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What Mey Sees by Amiauron
What Mey Seesby Marissa Teng
A collection of very creepy experiences I have had over the years with my 4 year old daughter Mey. I want to say that everything I write in this book will be TRUE experi...
One Or Two Sentence Horror Stories by PrettyxSleeper
One Or Two Sentence Horror Storiesby laura
Most one or two sentences This is not a story! These are a bunch of short horror stories that I either copied or wrote myself. ENJOY!!
Soulless by Bibliomaniac_Girl
Soullessby Bibliomaniac_Girl
When Penny finds a journal with tales of imaginary friends, she thinks it's just a little girl's make believe story. But when a murder occurs in her neighborhood with cl...
Creepy Stories by -Underworld-Child-
Creepy Storiesby Adrian H. Garnett
A collection of short stories to send a shiver down your spine.
Nightmare Fuel  by MiaMarNo
Nightmare Fuel by Mei Queen
Some scary story book. Some short some long...
Flash Fiction by Chloe_Skeleton
Flash Fictionby Chloe :)
This is just what I've written for a school competition, that includes writing a 1000 word story with a certain genre and have to include an object and a setting. Enjoy...
In the dark by thetimesmith
In the darkby thetimesmith
Short horror stories Red, The river, Behind you, and more...
Scheherazade's tales by RDLocke
Scheherazade's talesby R.D Locke
A collection of 31 bizarre original horror stories to get your Halloween started. From stories of paranormal experiences, vampire tales, witches, ghosts, hunted Jack o'...
Creepiest Things Kids Say by JaslynTheWolf
Creepiest Things Kids Sayby JaslynTheWolf
Though I normally do Sonic fanfiction and stuff like that, I also like creepy things too, especially creepy little kids.
The Child by austlan_cashby6
The Childby austlan_cashby6
This is a creepypasta I made and I would like some feedback
Maria's Hero by JayNorry
Maria's Heroby J.K. Norry
Maria's Hero is always home from work on time. When he doesn't show, she knows that something is terribly wrong. Her only hope is to keep it together, and try to save wh...
The Doll Master by MCantrellAuthor
The Doll Masterby Michael Cantrell
A desperate father in search of his missing son stumbles upon a doll in the woods, but this is no ordinary doll. It looks...familiar.... Little does dear old Dad know th...
They're Here! by JadenMichelleBlanche
They're Here!by Jaden Blanchè
I decided it would be good to earn Money, so I took a babysitting job. Things don't go as planned. Now i'm one of "them
Random thoughts by ILoveStuff307
Random thoughtsby ILoveStuff307
Here I will write random thoughts as I have them or crazy odd dreams if I remember them
Luke's Life by LuanRamalho1
Luke's Lifeby Luan Ramalho
His life is boring, but it all changed in a night with a beautiful moon and shiny stars.
The Kids by Canice2137
The Kidsby Canice2137
What would you do if creepy little kids showed up at your door? Jane has always had cancer and was never able to have children, so when these young children show up at h...
the other side by dragonsoul2325
the other sideby YOSHI CRACKERS!!!!
i was just sitting and thinking and a story hit my head like a baseball. i have to share it. its my first time, enjoy!!