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asthete reviews - OPEN by asthetecommittee
asthete reviews - OPENby ミ a s t h e t e ミ
HIRING and OPEN where the asthete committee reviews your books #projectasthete #1 in critiques #569 in editor
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Café con Leche Reviews[CLOSED] by Sam_le_fou
Café con Leche Reviews[CLOSED]by Sam Camp
[CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] In this bittersweet book, I will be reviewing different books, from Mystery to Fanfic, everyone is welcome! I won't sugarcoat anything, bu...
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Read for Read by bremcfarland
Read for Readby Bre
Read for Read & Critiques: Share your story here and get your hard work noticed! You can also request to have your book(s) critiqued by me!
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Scarlett Reviews |CFCU| by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Scarlett Reviews |CFCU|by Daisy
#1 in Reviews. Honest reviews, critiques, and tips for the improvement of your books. Currently closed temporarily for catch-up.
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Concours des Aventuriers de WattPad [FERME] by NitaGannet
Concours des Aventuriers de Nita Gannet
Tu recherches de l'expériences? Du challenge? Tu veux te soumettre aux voix de la nature et surmonter ses défis? Alors bienvenue! Aventure-toi donc plus loin et entame...
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Lectures Critiques La Plume Encrée - Book II by LaPlumeEncree
Lectures Critiques La Plume Encré La Plume Encrée
Le premier book étant saturé, vous trouverez ici la suite de nos Lectures-Critiques, ainsi que nos autres et futures annonces, tout comme la publicité de nos articles à...
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Aidons by ProjetAidons
Aidonsby ProjetAidons
Une histoire tirée par semaine et des centaines de commentaires ! Envie d'être aidé ? Vous êtes au bon endroit !
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Brutally Honest Reviews™ by calmingfire
Brutally Honest Reviews™by ☆M. St☆
DISCLAIMER: {These review/critique things are based on first impressions. I will NOT be reading the entirety of your book. My purpose is to urge my clients to learn some...
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Critiques by Cari L. by carikitty
Critiques by Cari Cari L.
Welcome to my Critiquing Service Book Collection! With un-biased overall feedback, from book cover down to character analysis, this book will serve as a help to fellow w...
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Rebel Betas [OPEN] by Rebel_Town
Rebel Betas [OPEN]by Rebel Town
A good dedicated beta is hard to find. But what better place to look than the town that is chalk full of talented reviewers and peer editors! We here at Rebel Town are i...
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Share Your Story Club by MissMysteryGame
Share Your Story Clubby Mysty
500 members and counting! Join to get follows, earn perks (such as a capsule review, an interview, or earn Book of the Month honors), and of course get a read for read (...
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Pokémon Book Reviews by GottaReadEmAllClub
Pokémon Book Reviewsby Pokémon Gotta Read Em All Club
Are you a fan of books? Are you a fan of Pokémon? Well then, you've come to the right place! In this book club, we will devote every review purely to Pokémon fanfiction...
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Sunflower Reviews // OPEN by ccallis0246
Sunflower Reviews // OPENby Cassie
[x] open [] closed temporarily Welcome to Sunflower Reviews! If you need a review, step inside! Most likely day(s) of update: Saturday/Sunday Cover made by @eye...
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OC Reviews (submissions closed indefinitely) by VividVenus
OC Reviews (submissions closed Venus
Do you have an OC that you want reviewed? Comment or PM me your original character and I will review them! Submissions are temporarily closed until I finish reviewing al...
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Aparecium - Reviews and Critiques by HogwartsDungeons
Aparecium - Reviews and Critiquesby Naomi
Aparecium [Ah-par-eh-see-um] ; Also known as the Revealing Charm, Aparecium is a charm that reveals invisible ink and messages hidden by magical means. - Miranda Goshawk...
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The Don'ts of Wattpad by RosesGardens
The Don'ts of Wattpadby RosesGardens
A list of writing problems common among many Wattpad writers that I have complied over a year of critiquing.
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Charlotte Mallory's Hedgehog Reviews by charlottemallory
Charlotte Mallory's Hedgehog charlottemallory
My focus is primarily on immersion. If I were to pick this up on Amazon or at Barnes & Nobles, how immersed would I be? Once I start to read it, can I even put it down...
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We Will Review Your Book! by HAContests
We Will Review Your Book!by The Hidden Author Awards
Want an honest critique on one of your stories? We are here to offer feedback to new writers. Presented by the #HiddenAuthors! open [ ] closed for catch up [X] closed [...
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Flourish and Blotts | Book Club by HPcommunity_
Flourish and Blotts | Book Clubby Harry Potter
Welcome to Flourish and Blotts!! Inside you'll find the book club where you can get feedback on your fanfictions from writers like you and stumble on some hidden gems...
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Les Petites Critiques [Inscriptions suspendues]  by JHaltRoen
Les Petites Critiques [ J. Halt-Roen
Tous les auteurs redoutent la critique. Elle génère de l'anxiété, des doutes et même des déceptions qui sont quelques fois difficiles à gérer. Dans Les Petites Critiques...
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