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1 | PREY  ( FINNICK ODAIR ) ✓ by kingbIack
1 | PREY ( FINNICK ODAIR ) ✓by ☆☆☆
THE HUNGER GAMES ━━ ❛ my nightmares are usually about losing you. ❜ FINNICK ODAIR x MALE OC CATCHING FIRE ANGIE & KATHERINE © 2018 BOOK TWO CAN BE FOUND...
Revealing Lennon ✔  by tifftheawesome
Revealing Lennon ✔ by Tiffany
{A Wattpad Featured Story & Wattys 2018 Long List Book} Highest Rank // #22 in Teen Fiction Lennon Reese has always been quiet but after being sexually assaulted she h...
COMPLICATED (Rhea Ripley X Liv Morgan) by BEBE_RIPLEY
They say that opposite attracts and there isn't a lot of Rhea Ripley x Liv Morgan books and they are one of my favourite tag teams ever... READ TO FIND OUT...
Disgusting (An Arrange Marriage) by SunnyLeo09
Disgusting (An Arrange Marriage)by Leo
(Title is a song by Ke$ha that I do not own all rights go to her and Co-writing with _LifexAngel_) Americus doesn't believe in love she's had her heart broken 3 times an...
What's Write [COMPLETED] by joymoment
What's Write [COMPLETED]by Joy
*Door bursts open. Strides in, waving hands* Alright! Alright! That's it! I will do it! You can stop asking me so many times! *Flops into chair and stares at a silent...
Moonlit Mayhem by Imagining_My_Life
Moonlit Mayhemby ɢɪᴀɴɴᴀ😜
Becky Mercer and Emie Morris hate each other. There's no getting around that. But when their trainer gets in a hospital that will leave him incapacitated for two months...
Asterisk* by Ashton_Xander
Asterisk*by Xander and Ashton
An aestheticized version of the bittersweet tale of life. Two boys. One who doesn't know how to live, and another who doesn't know how to love. And together, well, maybe...
The Adventures of Goose & S.H.I.E.L.D. by multiplefandomsReact
The Adventures of Goose & Fandoms React
Made alongside: @what_am_i_doing
Guys Our Age (Wattys2017) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by ChasingMadness24
Guys Our Age (Wattys2017) (UNDER Kyra Weiss
Hannah and Hailey; identical twins with one truly terrifying thing in common. Their father is the Sex Ed teacher at their high school. And this semester? The girls ar...
The Beast and the Sword: A Cat's Tale by TenshiWarrior
The Beast and the Sword: A Cat's TenshiWarrior
Feodora wasn't always the kind of person she was. She had been more shy and avoided people, until one act from two certain boy's, changed everything. (A Short Story Spin...
On the Run Together by robbiepoo2341
On the Run Togetherby robbiepoo2341
When Clint Barton is just six years old, he decides that it's time to run away from the foster system that hasn't been good to him and go to the circus. But as it turns...
spit it out ; johnten by minwoos
spit it out ; johntenby 𝐥𝐞 📂
"johnny suh just fucking kissed me." after what happens at a party that leads to johnny suh kissing him, ten is completely confused on whether he likes him bac...
Despair & Revolution (Danganronpa X Hamilton) by TeamHamiltonYT
Despair & Revolution ( TeamHamiltonYT
uhHHH This is Chloe (A cowriter) writing this rn- But idk what to put here so UHM- Enjoy the book of you choose to read it I guess (Contains spoilers for Danganronpa Tri...
A Normal Day in Colombia With Cross and Cross Chara (Undertale AU Shitpost) by CrashOfWorlds
A Normal Day in Colombia With Brooke
Cross and Cross Chara are two 'normal' siblings living in Colombia. Until Cross accidentally throws a knife and it lands in Error's skull. In a race to get Error to the...
CHBHT List by incredible_cheeze-it
CHBHT Listby Reed
Hello! So, I finally convinced my sister Allison @LisaWhippernsapper to let me co-write her applyfic, Camp Half-Blood: The High Times, which takes place at Camp Half-Blo...
RISE FROM ASHES TO FLAMES - Haikyuu by _Marou_
A team that has experienced failure will rise stronger than before. An individual's strength can be made stronger by his team. A team without proper leadership is bound...
Your Stupid Face (Zala Velenšek x Gašper Hlupič) by xx_HaleighBear_xx
Your Stupid Face (Zala Velenšek HaleighBear🧡
from the moment she set foot into her new school, he hated her. He hated that she was in all of his classes, he hated that she hung out with his old friends, he hated ev...
Detroit: Become Undertale by bisexual-unicorn
Detroit: Become Undertaleby some girl named Sam
A crossover story, co-written by Whisper Dawn @horsiewonderlandeth. Credit to Undertale goes to Toby Fox, and Detroit: Become Human goes to David Cage & Quantic Dream. W...
Crazy for you ~ Danti  by ShinsouBecauseWhyNot
Crazy for you ~ Danti by ShinsouBecauseWhyNot
Antisepticeye is a demon who's been locked in an insane asylum for years. He's finally getting a new cell mate This book is co-written by @VirgilCuzWhyNot so please che...
Not Impossible by BEBE_RIPLEY
Not Impossibleby BEBE_RIPLEY
Who says that women can't do impossible things?... A group of amazing women will take on an impossible heist that no man has done before... But the one question is... Wi...