!✴Creepypasta Girls Preferences✴! ||REQUESTS OPEN|| by Clockwork_Hates_Time
!✴Creepypasta Girls Preferences✴...by Voodoo Babe
This is a female insert. What if the creepypasta ladies decided to choose YOU as their blushing radiant girl of their dreams? What crazy things will you endure with the...
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  • ninathekiller
  • creepypastagirlfriendscenarios
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§¥₩-Blood in the Water-₩¥§ BEN Drowned x Reader by Blodig
§¥₩-Blood in the Water-₩¥§ BEN Dro...by Blodig
Before you start this, this is a second book. If you would like to read the first one, its called "~Don't Let Me Drown~ BEN Drowned x Reader". I recommend to r...
  • slenderman
  • jeff
  • jeffthekiller
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CreepyPasta Roleplaying by DraganettShade
CreepyPasta Roleplayingby DraganettShade
A request to make this book. Please not I won't always be able to respond and I encourage others to invite friends to roleplay
  • ticcitoby
  • slenderman
  • bendrowned
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Creepypasta School rp by Ticci_Trixie
Creepypasta School rpby Tater Tot (idk)
Rp as a teenager Creepypasta, ready for a great year of killing drama!
  • creepypastarp
  • creepypasta
  • rp
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× Thoughts Of A Sadomasochist × by _ssatann_
× Thoughts Of A Sadomasochist ×by satan herself
-TRIGGER WARNING- Don't read this if you're sensitive and offended easily. You have been warned. "I understand, you like the pain don't you, " I say, grabbing...
  • highschool
  • bdsm
  • love
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Esti mese horror fanoknak by fanfi1ction
Esti mese horror fanoknakby WΊŞŢΣŖỶẢ ΉƠẂŁΣỶ
Esti mese azoknak, akik este imádnak rettegni egy ártatlan hangtól is.
  • furcsa
  • szenvedés
  • morbid
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Creepypastas Time! (Español) by -Time_TicciToby-
Creepypastas Time! (Español)by i'm ok
Bienvenido a Creepypastas Time!, un lugar para disfrutar de aterradoras y aleatorias creepypastas. Pondré desde las más conocidas hasta las más olvidadas. Por favor, aco...
  • hoodie
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//Super Or Natural?// Creepypasta x Supernatural! Reader by KianaZero
//Super Or Natural?// Creepypasta...by KianaZero
"Creepypastas? Bullshit.." ((So I ended my other creepypasta fan fiction and made this one!))
  • supernatural
  • creepy
  • thriller
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crєєpчpαѕtα zσdíαc ѕígnѕ pt3 by IhopeifuckingDIE
crєєpчpαѕtα zσdíαc ѕígnѕ pt3by Karma_is_me
  • animals
  • random
  • slendermen
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Oc book by lil-sis-Melissa_
Oc bookby Melissa
  • bnha
  • random
  • yaoi
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Wanted (Yandere Marble Hornets x Reader) by taemmie
Wanted (Yandere Marble Hornets x R...by taemmie
~The Yanderes will be Jay/Skully, Alex, Brian/Hoodie and Tim/Masky.~ You didn't know how you got yourself into this mess. All you wanted to do was meet up with your old...
  • masky
  • readerinsert
  • skully
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Horror/Creepypasta RP by DrakeWings
Horror/Creepypasta RPby The Godslayer
  • creepypasta
  • horror
  • roleplay
~•°My rp book°•~ ¥•¥ by XXWhiteMetalNinaXX
~•°My rp book°•~ ¥•¥by °•love? wat love?•°
well it is allllllllll in the title rules arr in the book 0-0^
  • creepypasta
  • rp
Ripper of Killer (Creepypasta x Male Reader) by DragLuard
Ripper of Killer (Creepypasta x Ma...by BloodChamp
Death was allways a mystery to me. I never understood why people make a big deal out of it. I never feelt anything when somebody died. I don't even think people will fee...
  • jacktheripper
  • horror
  • diesirae
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Creepypasta Memes by IhopeifuckingDIE
Creepypasta Memesby Karma_is_me
what's her face,who cares
  • creepypasta
  • bendrowned
  • jeffthekiller
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Set Me Free, Please! [XMaleReader] by Ablake_x082
Set Me Free, Please! [XMaleReader]by ABlake Okami
[Creepypasta Fanfiction] "Your fucking psychotic!" The man yelled the taller males way, his smile only grew as He looked into his victims tear filled eyes. His...
  • hoodieandmasky
  • jeffthekiller
  • creepypasta
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Missing (Masky x Ticci-Toby) by ShutInWriter
Missing (Masky x Ticci-Toby)by ShutInWriter
Ticci-Toby is the new proxy, the young ticcing boy only knows blood, and nothing more. Toby had only shown up a day before a large mission was launched, Slenderman's bro...
  • creepypasta
  • hoodie
  • yaoi
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Creepypasta Aesthetics  by Jaschicken
Creepypasta Aesthetics by CP Queen
Don't really know much about aesthetics but it seems cool so why not? Cover by me!
  • puppeteer
  • nurseann
  • jeffthekiller
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The Truth by AlinaUdaeva
The Truthby Alina Udaeva
  • truth
  • paranormal
  • demons
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Creepy Pasta Chat  by AlienGirlHun
Creepy Pasta Chat by Retardkornis
Ha van KPOP, BTS meg minden ilyen lószar beszélgetéses könyv. Akkor én csinálok Creepy Pastákkal!
  • jane
  • liu
  • therake
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