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Wicked Games by tibbywalsh
Wicked Gamesby xo-girl
"Brandon, please... more..." I moan out in a whisper. He speeds up his kisses and dips his tongue into my mouth. He sits back for a second and rips off his sh...
《 The Untold Pash 》 by sshan_01
《 The Untold Pash 》by 😪✌🏻
Pash~ A brief infatuation They didn't disclose it. They didn't cherish it. They weren't even sure about the other's sentiment. So, they ran from it. And somewhat succee...
(You're) The Best Part | Lando Norris by sainzes
(You're) The Best Part | Lando sainzes
"If life is a movie, then you're the best part..." In which Lando insta stalks Carlos' new assistant... Loosely based on the song Best Part by Daniel Caesar ft...
love at first sight | karl x reader (female) DISCONTINUED  by leahnotfoundinnit
love at first sight | karl x leahnotfoundinnit
karl x reader because karl is so pretty and i want to write it, this is my second story so please dont be mean. i will be using she/her pronouns in this story. i will a...
Cast Me Out - Drew Starkey by writergirlworld
Cast Me Out - Drew Starkeyby EVELYN
The most successful and the most talked about actress on the media Josephine McCain was given a role in season two of the teenage show Outer Banks. The cast members knew...
Doctor and Doctor by dailydoseofreid
Doctor and Doctorby reid’s wife
She has two PhDs. She has solved a cold case, which not only managed to stump the entire department of the BAU, but their resident genius as well. She has an IQ of 167...
The Wrong Sister [Completed] by SavannahWritesYasss
The Wrong Sister [Completed]by savannah
All Cylus' life her sister, Chloe has always been the better sister. Chloe was the most loved by their parents and got all the boys and attention as she was more popular...
STALKER || JUNGKOOK FF || by kookiekookie010101
STALKER || JUNGKOOK FF ||by kookiekookie
"I only wish to have you by my side forever instead of watching you from afar" ©kookiekookie010101 | 2020
Flat Tire by scallison
Flat Tireby ella
Every night, Jamie gets a lift home from his co-worker, Will. (Not so) coincidentally, Jamie has been hopelessly, desperately in love with Will for the last eighteen mon...
Seoul Lights | Bangchan by Lucas_bub
Seoul Lights | Bangchanby 𝖆𝖓𝖓 ☻︎ (inactive)
- if you can't move on from your first love, this story is for you. :) 𝘚𝘺𝘯𝘰𝘱𝘴𝘪𝘴 : Seoul Lights. A majestic yet so terrifying place where all the powerful people...
Teenage Fever by michaliza
Teenage Feverby michaliza
A love triangle... but make it gay.... Not what Leslie had in mind when he moved to Section 1 of Shoreview, Jordansberg with his girlfriend of almost two years but, hey...
A Secret-Karl Jacobs X Reader by alysia626
A Secret-Karl Jacobs X Readerby lee
You're a small streamer and youre Katie's cousin (Chris's wife) you also have a huge love for editing. You're just trying to get by until you realize you fell in love.
In my greetings for you | MewGulf by pararanch
In my greetings for you | MewGulfby pararanch
Working in the same film industry together in the same office as well as having an unrequited feelings with your childhood friend would never be easy, at least that's wh...
Design Wars (Tamed Ryders Series #1) by znerdlife
Design Wars (Tamed Ryders Series Meni
Kalyn Ryder was nothing short of hard working. She just couldn't be any other way if she hoped to cope up with her three racer brothers, a racer father and a male domina...
Being chased by a perfectionist man ~_~ by july-ariel
Being chased by a perfectionist ariel
This is not my story. For offline purpose only!!! Credit goes to original author and translator(s) The company's infamous "Iron Mask of the Sales Department"...
Betrayal by youre_excused
Betrayalby Kassie
When Emma Lopez's dad dies, she meets Noah Clark, the man who her dad was going to merge businesses with. She then finds out that her boyfriend of two years has been che...
vanilla, spencer reid by nostalgiamoth
vanilla, spencer reidby fay !
under editing! (slower updates) start jul.20.2020 end tbd spencer reid x fem.oc no set season © nostalgiamoth 2020
Marks (BakuKami by G-GUNSH0T_
Marks (BakuKamiby ᴬ ᴿ ˢ ᴼ ᴺ
BakuKami fan fiction AU: On your 18th birthday whatever damage or drawings that are on your skin appears on your soulmates. TW: -self harm -depression -ect. There are...
1-800-Cinderella by Musiq4lyf
1-800-Cinderellaby Asiah
Cindy works part time at a hotline. Her front name being Cinderella. When Cindy gets involved with a guy through a hotline, he starts to call her all the time. When she...