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Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (Male Reader) by thesleepymonster
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios ( Zero Cipher
So, I'm bored and saw more of these female scenarios than male. Might as well give it a try. This is a uke reader. If I'm bored enough, I'll make a seme reader. Depends...
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The Snake Boy. (Jeff The Killer X Male Reader) by naluyoutuber1
The Snake Boy. (Jeff The Killer Proxy Ash
Scales adored his pale white skin. His beautiful eyes as slits. A dark hoodie and jeans to hide the snake skin they made fun of. Laughed at and beat on the boy adventur...
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Silence | Jeff the Killer x Mute Male Reader by BakaWeaboo
Silence | Jeff the Killer x Mute TobiasRose
After your brother gets killed in front of you, you start getting taunted and manipulated by the man that killed your brother. #1 on creepypastaxmaleReader 6/9/19 #1 on...
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The Boy (Creepypasta x male!child!reader) by Tomboy_Love
The Boy (Creepypasta x male! Angel/Lucifer
Little (M/N) and his little sister Lisa were abandoned in the woods bye their parents. Without anywhere else to go they started to wonder around. While walking around th...
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Neko!BEN Drowned x Male!Reader by H4CK3R_B3N
Neko!BEN Drowned x Male!Readerby BEN
In the title, dont let this make you think im a lazy righter.. though at times i am
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creepypasta x male reader by harreei
creepypasta x male readerby harreei
I just read some shit and it's 3:00 am so I was randomly thinking that I'd bring back some old fandoms of mine :"). Warning: gon' get depressing and overly sexual...
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Creepypasta X male reader (I hope y'all in joy ~ XD) by Creepypastapoxy
Creepypasta X male reader (I Creepypastapoxy
you are a careless normal teen,who happens to be on some people stalking list.This is hell for you but it should get better soon .You live normally and with a pretty goo...
Creepypasta X Male/Fem!Reader by Slaughter-Laughter
Creepypasta X Male/Fem!Readerby Ren
One-Shot Collection - Requests are being taken - Readers Gender won't be specified unless explicitly requested.
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the boy in black (Creepypasta X Male Reader) by the_realwolfanator
the boy in black (Creepypasta X the_realwolfanator
This book is a boy that got depression that killed his family but he didn't expect something in the dark that consumed him in side of him
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CreepypastaXMale!reader Oneshots by AngelWingsBroke
CreepypastaXMale!reader Oneshotsby War Child
I'm bored so why not and there's not many xMale readers that I see. Also it's 12:42AM so why the hell not
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The Wispersong (Creepypasta x male reader) by UwU-Jet-OwO
The Wispersong (Creepypasta x Cotton Candy Clouds
A boy destined to be a witch burns his house down and runs away with only his keepsake from his dead parents. He runs into the forest by his house and runs into a magica...
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