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creepypasta girlfriend scenarios by bloody_music
creepypasta girlfriend scenariosby bloodymusic
read the title its what it sounds like
creepypasta girls smut by Darkyblackboneswolf
creepypasta girls smutby killua
Top ten creepypasta females  by katethecat123
Top ten creepypasta females by katethecat
The top ten creepypasta girls and their story's which I highly recommend you read. I think it's important to bring new, different and interesting characters to light in...
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Sally's Sister Sarah by KoharuFallen
Sally's Sister Sarahby アンバー
Sally's death affected a lot of people. Especially her Twin Sister Sarah, who can barely cope without her twin sister. Sarah and Sally were very close together; Too clos...
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Sons of Slender by undertalefan638
Sons of Slenderby Classic Sans
hey this is my newest story containing two of my own original characters (OC) named Jake and James Wane Slender, and the CreepyPasta girls, Slenderwoman, Jess the killer...
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The Circus' Freakshow Creepettes by DamnYoureSoCreepy
The Circus' Freakshow Creepettesby Creepy Girl
Imagine breathing in and out like you always do on daily bases. Breath in, breath out. Sounds simple right?Imagine one day you just stop. The habit you grew accustomed t...
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New Life by GenocidalGirl
New Lifeby Yuna
Kylie, a 17 year-old girl, lived with an abusive family. Her parents always abuses her. Always forced to do all the home chores. Her older brother, Carlos, always forces...
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royal and rebel (Slow Updates)(disconnect) by Kazuko_bakugou_ume
royal and rebel (Slow Updates)( Kazuko Ume
in the title but it will many be around the rebels but the royals will come
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