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The Other Dress (✔ Complete) {trans girl x crossdressing boy} by EmmyEngberts
The Other Dress (✔ Complete) { Emmy Engberts
We both love wearing dresses, the prettier the better. We also both love cosplaying and have a flair for magical-girl style characters. But that is where our similaritie...
My Cosplay Book by Wicked_Darkness
My Cosplay Bookby Toby
Hello everyone, I'm a cosplayer from musically and I've decided to post a cosplay book on here because I'm trash. Anyways, yeah, I hope you enjoy my cringey cosplays. M...
The Manipulation (Reuploaded) by HappyHarry2277
The Manipulation (Reuploaded)by Harry2469
Learn about a girls story, the life of a girl who had been alone and some random man had captured her. I don't wanna spoil too much, but be aware these content is graphi...
Cosplay and Conventions: A Pocket Guide by IronicGalaxy
Cosplay and Conventions: A Stars and Snow
This is a book dedicated to all things cosplay! Whether you want tips, resources, stories or just pictures, this is the book for you!
Disney Worlds: Crossplay by LivingStoneWriter
Disney Worlds: Crossplayby Sean Livingston
Guy's reputation is on the line when a rogue malware copy runs wild through other games, including Fix-It Felix and Slaughter Race. He'll need the help of some new frien...
My Cosplays and Shiz Related To Cosplays by GayLemonFanAndAuthor
My Cosplays and Shiz Related To Lance McClain
Basically a book full of my casual, full on, or cheap ass cosplays. Keep in mind I take casual criticism but hate is not accepted. Thanks a have fun!!
Whips And Chains by HappyHarry2277
Whips And Chainsby Harry2469
Markus is 25 years old and well, his kinks aren't ordinary. Or at least they are seen as morbid or disgusting. Mark has these shameful kinks that are just disturbing, he...