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Love Me: BBS X Reader by GucciGirl15
Love Me: BBS X Readerby GucciGirl15
(Y/n) lives in LA. One day she spills a stranger's Starbucks. His name was Craig. She got to know him and his friends. They all became friends and went on many adventure...
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IMPERFECT - MiniLadd x Reader by CheezeToasty
IMPERFECT - MiniLadd x Readerby Charles
Built to be the perfect humanoid, Y/n L/n enters the world owning high intellect. She had everything anyone could ever want as an attribute; the intellect, the strength...
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TerrorLadd One shots by iwannabeknown
TerrorLadd One shotsby Jay__^~^
A bunch of random Terrorladd oneshots
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ShePlaysGames 》Mini Ladd by maziemoo
ShePlaysGames 》Mini Laddby Mazie Goes Moo
From one bad relationship to the next, Craig Thompson has decided relationships are not for him. He's not really giving up on them, he's just focusing on himself. Mazie...
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~In Bloom~   (Miniladd Fan Fic) by yeetusthatfoetus20
~In Bloom~ (Miniladd Fan Fic)by yeetusthatfoetus20
Craig was visiting his parent in in Northern Ireland. He meets a girl who is also a streamer and a Youtuber.They hit it off instantaneously and a friendship blossoms alm...
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Player 1 [Smii7y] by Brooker_Smither
Player 1 [Smii7y]by Smitty
"What makes you wake up in the mornings? What makes you continue? What makes you try?" "I'm in love with a guy and I want to get better..." ~~~~~~~ B...
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Mini Ladd x Reader (One Shots) by zianourry96
Mini Ladd x Reader (One Shots)by Lucy
YouTuber Mini Ladd (Craig Thompson) and (Y/N) One Shots AUs
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Banana Bus Squad Preferences by The-Lonely-Otaku-
Banana Bus Squad Preferencesby 🐻Baby Bucky Bear🐻
Yay another preference about a few of my favorite youtubers aka The Banana Bus Squad. We are doing VanossGaming (Evan Fong)- Daithi De Nogla (David Nagle)- Mini Ladd...
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✨That Small Dream Boy ✨.. [Mini Ladd X Reader / Mini Ladd Imagine] by lacisediting
✨That Small Dream Boy ✨.. [Mini 🌻 laci 🌻
Its your first day at a new highschool. You are just going peacefully and calmy through classes, until, Craig Thompson, a nerdy, but handsome man, walks into your class...
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Anything but Beautiful (a TerrorLadd/Miniriser story) by LittleBrokenWords
Anything but Beautiful (a LittleBrokenWords
A TerrorLadd/Miniriser story. Feedback is welcome. Comment or DM me with it. I'll do my best to reply and fix some issues. I do not own any people mentioned in this book...
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Virtual Reality by xHUZSx
Virtual Realityby yeet
This is just a short story thing-a-ma-jig that I wanted to write for my amazingly awesome internet friend; Hope, a.k.a., @SepticeyeLadd! It was gonna be one-shot Christm...
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Break through and remember (Krii7y) by LilyTheTrashBag
Break through and remember (Krii7y)by LilyTheTrashBag
John is in heaven. Literal heaven. Not the kind you reach after you die if you're a good person, no. Heaven on earth, as strange as it sounds. At least, he thinks it's o...
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Suits & Stranded  by DarkDemonKiller
Suits & Stranded by '16 World Champs
One Rich, One Sad. What happens when their paths cross?
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I Fell In Love With My Best Friend by wondergirl195
I Fell In Love With My Best Friendby wondergirl195
Riley has been Mini's best friend since they were kids. She has grown feelings for him her entire life. Will she have the courage to take a chance or will her feelings b...
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WildCat by PracticallyAwk
WildCatby PracticallyAwk
Craig, a zookeeper, gets a new job at the local zoo. Craig is soon to meet the meanest animal they have there. A snow tiger with a golden fang and the name of Tyler, alt...
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When Two Minis Collide by DeliriousClown
When Two Minis Collideby ~Clown~
"I had a great time, ya know." "Me too." (Miniminter X Miniladd) [DISCONTINUED]
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