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The Art of Breathing Underwater by DavidEAnderson100
The Art of Breathing Underwaterby David Anderson
If we grow up believing in a lie, how will we recognise truth when we find it. * * * For bi-polar Aaron, bein...
Collection of Narrative and descriptive writing by Slayer3aundre
Collection of Narrative and Mackenzie Hermoine
This book is a compilation of narratives and mainly descriptive that I collected for practice work for my IGCSE Language B English course. It could be great help for som...
My Life as an Autistic Person by Loismc820
My Life as an Autistic Personby Lois McCune
Hi, my name is Lois McCune. I want to tell you a story. A story about how it feels like to be different. How it feels to be autistic.
John. by nickynickrhodes
#4 jess :))
A love story between 21 year old Fiona Kemp and Duran Duran's bassist: John Taylor.
The Art of Soul Searching by Her_Hero
The Art of Soul Searchingby Hallie Roberts
Story of her life.. I'm Her. #POETRY
Saturn Mikealson 🪐///Josie Saltzman  by Hello_Mikealsons
Saturn Mikealson 🪐///Josie 🙈Diamond❤️
Josie-" why are you shutting me out " Saturn" enough Josie " Josie- " why do you shut the world out " Saturn-"..." Josie-&quo...
Marshmallow in 2020 by emotionalpoetry
Marshmallow in 2020by Francoise Helene - Filled wit...
A story that reveals the natural beauty of life, human connections and kindness. A one of a kind story that embraces similarities between human beings and the value of...
A collection of short stories (that I've written whilst shitting).  by BasslineJunkie
A collection of short stories ( BasslineJunkie
Basically just a bunch of short stories, all fiction of course. They are honestly just too short to make into solo books. Enjoy.
Thoughts of a second Mind. by Riktur
Thoughts of a second Riktur
You are not where you want to be in life. Your memories are all a blank, save this mornings routine trip to a coffee shop. The real truth is, you are Dead or dying. You...
Stars of the Night by JayFal
Stars of the Nightby The Hidden Poet
Poems to give you that night time vibe. Good luck on a journey beyond the stars ✨
FUNDAMENTALS OF CREATIVE WRITING by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard by CeciliaBrainard
Cecilia Manguerra Brainard's Fundamentals of Creative Writing is a marvelous textbook that combines useful technical advice on craft with beautiful practical examples in...
Aphorisms & Reflections by Carteron
Aphorisms & Reflectionsby Carteron
A collection of aphorisms and other short writings on a range of metaphysical and aesthetic topics, with observations about the work of particular artists and writers.
Random Fandom by MistElix-ir15
Random Fandomby 𝕄.𝕀.𝕊.𝕋
♡ Spare to share? ♡ For online friends and online interactions and much more!
Creative Nonfiction by bangfloress
Creative Nonfictionby bang
A compilation of Creative Nonfiction from different authors for educational purposes. All credits belong to the authors.
Last Night by privruoye
Last Nightby fruu
Compilation of my little poetry and everything I have written to keep myself from losing each and every night.
Break Free by Procrastipoet
Break Freeby HM
Poesy is thoughts that wheeze, and words that blaze. Cover design by @fernweraki
Maybe I'll Publish Them One Day by -zenun-
Maybe I'll Publish Them One Dayby zenun
A collection of writings -- sociological papers to poetry.
My Succubus Girlfriend [NEW] by D0llie6
My Succubus Girlfriend [NEW]by D0llie6
[19 Year Old Kanji is a regular old Collage school student that lives by himself. He didn't stand out one bit as if he was a side character in a romance manga, but he di...
Just B by Rosslyn06
Just Bby Rosslyn
Humaning at it best. And worst. With no judgement. Just being me, B.
Tadpoles & Bruised Knees by cherrrrywine
Tadpoles & Bruised Kneesby Bella
My youth was in green. Green trees, grass-stained kneecaps, frogs in the summertime. It's a strange time to look back on. It begs for nostalgia but keeps itself distant...