been
  • crumb
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I really liked you - A SPLIT FANFICTION by Secotangente
I really liked you - A SPLIT Secotangente
"Dennis has urges that make him feel worthless, dirty, rotten, exposed in front the whole System, and he knows they are judging him." DENNIS X READER
  • nsfw
  • movie
  • reader
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Beware of the Mysterious Crumb by BriSis5678
Beware of the Mysterious Crumbby BriSis5678
Very, very, very short story. About a mysterious crumb. :)
  • mysterious
  • completed
  • random
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Crumb by kimmune
Crumbby Kim
  • story
  • park
  • crumb
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Split, like my heart by anabellethecreator
Split, like my heartby anabelle 🥶💙
I don't own the characters besides myself and two of my friends
  • crumb
  • kevin
  • dennis
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After the Split *Yandere Split 2017* by LokisBabydollBride
After the Split *Yandere Split BabyDoll
Casey was freed. She was one of the pure ones. But what happened before her freedom? The Beast knew of everyones feelings. Hedwigs little crush on the pure one. Dennis'...
  • split
  • crumb
  • splitfanfiction
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We can weave the future - A SPLIT FANFICTION by Secotangente
We can weave the future - A Secotangente
"For the first time, Casey could see lust in the Beast's eyes. It was a very different desire than Dennis' nervous restraint. The latter, in fact, kept a kind of ad...
  • mcavoy
  • kevin
  • beast
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Beauty in Suffering | Split X Reader by berserk-lightning
Beauty in Suffering | Split X Berserk-Spectra
(Y/N) (L/N) is and 18 year old student who gets kidnapped by a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Instead of cowering down and trying to escape, she instead pushes...
  • patricia
  • insert
  • hedwig
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