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My Artwork by CrazeeDez
My Artworkby Dëz Maldona
All the shit I draw and yeah. Enjoy
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The Boy Who Cried Wolf •a craftedrl fanfiction• by BlueViolet_Huskies
The Boy Who Cried Wolf •a Caelyn🌌
Alex one day noticed that there was something outside. When he went to check it out he discovered something phenomenal. A wolf with a very peculiar eye color. Denis did...
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Passionate for Music by 01XxXgirlXxX01
Passionate for Musicby 01XxXgirlXxX01
"Nothing is wrong, don't worry." Henna paced through Jacob's room, obviously worried. Jacob went up to her, and placed his arm on her warm shoulder, Henna burn...
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Love In Minecraft by Freak_Pool
Love In Minecraftby Albert-Kun
Female Anime Mobs Girls x You The Reader why not? and because minecraft is getting popular again
  • enderman
  • minecraftmobs
  • skeleton
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Steve by WolfieKat01
Steveby Wolfie's Work
Steve. You control him. You know it's just a game. But he believes otherwise. (The idea came from my Detroit become human idea I previously posted)
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the apocalypse demon part 3 by Daemons3504
the apocalypse demon part 3by Daemons3504
Continue the adventure of Nathan and Stuart, will Nathan survive, who was hit by the axe, how will the story develop, who will survive and who will fall tune in to find...
  • sad
  • bloodthirsty
  • heartbreak
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The Pals Quotes by WhoStoleMyDonut
The Pals Quotesby madi
Actual quotes by the pals :)
  • denis
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Dalex oneshots! (Denis x Alex)  by rosypearls
Dalex oneshots! (Denis x Alex) by rosypearls
Short, ( and very sweet ), Dalex oneshots. (Might include Skub as well.) (These stories are all fictional so shush) (They're all unedited as well, so please forgive my f...
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My Handmade Plushies by xXenayx
My Handmade Plushiesby xXenayx
My selfmade, handmade plushies :3 See them all on my DeviantArt:
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Gay| A Sublex fanfic  by SublexSolonBrown
Gay| A Sublex fanfic by ∂єѕтιиєу
Sublex4life :3
  • crafted
  • sublex
  • corlhorl
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'Lil Sister by SkyeMystical
'Lil Sisterby Skye
Your name is (y/n) and you're the younger sister of The Pals and Bandi. This is a series of short(ish) stories of your adventures with them. Kid-friendly.
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what i do at 3:20 in the morning  by prettymuch11480
what i do at 3:20 in the morning by prettymuch11480
i get my ideas from my lil brother's drawings of random lines and if i put it in a room with little light this is what i get
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My Artistic Endeavors by hufflepuffturtle
My Artistic Endeavorsby Huffle
This will contain my attempts at the thing they call art. It's nothing spectacular, but I enjoy doing it when I can find the time. WARNING: a lot of LOTR stuff will be...
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Youtuber Headcanons by Beanbean0910
Youtuber Headcanonsby Beanbean0910
I have noticed that I REALLY like headcanons. So I decided to make a book with my own on it. The groups and people in it will be the fallowing: • Team Crafted -Huskymud...
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Not Just a Story by Gamingerve31
Not Just a Storyby Depression Fuel
This is a summer project book. please be warned that things here are no to be taken lightly. This is a story completely based on Team Crafted but different dimensions...
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Family  by mackenziecasl416
Family by mackenziecasl416
Can Denis and Alex ever get along with everyone
  • crafted
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  • thepals
Prison Mate ~Skub~ by WhoStoleMyDonut
Prison Mate ~Skub~by madi
From shooting to stealing, Sub gets put into prison from all the horrible things he has gotten away with. He meets his flirty cellmate, Elijah, the moment he arrives. Th...
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Silence - A Dalex (Denis x Alex) Mini Fanfiction by rosypearls
Silence - A Dalex (Denis x Alex) rosypearls
None of the things about Denis' family are true! This is a fictional story! I had no internet for a few days and decided to write this in my free time.
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????? by prettymuch11480
?????by prettymuch11480
i think this is a love story ??
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