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Embreal Series 1: Downgrade (COMPLETED) by Coverymyst
Embreal Series 1: Downgrade ( Coverymyst
(EXCLUSIVE ON DREAME) Embreal City isn't just a typical place to settle in, neither the ones who set their feet upon the area. People live according to their local ranks...
Embreal Series 2: Elevate by Coverymyst
Embreal Series 2: Elevateby Coverymyst
(EXCLUSIVE ON DREAME) They have fought and took what they seek the most. Now, that they were able to get what they yearned, the devious place they live and grow - Embrea...
Braven Series 1: Dead Wound by Coverymyst
Braven Series 1: Dead Woundby Coverymyst
Bridgette Stones, after losing her baby, Easton, has to deal now with such an appalling, nerve-racking situation where humanity had crumpled into an apocalyptic state. S...
Bewitch Series I: A Charm's Curse by Coverymyst
Bewitch Series I: A Charm's Curseby Coverymyst
Stuck by a charm made from the sins of her parents, Leigh Adeline lived her life as an outcast in their vicinity. Despite of her alluring beauty that no man could ever w...
The Life of Her by Coverymyst
The Life of Herby Coverymyst
(EXCLUSIVE ON DREAME) Life. A way for you to see the world and the crippling things around you. A path to see the good in each evil. A chance to make shifts what we tend...