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Bully~Tweek x Craig (creek) by idktomanyships
Bully~Tweek x Craig (creek)by 1yearofcreek
Craig was always the bully. Tweek was always the victim. What will happen if these two get paired in a project? (They are 16 in this fanfic!!)
Acceptance - Creek // SP by pibk--
Acceptance - Creek // SPby pibkie!!
About 5 years ago a young boy moved to South Park. Craig Tucker took no notice until recently, how come this weird blonde has started to catch his attention? What are th...
They're Definitely Dating (COMPLETED) (South Park) {CraigxTweek} by Blazedarkness
They're Definitely Dating ( Blazedarkness
Craig and Tweek hate each other. Following the first fight, came more. They fought so much, an intervention was held at some point. While they may hate each other, they...
Soulmate Tattoos by Power_Courage_Wisdom
Soulmate Tattoosby (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
Everyone is obsessed with one thing in this world and that's finding their soulmate. I don't care, as a matter of fact, I don't believe in these tattoos. You love someon...
Is that Tweek? (creek) by SamSucksTbh
Is that Tweek? (creek)by SamAndCheese
Tweeks parents are on vacation to the Bahamas!! So Tweek is left at home getting a nice break from his parents. Everything was going splendid until he realized they forg...
Through A Window | Tweek x Craig by majestickittycat
Through A Window | Tweek x Craigby Inactive
Ever had that kid in the back of the classroom that nobody liked or seemed to acknowledge because they were so different? Tweek Tweak was one of those kids. The nobody...
Change~ (Tweek x Craig) (CREEK) by handsomelittledude
Change~ (Tweek x Craig) (CREEK)by LIAM
Craig Tucker is one of Southpark biggest assholes and one of the most popular students, he could care less about school or the people in it, that is until a certain twit...
||Bloody Bouquet|| Craig x Tweek by AccidentalSoda
||Bloody Bouquet|| Craig x Tweekby Cindy
A hanahaki creek story. (Includes some parts of the episode "Tweek x Craig")
Stan's Sleepover (South Park) by ChA0sLoRd
Stan's Sleepover (South Park)by
Hello!! I got bored and decided to create a Wattpad account for shits and giggles. This is my first story and it is in no way meant to be taken seriously. Chances are it...
15 days~ Tweek x Craig (creek) by idktomanyships
15 days~ Tweek x Craig (creek)by 1yearofcreek
A lot of things can be done in 15 days. Getting someone to like you in that amount of time? Is it possible? (Both are 16 in this!!!)
The boxer and the racer (creek)  by CREEKWORLDDOM
The boxer and the racer (creek) by CREEKWORLDDOM
Tweek is a Boxer and Craig is a nascar driver. It's pretty like fluffy might add some angst to throw y'all off idk
Craigs gang makes a group chat by Anpiaxx
Craigs gang makes a group chatby Anpiaxx
a group chat texting fic, these are usually pretty bad when i come across these so i decided to just make one myself to suit my own standards. warning.. some of this hum...
South Park Pictures! 💕 (Ships, Character Appreciations, Etc!) by asoyahti
South Park Pictures! 💕 (Ships, Kai 💜✨
Literally ships., most of them will probably be wholesome. none of the art is mine too, so please don't think i have this much talent :> (i also put a ⭐️ to my favor...
south park group chat by reading-buddie
south park group chatby mcwhoredick
Kenny has a fat crush on butters, normally Kenny wouldn't care and would even shoot his shot. but this time cartmen got involved before Kenny got the chance. - hopefully...
Violated: What's a Happy Ending by AmbrosaNorthR
Violated: What's a Happy Endingby Ashton A. R. North
Tweek has had possibly the worst possible life. He has been Raped, Assaulted, Kidnapped, Abused, And has been bullied his entire life. He has been in about 10 foster hom...
7 minutes (Creek) by Thatpanwriter
7 minutes (Creek)by Mexican_writer
Tweek and Craig were fairly good friends, they always hung out whether that be at Tweak's Bros Coffee, at school, or at Craig's house. They were best friends, including...
Help Me Through It. | Creek by laneyy-
Help Me Through It. | Creekby ♡ - Laney - ♡
My mom is dying and my life is already falling apart.. Or is it? Story about Tweek Tweak. Smut Warning. ( Both Boys Are Teenagers. ) Warning : First time doing this , pl...
Heart Me. (Creek) by samswattpedia
Heart Me. (Creek)by sam
craig has never talked to tweek. he prefers looking at him during class and while he's drinking his disgusting coffee at tweak bros. after awkward conversations and a fe...
Band rivals (Creek)  by CREEKWORLDDOM
Band rivals (Creek) by CREEKWORLDDOM
Craig and Tweek r in different bands and they like hate eachother
//Calm - Nervous\\Craigxtweek Smut by DianaOrsumthin
//Calm - Nervous\\Craigxtweek Smutby Dianna Villa
This has 18+ btw just read the story Its Craigxtweek !! 😘