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Dark Prince (HP) by CrazyBookworm1997
Dark Prince (HP)by Eliza Paige
Harry Potter is actually Hadrian James Riddle Gaunt, the son of Tom Marvollo Riddle Gaunt and James Potter-Riddle Gaunt. Seventeen years ago Hadrian's aunt and Da were v...
The Trouble with Imps by dianemalfoy
The Trouble with Impsby dianemalfoy
Harry comes into his strange Creature Inheritance and also gains eyebrow raising mates. What will this mean when he goes back to Hogwarts?
Open Your Eyes by Jasmyn3MC
Open Your Eyesby Jasmyn3MC
A Drarry FanFiction It's halfway through the summer, before his sixth year, and Harry is trying to sort out his mixed feelings and emotions. He thinks that Professor Du...
The Wrong Conclusion {Drarry} by GioCilliko
The Wrong Conclusion {Drarry}by ghost_boy
Alex Albus Potter, the boy-who-lived... yeah, what a bunch of bull sh- Harry Potter is the real boy-who-lived, though his twin brother, Alex, was declared to be. After y...
The Muggleborn Vampire: A Dramione Story  by hamlet688
The Muggleborn Vampire: A Mindy
On her sixteenth birthday, Hermione Granger goes through a surprising creature inheritance. But how can a Muggleborn witch suddenly become a vampire without being turned...
A Creature's Justice by WorstAtSocializing
A Creature's Justiceby WorstAtSocializing
Harry's life hasn't been the best-the lack of food, the beatings, the abuse from his cousin and his friends, and the constant ache in his bones for a better life. When H...
Forgotten // Hiatus by GenderPanic
Forgotten // Hiatusby Blueberry
Forgotten to his brother, forgotten by his parents. Harry Potter, the true boy who lived to be the savior of the Wizarding World, has to make the choice of whether or no...
Mute To The Bone (Harry Potter) by Pcrw1233
Mute To The Bone (Harry Potter)by Hellowerewolf1
in 5 year harry finds out the truth of who he his but now becomes mute all he feel is betrayal and loneliness also depressed all he wanted to do was die until he found h...
ᎻᎪᎡᎡᎽ'Տ ᏆΝᎻᎬᎡᏆͲᎪΝᏟᎬ,  𝑑𝑟𝑎𝑟𝑟𝑦 by WhoruntheworldBTS
ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ⊱ ───── Harry has dealt with a lot in his life. His aunt, uncle and cousin physically and mentally abuse him, but today is his 15th birthday and he received a le...
A Surprise Inheritance by Sciencemoon1
A Surprise Inheritanceby Sciencemoon1
Dumbledore, Trusted mentor. Wrong Dumbledore senile old man is more like it. After finding out that Dumbledore and his friends are keeping secrets from him he goes home...
It Has To Get Worse Before It Gets Better by sixty3rd_sunflower
It Has To Get Worse Before It sixty3rd_sunflower
Harry Potter goes through an early inheritance, courtesy of Vernons abuse. Harry is found in the kitchen of 4 privet drive by his godfathers, Sirius and Remus, bloodied...
My Slytherin Prince ( Discontinued Version ) by SylverMine
My Slytherin Prince ( SylverMine
It's a story about how Harry finds his true family. He goes through a creature inheritance and his mate is someone he never thought he could possibly get along with. th...
Dusk Falls (A Harry Potter Fanfic) by Senka1313
Dusk Falls (A Harry Potter Fanfic)by Senka
Abused and beaten, Harry comes into a surprise inheritance and his world is changed forever. He finds out that Dumbledore is using him for his fame and fortune, the war...
Hadrian potter the Hufflepuff by angelroom01
Hadrian potter the Hufflepuffby rose lockwood
what if Harry was not a Gryffindor but was in Hufflepuff? what if it was not Harry who Voldemort was targeting but dumbledore? what if Harry was living with his cousin i...
My Slytherin Prince (Rewrite) by SylverMine
My Slytherin Prince (Rewrite)by SylverMine
It's a story about how Harry finds his true family. He goes through a creature inheritance and his mate is someone he never thought he could possibly get along with. th...
Malfoy's Secret Comes To Light by MidnightSnowFox
Malfoy's Secret Comes To Lightby Midnightfox
Draco is abused by his father and no one knows. He wants to keep it that way, he wants no one to feel sorry for him. Harry sees Draco one day sitting on the windowsill i...
The dragon King by CIPHERABC
The dragon Kingby Robyn van Gennip
When Harry gets his inheritance in 8th year, he discoveres he inherits the titel 'King of Normandy'. And what happenes when his mates are the twins Fred and George? I d...
A Snake, A Bird, and A Fawn by itsy_bitsy_spidey
A Snake, A Bird, and A Fawnby michael with a b
Cecily Potter had one wish: to go to Hogwarts like her twin brother, Harry. But the world seemed to take away everything she wanted. Harry said that she wasn't important...
Truth Hurts - A Drarry FanFiction - Discontinued by Vmadly13
Truth Hurts - A Drarry Tab
A drarry Fanfiction - After Harry goes through a creature inheritance he finds out he had been lied to his whole life, and that he wasn't actually the "Golden Boy&q...
The Real Story of Harry Potter (Drarry/Creature Inheritance Harry/Dark Harry) by Crazy_Super_Fan2
The Real Story of Harry Potter ( CrazySuperFan
We all know about the night Lily and James Potter died. This is the life after Hagrid handed our little Harry to Albus Dumbledore. This will start that night but skip t...