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Read for Read by bremcfarland
Read for Readby Bre
Share your stories & sign up for critiques done by me Share stories: ✔️ always open Critiques: ✔️ open but long waiting list
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The Lightning Awards Season 3 [IN SESSION] by TheLightningAwards
The Lightning Awards Season 3 [ ⚽ TLA ⚽
Every story has a voice. Every story has a message. But it's useless if no one can hear it. How does it feel to pour your heart and soul into a story you love, only to...
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Share Your Story Club by MissMysteryGame
Share Your Story Clubby Mysty
1000 members and counting! Join to get follows, earn perks (such as a capsule review, an interview, or earn Book of the Month honors), and of course get a read for read...
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70 Deadly Wattpad Sins (The Book Of Evil Advice!) by Tyro31
70 Deadly Wattpad Sins (The Book Tyro31
We all know exactly what we should be doing, in order to make it big on Wattpad... but what about the stuff we're not supposed to do? This book will cover 70 of Wattpad...
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To Read or Not to Read - Third Edition by sky_is_limit
To Read or Not to Read - Third Shailene Marks
Hello, hello, and welcome back to TRONTR. Thank you so much for joining me with edition 3! Ah, nothing like the resurrection of a dead book club. So, as you can see, TRO...
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Pokémon Book Reviews by GottaReadEmAllClub
Pokémon Book Reviewsby Pokémon Gotta Read Em All Club
Are you a fan of books? Are you a fan of Pokémon? Well then, you've come to the right place! In this book club, we will devote every review purely to Pokémon fanfiction...
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Les fiches des jurés | The Wattpad France Games by DespotumAdmini
Les fiches des jurés | The Wattpad ~ France
Dans ce recueil sont regroupées les fiches des différents participants des Wattpad France Games, à leur élimination. Pour rappel, les fiches sont postées après le résult...
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EmGé's corner by emge-s
EmGé's cornerby le p'tit iroquois
Guitare électrique, coups de gueule bien sentis, films sympathiques, beaucoup de culture, et un peu de racontage de vie. Depuis 2014, ce petit bouquin a suivi toute mon...
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Les analyses de l'Inspecteur O'Mahlac | Livre de critiques by AutomnalRainbow
Les analyses de l'Inspecteur O' Noah O'Mahlac
Tapie dans l'ombre de Wattpad, la menace guette... Les haters sont là, à l'affût, prêts à sauter sur la première histoire venue pour la déchiqueter de leurs mots acérés...
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Rechiana Book Reviews [ON HOLD FOR CATCH UP] by Rechiana
Rechiana Book Reviews [ON HOLD RECH
Hello there, Are you a writer? Do you have published work here with little or no feedback? Have you entered contests and wonder why you never win any? Say no more! Cli...
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Opal Waters | ✔ by Vintaginity
Opal Waters | ✔by Brittani
Opal, the young mermaid we met at the end of Olyvya's story. The mermaid that found herself transforming at the age of twelve. Now she is the prime age of seventeen and...
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Rebel Betas [OPEN] by Rebel_Town
Rebel Betas [OPEN]by Rebel Town
A good dedicated beta is hard to find. But what better place to look than the town that is chalk full of talented reviewers and peer editors! We here at Rebel Town are i...
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The Don'ts of Wattpad by RosesGardens
The Don'ts of Wattpadby RosesGardens
A list of writing problems common among many Wattpad writers that I have complied over a year of critiquing.
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Critiques and Reviews [OPEN] by CrownMeB_tch
Critiques and Reviews [OPEN]by CrownMeB_tch
If you want your book Critiqued or Reviewed... I'm your girl! But before you complete the form you'll have to read the rules. [OPEN FOR REQUESTS]
The Lightning Awards Season 2 [FINALIZED] by TheLightningAwards
The Lightning Awards Season 2 [ ⚽ TLA ⚽
As members of the Inazuma Eleven fandom, we know all too well what it feels like not to get the recognition we deserve for our fanfictions. Perhaps your piece is not wha...
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Brutally Honest Reviews™ by calmingfire
Brutally Honest Reviews™by ☆M. St☆
DISCLAIMER: These review/critique things are based on first impressions. I will NOT be reading the entirety of your book. My purpose is to urge my clients to learn somet...
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Vous êtes fier.e.s de votre fiction ? Vous y avez mis toutes vos tripes ? Vous avez envie de vous mesurer aux autres auteurs amateurs ?Dans ce cas, pourquoi ne pas vous...
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Book Reviews(Closed For Catch-up) by ThatgoofyNerd
Book Reviews(Closed For Catch-up)by SweetNightingale
Hola amigos! I decided to make a review book because, why not? If you want a book of yours reviewed then click to see how it works!
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Lectures Critiques La Plume Encrée - Book II by LaPlumeEncree
Lectures Critiques La Plume Encré La Plume Encrée
Le premier book étant saturé, vous trouverez ici la suite de nos Lectures-Critiques, ainsi que nos autres et futures annonces, tout comme la publicité de nos articles à...
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aesthete reviews - OPEN by aesthetecommittee
aesthete reviews - OPENby 𝚊𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚝𝚎.
HIRING and OPEN in which the asthete committee reviews your books. #projectasthete #1 in critiques #569 in editor #5 in environment
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