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THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES (on hold and under heavy editing) by kruti_01
THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES (on hold and kruti.d
HIATUS Tune in for a romance beyond the ocean. Story of Meera Arya and Asher Anderson. An Indian girl and an American boy who meet through incidents or is it fate? &quo...
ZORI.. by AshiFer1
#2 DesertRose
Zori is an Asian American teenage girl with simple dreams which include having a date with her crush Jake, Jake is the team's gorgeous quarterback, one of most popular g...
Harmony Across Horizons: Love's Arrangement by RidhikaShastri
Harmony Across Horizons: Love's RidhikaShastri
**Description:** "Harmony Across Horizons: Love's Arrangement" is an enchanting story that merges two worlds and cultures, following the journey of Ahana Khatr...
Song of Shambhala: You Are Not Alone by philliprwhite
Song of Shambhala: You Are Not philliprwhite
Sheridan Clark is an expert in antiquities relating to music, and the former conductor of the Vatican choir who has now fallen on hard times. He is recruited by a shady...
Rage and Rebellion (Histories of Havenhearth) by ReynoldsAJ
Rage and Rebellion (Histories of ReynoldsAJ
Cerys Woodstock, travelling outside of Tainland for the first time in her life, craves adventure and excitement. Tainish Legate Eupheme hosts elaborate parties as a guis...
The Untouchable boy  by jinguijiren
The Untouchable boy by jinguijiren
Malak is a 17-year-old girl starting her second year of college she's happy well kinda there's this guy she knows but... nothing about him well no one does really except...
The Magic Carpet by TejBajracharya
The Magic Carpetby Tej Bajracharya
The passengers of a commuter-bus in the outskirts of Kathmandu, find their lives taking eventful turns. It is a depiction of the everyday life of most people that try to...
Long Distance Hearts by itsshashwat14
Long Distance Heartsby
"Long Distance Hearts" is a heartwarming romance story about two people who connect through the power of the internet. Sofia, a Russian girl, and Shashwat, an...
The Tokyo Trilogy, part 2: "No Medicine for Falling in Love" by jakobhalskov
The Tokyo Trilogy, part 2: "No jakobhalskov
No Medicine for Falling in Love takes place five years after the first volume of the trilogy. Tomoko has left her husband and living on her own she is now working for Yu...
Build The Wall (An All-American Love Story) by CatherineWrites
Build The Wall (An All-American CatherineWrites
On election day 2016, River is excited to vote red for the first time. As the son of the town police chief, he is a firm believer in law and order, the American dream, a...
LA Love || An International PJM Story by MsSoCalChim
LA Love || An International PJM MsSoCalChim
LA Love || An International PJM Story By MsSoCali "I'm...I'm sorry...that was very forward of me...I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable..." Christy stammer...