Heartless & Alone (Creepypasta × Reader) by radioactivecrystal
Heartless & Alone (Creepypasta × R...by A.A 👑🔫🔪
Y/N was being abused by her parents and bullied at her school but one day it all ended she was free and that was all she wanted in life and now she spends her life with...
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Short Scary Stories by sistatcat
Short Scary Storiesby Sabrina
Very short scary stories!! Some inspired and not all are mine!!
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Puppy Love(Eyeless Jack x Ben Drowned) by stiches_loves_kidge
Puppy Love(Eyeless Jack x Ben Drow...by stiches_loves_kidge
E.J somehow gets captured and Brought to an asylum. He left his mask behind. Ben finds his lovers mask. Will he be able to bring him back once and for all? And what happ...
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Creepypastas on Crack 2 by AnAngryTrashPanda
Creepypastas on Crack 2by AnAngryTrashPanda
Yo! Welcome to creepypastas on crack hope though enjoy
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Broken family by Slendermidnight
Broken familyby Dark
This is Dark's family and how she falls in love with the Slenderman because he HELPED her. Dark is a 15 year old girl with a baby called angle dark woods. Dark doesn't k...
  • creepypasta
SAW by kiranarantz
SAWby Talitha Sasikirana
Aurora Rosseva, gadis berusia 14 tahun yang sulit untuk bersosialisasi pada lingkungannya. sikap tersebutlah yang membuatnya memiliki teman tak kasat mata yang dipandang...
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Bloody painter X Reader(new Story) by soma173
Bloody painter X Reader(new Story)by enerisari283
Six years ago, after I was framed... I became a wanted criminal. I was forced to leave my hometown, to live in a noisy, crowded place named Hecke City. But the city is m...
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The origin of Bloody Nightmare by B100dyNightmare
The origin of Bloody Nightmareby B100dyNightmare
This is my OC's story of how she was created. Yes she is a creepypasta, and just to make this clear it is a fantasy thing I think but whatever. Though it took a little l...
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Haunted Hell by BENdrownedis-senpai
Haunted Hellby Gemma
original charcter story the first part has been edited please re read
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The Unknown Killer by TheUnknownArtist179
The Unknown Killerby Brooklyn Cavaness
Living in the big city had its advantages such as, the variety of places to eat, shop, and work. It also had it's disadvantages such as, traffic, loud neighbors, and, of...
  • woods
  • murder
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Just let me diiiiieeeeee by CreativeNameNotFound
Just let me diiiiieeeeeeby OOF
Creepypasta chatroom (with my OCs) (Literally made this cuz why the hell not) (Will include minor swearing and the occasional dirty or offensive joke.) I have had this w...
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My Killer Love (Ticci Toby X Childhood Friend Reader) by Erikachan1
My Killer Love (Ticci Toby X Child...by Alois Trancy
You and toby were best friends for as long as you can remember one day he went missing and it had to be the day you were going to tell him how you feel.
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Masky x Hoodie (Nonstoping Love) by Creepypastafan500
Masky x Hoodie (Nonstoping Love)by Creepypastafan500
Masky knows hoodie likes him how will this go then they starting to finding out also they are not the only "gay" couple.
  • creepypasta
  • gay
  • ticcidrowned
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Stitch (Creepypasta) by Kit_Kat_Jules
Stitch (Creepypasta)by Kit_Kat_Jules
Eleanor was an average girl.... although her looks said otherwise, everything was too much for her. Until... she met Rags, everything changed!
  • horror
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Night Smiles by XxXWiltedRoseXxX
Night Smilesby ☯ 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝔻𝕒𝕣𝕜ℍ𝕒𝕣𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕪...
Lino, a thirteen year old girl, used to have a semi- normal life, until she changed. Her parents neglected her and abandoned her in the forest when she was ten. She foun...
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Creepypasta x OC by IceyDicey678
Creepypasta x OCby IceyDicey678
Jackie and his two friends Max and Emilio became creepypastas. The pastas don't know anything about there background they only know the basic things like age,name,likes...
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ĄRŢ + RĄNĐØMNƏ§§ BØØK by live-strong-for-all
My art and randomness and updates. Usually my randomness is combined with updates. Yep. Bye.
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Catch me if you can by KristnaVlaicova
Catch me if you canby AnantaProxy
(OC x Creepypasta) Její jméno je Scarlet. Od narození byla šikanovaná ve škole i doma...Co se stane,když toho bude mít jeden den dost? Co když na útěku potká monstrum...
  • murder
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Middle School Am I right? by FlareFox18
Middle School Am I right?by Rylan Fox
This is the continuation of my first book. Toby and Masky get a second chance in life and go to middle school with me and my friends. A lot of real life references. and...
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