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Scenes ( My Motivation/Improvement Creations ) by Ava-Jam
Scenes ( My Motivation/ Ava
Usually when I try to find motivation to write on a specific project, I write scenes. I don't go into any direction or plan or do whatever I'll usually do...I just go an...
Andy's Critique Shop [CLOSED] by missandyyy
Andy's Critique Shop [CLOSED]by andreaaaa.
Open for all aspiring authors who wants to improve their writing skills! Andy's Critique Shop will help you in polishing and making your books better! Join now!
Drawings by Ic3C0oki3P0ns
Drawingsby Andrew Salmen
Hey guys! Im here with another story- well it isn't really a story... It is so that u can see my drawings and criticize them! I appreciate any positive and negative comm...
¦Mŷ*|New|-Ārt_ßöōk¦ by _ImDatStupidArtist
¦Mŷ*|New|-Ārt_ßöōk¦by E
My new art book, The Last one was terrible.
If You're My Friend... by NightxxFury
If You're My Nicol
A collection of short stories and random poetry about betrayal and sadness and bad friends.
Spoken by ssaammueel
Spokenby Samuel
Sydney was once just a normal school girl, when one day, everything changes. She started to have powers which was impossible to mankind. She thought by exposing this pow...
Constructive Criticism by CreativeDifferences
Constructive Criticismby Liam
My views on some of the stories on Wattpad.
My Poetry/Quotes by Let-me-stay-hidden
My Poetry/Quotesby The Hidden Artist
Hello art lovers! I am a young artist of many kinds, searching for a new skill. At the moment, I am trying to make quotes/poems. I am not sure how they work, but any cri...
I'm Not Her (INS#2) by jijiyahhh
I'm Not Her (INS#2)by jijiyahhh
Hezekiah Isabel Santiago, a morena and talkative girl having an opposite personality with her twin sister, was adored by all, little did she know that between the friend...
Husga: Larry Fanfic Reviews by Latume
Husga: Larry Fanfic Reviewsby Latume
No, I am not a proffessional critic. No, I do not take critique-requests. No, I do not promote books. No, you can not report me. I have freedom of speech. Yes, I'm annoy...
The Conference by Christian_Kelley
The Conferenceby Christian_Kelley
This is a fast paced edition to a book that I am first drafting. After i feel satisfied with it. I will make a full length. But for now enjoy the shortened fast paced ed...
OC Reviews by oldshadowaccount
OC Reviewsby Old Shadow Account
Heyyy! Shadowshimmer and here, and I'm gonna judge your OC's! Find out more inside the book! ~Original Copy On My Quotev, and I did this with friends on there~ ~My Frien...
I spilled my heart. by HimeBee
I spilled my HimeBee
A poem to him.
R's Artbook by Hyperi0nJack
R's Artbookby Depresso Espresso
Literally just a bunch of my shitty art. Started: June 15, 2020