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Poetic Words by gurbani11kohli
Poetic Wordsby Gurbani Kohli
[Highest Ranking: #84 in POETRY] [Poem- My Classmates got the prize for Best Funny Poem in a contest organized by @earnestycommunity] [Poem- Love For Friends got honoura...
  • love
  • thoughts
  • dream
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Strike Of The Dead by prodigiousxx
Strike Of The Deadby Prodigious
Calling it destruction would be an understatement. Everyday chores become boring after some days. But what if a day comes when all you want to do is go back in time to w...
  • death
  • crimsonaward
  • wattys2018
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The Elysian Valley-Book 1- Kenna by Mariewalsh23
The Elysian Valley-Book 1- Kennaby Mariewalsh23
Growing up in an orphanage in New York Kenna's life was far from perfect but her four best friends made it bearable. Unexpectedly all five girls receive a scholarship to...
  • vampire
  • visions
  • fantasy
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After Feodorvna by lifeinabreath
After Feodorvnaby Zoey Lucille
When they said love exists, it was always hard for me to believe them. In my world, love didn't least not romantically. Then along came Holden. He was everyth...
  • lovestory
  • plottwist
  • roses
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Be All Mine  by RedxxCruiser
Be All Mine by d.inkie
Call it cliché, but I call it love. Hazeview High has the whole package, mad about school nerds, your typical jocks, the group of nice guys and girls, the typical 'bow d...
  • cross
  • park
  • jade
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Faith Heights by KiandraMoir
Faith Heightsby KiandraMoir
"He was a fallen angel, before being reclaimed and chosen as one of God's earthly warriors. There are very few left on this plane of existence- and he hasn't been s...
  • supernatural
  • death
  • featured
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Flesh Meat by Shareese86
Flesh Meatby Shareese
Parched? You look like you could use a drink. Go on, don't worry, it isn't from the tap. I know society's preference for filtered or bottled water. Taste good, doesn't i...
  • united
  • rosepetalawards
  • sparklezawards2018
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The Undead (#Wattys2018) by xN0elle
The Undead (#Wattys2018)by Noelle
In just one day, three quarters of the world's population ceased to live; blood thirsty zombies-the lurkers- crawled the earth in their stead. In a fight for survival...
  • apocalypse
  • escape
  • sciencefiction
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Skin (Shifters #1) | On Hold by LenBlackwood
Skin (Shifters #1) | On Holdby Len Blackwood
Don't go into the woods at night. The one rule they all lived by, surrounded by the forest that made fairy-tales come to life. They were humans. Ordinary. Mortal. Weak. ...
  • alphas
  • werewolf
  • shifters
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Is it too late? by LostInPappers
Is it too late?by Lost
It's easy to watch people leave. It's hard to watch them leave when they said they wouldn't. At least that's what Gabrielle thought: her whole world crashed within just...
  • regret
  • drama
  • girl
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The Crimson Awards  I OPEN I by CrimsonAwards
The Crimson Awards I OPEN Iby The Crimson Awards
Welcome to the Crimson Community. A place for both discovered and undiscovered writers to get a shot at recognition. Come in and find out! OPEN!
  • action
  • poetry
  • fanfiction
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Artificial Selection: A Near Future Thought Experiment by skematt
Artificial Selection: A Near Matthew
(Highest ranking #254 in Sci-fi) Michael Livingstone is a literal intellectual prodigy born at an unfortunate time when artificial intelligence has replaced the human...
  • wattys2018
  • civilization
  • genius
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A Study In Scarlet (Wattys 2018) by Simonemma1
A Study In Scarlet (Wattys 2018)by Sierra
Killian is the Sherlock Holmes of the paranormal world. He can solve any case, crack any code. One day, he is presented with a puzzle. If left unsolved, it will brin...
  • wattys2018
  • iansomerhalder
  • crimsonaward
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Destiny Lies Inbetween(On Hold) by bevardisamzinai
Destiny Lies Inbetween(On Hold)by Lupo Muses
Destiny, the hidden power believed to control future events is unexpected and cannot be controlled. One is destined to live between hell and heaven, happiness and sorrow...
  • pearlawards2018
  • prince
  • teenfiction
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Ocean: A Collection of Poems by Meeper4life
Ocean: A Collection of Poemsby CEH
Poems describing the ocean in many views
  • poetry
  • ocean
  • crimsonaward
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Necessary evil by DarlaAM
Necessary evilby DarlaAM
Moving houses is the norm for Melissa until, that is, the small town British girl finds herself in California, with school and friends being the least of her problems..
  • crimsonaward
  • thriller
  • ruthless
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Undetermined by DarlaAM
Undeterminedby DarlaAM
Undetermined- Elementals whom are neutral in the fight between Good and Evil or Nature's soldiers who have yet to choose the length of their journey through the bloody...
  • crimsonaward
  • mythicalcreatures
  • romance
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The Lakes by annadesourdy
The Lakesby annadesourdy
Number 2 in secrets revealed and number 5 in new author!!!! Since graduating college, Chris Miller has been happily working as a live-in nanny to a wealthy family. She'...
  • secrets
  • beach
  • newadult
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Her guardian monster by FutureWriterLA
Her guardian monsterby Dani
This story will be narrated by very sarcastic and grumpy monster, that lives in a closet and got a job - protecting a girl for reason's he's going to find out. "You...
  • growingup
  • darkness
  • sleep
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Thankful for Life's Many Blessings ✔ by leighyeann
Thankful for Life's Many Leighyeann A. Mies
2018 Leighyeann A. Mies All rights reserved cover by @soulofstaars playlist by @theotherideas movie poster by @RosyKun banner on every chapter by @soundthealarm characte...
  • vents
  • girl
  • crimsonaward
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