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The Rise and Fall of Insomnia by ACismylife
The Rise and Fall of Insomniaby Rosalinda Petrova
The world of Eos is full of all kinds of adventures. Fishing, camping, hunting, traversing the land. But it also has its dangers. The deamons and Starscourage being the...
  • ffxv
  • fate
  • magic
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Galvanised [Nyx x Reader] by knuddlmuffin
Galvanised [Nyx x Reader]by knuddlmuffin
kinda modern AU! The world as you knew it is gone, as terrifying monsters roam the earth. Along the way, you find yourself struggling to find out what is the right thing...
  • xreader
  • kingsglaive
  • readerinsert
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Wizardry Academy by infinnity123
Wizardry Academyby Heather Lily Brown
This is kinda like a Hogwarts Story except it's way more modern than Harry Potter. :) Enjoy! :)
  • william
  • sf
  • magic
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Wilson Family Bonding by GothicHippie3008
Wilson Family Bondingby genji-is-best-girl
Jericho has spent years avoiding and resenting his father for ruining his life, but when Deathstroke is on the verge of collapse, he had no choice. Will the Wilson's eve...
  • slade
  • teentitans
  • jericho
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The Girl With Her Shadows by _-UM-_
The Girl With Her Shadowsby 🌹 T h e G r o w i n g R o...
No comment I do not own the "Black Butler" cast?, or anything of theirs. They belong to the FUNIMATION™ and to Yana.... Something, I don't know his last name...
  • love
  • fanfiction
  • sebastianxcrowexclaude
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Second Chances: Faithless by wildmoon
Second Chances: Faithlessby Wildmoon
This is the story of Arabella. After her favorite band splits up and vanishes into thin air, she quits believing she will ever see them again. Will she ever see them aga...
  • tanner
  • myler
  • crowe
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Defuse by CroweTheMerchant
Defuseby go to @swiftwinq
Everything had fallen apart ever since the incident. Since then, Crowe had fallen into the toxic grip of the broken worlds. When she finally reunites with the merchant a...
  • off
  • zacharie
  • crowe
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The Road to Top of the Mountain by TiagoCervantes3
The Road to Top of the Mountainby Tony Styles
The Road of Tony Styles, Storm and Solomon Crowe to the WWE is just starting!
  • punk
  • rollins
  • fan
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Pages Between a Cover ~Bravely Default~ by The_Magical_Yoshi
Pages Between a Cover ~Bravely Lestia Whytoo
After learning of Alternis's journal, Braev decides to supply all of the Asterisk bearers with journals of their own to keep note of interesting events and people. Thoug...
  • crowe
  • axe
  • asterisk
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Romaji by GaslightHotel
Romajiby GaslightHotel
By Tina NOTE: I do not own any of the Russell Crowe characters mentioned in this story - they belong to their original creators and/or studios, nor do I own any other ch...
  • lee
  • naruto
  • crowe
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A Summons Christmas by PatrickSeager
A Summons Christmasby Patrick Seager
A side story separate from the main story that I thought I'd do for fun. This is Crowe's first Christmas as a Summoner and the first with a family in a long time so I th...
  • krampus
  • summoner
  • holidays
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Junior Jackman by 5SO1D22
Junior Jackmanby 5SO1D22
Hollis Jackman is Hugh Jackman's daughter. She goes with him almost everyday to the set of his newest movie Les Miserables. Also she has an arranged marriage. What happe...
  • aaron
  • huttlestone
  • anne
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Prop-Driven Heroes by Valton_
Prop-Driven Heroesby Chris Telford
April 1940 The Battle for Britain has begun. Daily, German bombers fly across the English channel over Britain and bomb strategic targets so the Nazi war machine can rol...
  • crowe
  • dogfights
  • saga
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Phantom Fighters by Valton_
Phantom Fightersby Chris Telford
Book Three in the Crowe Saga: It is 1968. America has declared war on Communism in Vietnam. Americans flying the formidable F-4 Phantom bomb the Vietcong, despite heavy...
  • vietnam
  • dogfighting
  • saga
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On Canvas Sheathed Wings by Valton_
On Canvas Sheathed Wingsby Chris Telford
The Year: 1917 WWI is in full fight, and with the battles on the ground come the battles of the air. The legendary Red Baron preys on unsuspecting British and American p...
  • death
  • dogfighting
  • saga
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Love, Gemina Harmony Crowe by nonamewriter14
Love, Gemina Harmony Croweby nonamewriter14
This will be a break from my normal dystopian stories.
  • harmony
  • life
  • crowe
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Opening Act for Who? by elfantsbeefive
Opening Act for Who?by elfantsbeefive
  • otps
  • tanner
  • beyond
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Death In Two Days by NerdyXtreme
Death In Two Daysby ŋɛཞɖყ ҳɬཞɛɱɛ
Lanora is an average 10 year old girl, right? That's what her 16 year old Babysitter thinks. But she soon learns the exact opposite. Lanora is anything but normal.
  • murder
  • crowe
  • fantasy
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Crowe's Nest: The Lion's Eye - Prologue by DakeN29
Crowe's Nest: The Lion's Eye - Dan C
  • fantasy
  • crowe
  • pirate
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The Last Of Us AU by AlpheridiesLale
The Last Of Us AUby Tofferton
  • crowe
  • arken
  • ember
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