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Nikki's Crochet by itsmissnikki2u
Nikki's Crochetby Nikki🥀
Where I show you what else I like to do.
Art book by DandelionWillow21
Art bookby 🌈Kiara🌈
Just a bunch of art that I made. Most of it Hunger Games, and most that is quotes written in "artistic calligraphy". Some sculptures, crochet animals, and some...
A NUN FOR A NANNY  by NeymorhNderitu
A NUN FOR A NANNY by Neymorh Nderitu
Living a civilian life was all Anitta Rose wanted. When she gets the chance, she explores the new world that may not be what she fantasised. It is a wide road of complic...
Art Book by 15thSoccerGirl
Art Bookby Misty
My art and crochet Updates Random Things And MORE!!
My MaiChard Drabbles And Short Stories by SachaOh
My MaiChard Drabbles And Short Sacha Achas Olleras
I am an AlDub/MaiChard fan, since 07/16/2015. Been having a lot on my mind for quite some time now but just couldn't muster up the courage to write them down, much more...
Crochet things by A7exzander41302
Crochet thingsby A7exz@nder
just things I crocheted
It's Always Been You by SachaOh
It's Always Been Youby Sacha Achas Olleras
A story about holding on to love that is really meant to be.
Once upon a time ~ Kira by Kanna_Alberona
Once upon a time ~ Kiraby Laëtitia
Ma fic se passe après la saison 4 de Once Upon A Time MAIS Emma n'est pas devenu la ténébreuse !! Il y aura bien évidemment les personnages de la série plus une personne...
Yarn Crafting: How to Knit and Crochet (And My Patterns) by JoyeEverett715
Yarn Crafting: How to Knit and Joye Everett
Crochet is a relaxing craft that has been proven to help people unwind and have fun, all while making beautiful things. Hi, I'm Joye, and I know how to crochet. It's my...
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Crocheting 101 by chomzy8
Crocheting 101by chomzy8
If you love crocheting you'll sure love this book. it gives you step by step instructions on how to crochet alot of things... To improve your skills in crocheting I'll a...
Things I Crochet by Leeann42908
Things I Crochetby Leeann42908
This book will be about things I have crocheted/am crocheting hopefully with pictures if I can get them to load. Please no rude comments because I am a BEGINNER at this...
Godey's Lady's Book 1871 by LokidogIsUnimpressed
Godey's Lady's Book 1871by Christine
I got a (damaged) copy of Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine, and I'm going to use Wattpad to copy some of the patterns from the work sections and then hopefully translate...
Shawn mendes werewolf vampire by puppy210210
Shawn mendes werewolf vampireby Alexandria Amber-Amy Lewis
Shawn mendes and amber are typical teens .... but they both have a secret .... Shawn is a were wolf and Amber is 1/2 werewolf and 1/2 vampire .... What happened when the...
Kat's Knit And Crochet by Death-For-One
Kat's Knit And Crochetby Death-For-One
These are the things I knit or crochet. Some patterns I found, others I made. If I made it I'll share it. If I found it I'll link it. American terms
Yarnsy-Craftsy Crochet by ShadowMaven
Yarnsy-Craftsy Crochetby ShadowMaven
A collection of some of my favorite free crochet patterns from Pintrest, Ravelry, and various web blogs. Whether you're a beginner or experienced crocheter, there's some...
Jeux d'enfants by AngieBreshka
Jeux d'enfantsby Angie Breshka
Smee n'est pas le plus habille des pirates. James Hook est toujours en quête de percé les mystères des réveils qui tic tac. Et sur le bateau, Peter pan fait un choix for...
Oops by skelocat
Oopsby Katie-Fay
These Are just some of my drawings, doodles and what not. There could also be some crochet or didgital art.