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Incomplete  by Daydreamerwithnolife
Incomplete by Day Dreamer
Soulmate au and college au Virgil wanted nothing to do with the writing that adorned his skin from his soulmates. Growing up with abuse left and right, he just wanted to...
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Sander sides one shots 2 by Roxy50angel
Sander sides one shots 2by Rose Marie
Wooo! Sequel-ish to Prinxiety oneshots.
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Dorm Buddies {Sanders Sides Fanfiction} {Moxiety} {Logince} by corruptedfile404
Dorm Buddies {Sanders Sides Alex is Gay
Ever since they were younger, Patton and Virgil have been friends online. Recently, however, Virgil has moved up to where Patton lives to live with him as they go to col...
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Anxiety by StitchedIvy
Anxietyby f̵̡̛̛̱̈́͗̀͐̾̒͝E̷̛͖̲̦̳̐͋̑̎͊̈́̈́̂͝...
#1~ Creativity (2/22) The Light Sides have been noticing something going on. Thomas has been feeling off, overly shy and more than a bit anxious. It's just not normal fo...
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Sanders Sides Oneshots by CarmenKB
Sanders Sides Oneshotsby cв97
Read the title.
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Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides memes by dunsephhh
Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides memesby romano~♡
Only for Fanders💕 Memes arent mine unless I say
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Powerless by StitchedIvy
Powerlessby f̵̡̛̛̱̈́͗̀͐̾̒͝E̷̛͖̲̦̳̐͋̑̎͊̈́̈́̂͝...
Powerless and Pointless... That's what everyone says to him. Caz has always been cast out. From friends because of his closed-off nature and mask. They call him a freak...
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IMAGINE BANGTAN by leiram_viceral
I just wanna share this imagines to you. Some of the imagines' ideas are not mine so i re write and re create it for it to become more understandable and specific . i ho...
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Virgil the Child (Sanders Sides) by miniondraws
Virgil the Child (Sanders Sides)by Minion
What happens when Virgil becomes a child? How will the others react? What shocking truths will they discover? Who stole the Crofter's?! (Lol jk that's not in the story) ...
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Denial by InsaneSepticJane
Denialby 'Angelic' Brutis
I felt a tiny force on my figure as I was summoned up from the forbidden relm,My eyes widened as a bright light surrounded me. "Hello Little one" I slightly li...
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Sanders Sides Ideas and Headcanons by zewujun
Sanders Sides Ideas and Headcanonsby wow swing
COMPLETE (seriously, these aren't easy to think up. unless I'm in the shower and it pops up) Sander Side AUs and Headcannons that I will probably never get to write... O...
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How to Get Away With Murder (Analogical) by mothmankickedmyass
How to Get Away With Murder ( Microsoft Nerd
Step One: Get Kidnapped Step Two: Freak Out a Little Step Three: Learn More about Him Step Four: Fall in Love with Kidnapper in Some Shitty Stockholm Syndrome Shit Virg...
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But Now We're Stressed Out  by lunaeclispe22
But Now We're Stressed Out by Jinxx
Sanders Sides High School AU A popular jock with a passion for performing A friendly boy with a happy go lucky attitude An emotionless nerd with the title valedictorian...
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Cursed~OnHiatus by StitchedIvy
Cursed~OnHiatusby f̵̡̛̛̱̈́͗̀͐̾̒͝E̷̛͖̲̦̳̐͋̑̎͊̈́̈́̂͝...
#2~ Creativity (7/5/19) #1~Fairies (4/20/19) Prince Roman's royal 21 birthday... ruined! Well that a nice way of saying his ex-best friends cursed his father and his w...
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Sanders Sides One Shots by The-Suicidal-Lizard
Sanders Sides One Shotsby BOOPER DOOPER
This is a one shot book, between the sanders sides. So... a word of warning. It will be gay. Anyway, enjoy! Also - non of the artwork belongs to me and I don't know who...
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Writing Contests by _BreakingAway_
Writing Contestsby _BreakingAway_
Hello, wonderful Wattpadians! So glad you have stumbled upon this series of competitions. This is a writing competition with winners, prizes, places, and a chance to sho...
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Sanders' Sides Oneshots 2  by ringpopprince
Sanders' Sides Oneshots 2 by 🧡Pumpkin🧡
My second book of Sanders sides oneshots. I write for all ships. Hope that you enjoy, and if you do read it then thank you! Thanks to my friend Winchester_At_Heart for...
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Haunted High School (Thomas Sanders Analogical Fanfiction) by ringpopprince
Haunted High School (Thomas 🧡Pumpkin🧡
Virgil had heard the rumors of the ghost that haunted his school building. He never was one to believe in the paranormal, but while staying after school in the library o...
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Virgil/Logan | Sanders Sides [One-Shots] by FandomsUnited_Always
Virgil/Logan | Sanders Sides [ Analogical Ruler
So I accidentally started to really ship Virgil and Logan and there is so little fanfics so I'm gonna have to write some of my own lol. Analogical needs more fanfics, fa...
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sᴀɴᴅᴇʀs sɪᴅᴇs x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ - [ᴘʀᴇғᴇʀᴇɴᴄᴇs & ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛs] by mango-macchiato
sᴀɴᴅᴇʀs sɪᴅᴇs x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ - [ᴘʀᴇғᴇʀᴇɴ mango
♢ON HIATUS♢ This is a big book of Oneshots - I'll probably throw in some preferences, if I have a writer's block - of Thomas Sanders and his Sides.
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