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Heartless Proxy (Hoodie x Reader) by DemonGirlMe
Heartless Proxy (Hoodie x Reader)by Qhim
You couldn't stop it. The evil that was taking over, you couldn't control it. You needed to kill. It was telling you to. You've done it before, so why do you stop the...
Demon Before Me (Eyeless Jack X reader) Ig.. by Sisa_food
Demon Before Me (Eyeless Jack X Iona but it i not L
William died, she knows it's going to happen, But she did nothing to prevent it. She envision it in her dream. Just how damn brutally graphics her dream was. It feels s...
You Can't Escape...(Jeff the Killer x Reader) by The_Wishes_of_You
You Can't Escape...(Jeff the Natsu Kirai
(Y/N) is a little girl who loves to make everyone smile. She doesn't have a mother or father but, has a wonderful grandmother who watched after her for years. (y/N) was...
To Live without Fear [Jeff the KillerxReader] by Jcreeps
To Live without Fear [Jeff the Jcreeps
The one thing every living creature has in common is fear. Fear keeps us alive, drives us forward, and makes us still. Jeff the Killer thought he knew everything about f...
Jeff the killer x reader by toy-maker
Jeff the killer x readerby worthless
as normal i make it up as i go *shrugs* TW blood, violence Jeff is a psychopath, he will be treated as such. It will be similar to joker and harly quinn sort of (kinda)
Schooled [Laughing JackxReader] by Jcreeps
Schooled [Laughing JackxReader]by Jcreeps
You are a Kindergarten Teacher at a small elementary school. You love kids, and you love your job. But when a little girl from your class is murdered, you decide to take...
Gumdrop(Laughing Jack X Reader) {Editing In Process} by taetaechoi
Gumdrop(Laughing Jack X Reader) { 🍡D.C Love🍡
Wrong Gumdrop........Gumdrop ~ Laughing Jack Disclaimer: Momolett Gumdrop and Half Doll belongs to me so don't try taking my characters please!
Obsession (Jeff the killer x reader)  by missybug21
Obsession (Jeff the killer x Psssst... pastel!
( bit of a trigger warning: this is a psychotic killer. He does bad things. He abuses people. He hurts the ones he loves and slaughters the innocent... So yeah.. Brace y...
Tic Tock ( Ticci Toby x Reader) by TheShadowKorosu
Tic Tock ( Ticci Toby x Reader)by TheShadowKorosu
What will happen when you meet Toby Rogers? You read that right! The Toby Rogers, better known as Ticci Toby, a very well known killer. Will you geek out? Will you get k...
Your Mine, Only Mine. (Homicidal Liu X Reader) by iregretsomuch
Your Mine, Only Mine. (Homicidal Δ
You were the girl always getting picked on. The loner, the unpopular one, the worthless one. You always thought to yourself as human trash. Worthless.. Until one day, yo...
creepypasta parent scenarios by homcidle
creepypasta parent scenariosby Ace Lawson
welcome with open arms and btw the title gives it all!:)
Masking the Truth [Creepypasta X M!Reader] by DeadEnDead
Masking the Truth [Creepypasta X DeadEnDead
#23 in CP - 30/08/2022 #09 in Slendy - 30/08/2022 Book was taken down for a while but has been reposted. It is no longer discontinued. ___ After an argument breaks out b...
Watch Your Back (Creepy-Pasta Zombie Apocalypse AU) by ashantaevili1
Watch Your Back (Creepy-Pasta ❤ Ashy Ashes ❤
Inspired by Lynnarty on DeviantArt. (Cover art is not mine.) It is the unfortunate year of 2009 and a horrible virus has broken out, causing thousands to get sick. And i...
Nina The Killer x Male! reader by ChaoticIsFun
Nina The Killer x Male! readerby Alistair
[ NOT MY ART ] Screw Jeff, you're Nina's new infatuation. Not sure where this is going, just currently simping for Nina, sooo- feel free to help me out with the plot. TW...
- 2 choices - by -Its_Echo-
- 2 choices -by Axel or Echo
Y'all love emotional Liu and Jeff story's.. I love emotion Jeff and Liu story's bam fits! (Plus I'm going through Some sh*t so I need a reason to cry.. ok thank you) - M...
A Love Letter To You. by MidnightSpider
A Love Letter To MidnightSpider
Ever wonder what's in slender's diary? Jeff finally finds out.
Jeff the killer love story : Konna     [COMPLETED] by aLovelyHeartAche
Jeff the killer love story : Deni Petel
Konna was just a girl. A plain simple girl, except she had her fair amount of problems.. One night her and Jeff's paths meet. But she always asks herself one question: w...
The Hidden Killer (A Creepypasta Fanfic) by _Demon_Crimson_
The Hidden Killer (A Creepypasta _Crimson_
You were different in a few ways. And that made people hate you. You were born you thought. You knew you werent a normal kid. Nor the actual daughter of...
Creepypasta Femboy Hooters AU by deathscrazedpuppet
Creepypasta Femboy Hooters AUby Puppet
An AU of Ben DROWNED being the daily introvert young adult protagonist looking for a job for the summer, his one and closest friend he calls Jack offers him to work with...