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The Beautiful Change by Asks1Artsy
The Beautiful Changeby Eleonora Romano
Eleonora or Ellie, as she likes to be called, has a perfect life. Well, almost. She has a caring and hardworking mother, and two crazy best friends. Imagine Ellie's surp...
Broken family (Completed) by UcanDreambig
Broken family (Completed)by Scarzy
Ruby is 17 and doesn't like to talk alot to people she doesn't know to well, She have 3 siblings, One older brother Rocko,One younger brother Rocky, and One younger sist...
New Life by cupcake7cupcake
New Lifeby im crazy lol
•fucboy loves me again •boyfriend cheated on me •ex hurt me and gonna do it more 17 year old heaven has some... A lot of boy drama. She's just broke up with her boyfrien...
Always There by AussieLemon2
Always Thereby AussieLemon
This is a DracoxReader. Y/n is an Australian transfer coming to Hogwarts. Malfoy falls for you but will make mistakes along the way. Will there be a love triangle? Will...
Show Me Your Love (Fireblade's Quest) by royallyme
Show Me Your Love (Fireblade's Oluwatomisin
(Highest ranking: #20 in filipino) WRITTEN IN ENGLISH #COMPLETED What is it you seek? All D. J wants is to be free from his nightmares, and from the family secrets tha...
Dreams by insanelyawesomegirl
Dreamsby Adeloye Adebola
Eniola "Nini" Deveraux is not your average normal college student. She got into CalU and she thought she had it all and could be free. But she has his "go...
Yesterdays Crush by that_pan_bitch56
Yesterdays Crushby that_pan_bitch56
when I ran into Chris Anderson in the hallway after my boy best friend Lucas kissed me and ran away i didn't expect to find that he liked me and that his crazy "fri...
Ex-Boyfriend Material MMXV (BoyxBoy) by Treacherousss
Ex-Boyfriend Material MMXV ( Tré Kuroko
Keen Lovin's starting a new chapter in his life after a bad breakup with his first love, Xavier Collins. A new transfer stirs up some heat as he confesses his love for K...
Inspiration by MollyPop59
Inspirationby Molly
Liam Carter and Conner Finkle have been best friends since Elementary school. They grew up together, went to college together, and now, they co-own a bakery/coffee shop...
our love story by delenalover102
our love storyby delenalover102
this is a VERY true love story and it gave me and my baby happiness!!
Hate Into Love by thatoneunkowngirl
Hate Into Loveby Unknown
Valentino Ivy Avalos is a 16-year-old girl she was just cheated on by her boyfriend of 2 years l, luckily she moves to Rockland, Missouri soon after. She swears off of m...
The Bad Boy [Summer 2019] by aliferxus
The Bad Boy [Summer 2019]by ash
Seems like the Bad Boy hates me. He is after me. And there must be a reason. But I couldn't care less about his reason because he has given me a reason to hate him. ...
A Not So Lovely Life by Dan--allyn
A Not So Lovely Lifeby Danallyn
A University student Samara who loves to spend time alone rather than hanging out with her friends. They say that her life is not so lovely just because she is always lo...
My Heart Skips by CaseyUriel
My Heart Skipsby Casey Uriel
Falling in love is not an easy thing to do. Living life is not so easy. Being in the spotlight and being called a celebrity makes life complicated and a little tiring. I...
Say it again /GraLu/ by KrizzleMeannTadefa7
Say it again /GraLu/by Krizzle Meann Tadefa
/GraLu/ The thing about love is I never saw it coming. You kind of crept up and took me by surprise. And now there's a voice inside my heart that's got me wondering. Is...
My Crazy Best Friends by TheZarbi
My Crazy Best Friendsby TheZarbi
Join Robert and his friends on many stories all about secondary school
Hanging onto your Thread by Elle313155
Hanging onto your Threadby Elle313155
I tilt my head confused, "I don't get it, what am I supposed to do?" "I sort of already told her that I started seeing someone two months ago and I would...
Cailey by ikafatriani
Caileyby ikafatriani
"wow, never now that nerd have that fine body, your friend is right you look hot." I really hate a boy that talk nonsense to someone he doesn't know especially...