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Instagram » COUTINHO ✓ by avgsilva
Instagram » COUTINHO ✓by ✨
In which Philippe Coutinho (accidently) likes an Instagram picture from 176 weeks ago in which Coline Lavana is wearing a bikini. V̶E̶R̶S̶I̶O̶N̶ ̶F̶R̶A̶N̶Ç̶A̶I̶S̶E̶/ENGL...
Despondency (Neymar Jr Fanfiction)  by Neysbbg
Despondency (Neymar Jr Fanfiction) by Neysbbg
After a sour break up with her ex boyfriend, Marina lost all her faith in this "superficial" thing called love until she crossed path with the well known footb...
My Brother's Manager ~ Jürgen Klopp by Mischief_Moonaged
My Brother's Manager ~ Jürgen Kloppby Lola 💙
Lola Firmino is Roberto Firmino's twin sister, who is madly in love with her brother's Manager - Jurgen Klopp.
EUPHORIA || L. MESSI by -endeavours
EUPHORIA || L. MESSIby fay is v tired🖤
euphoria /juːˈfɔːrɪə/ noun a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.
A Escondidas by Halayna123x
A Escondidasby Halayna
Sequel to Smile. Vienna has moved on from her life, enjoying everything about it and is a physiotherapist for FC Barcelona; she's forgotten about the past but what happ...
Unspoken,Philippe Coutinho. by sodawaters
Unspoken,Philippe yraverage.writer.
Sometimes,unspoken words speak the loudest. Never did he notice the perfect one if front of him,not until it was too late. •• based on my own imagination. No copyright i...
FC Barcelona players by JJMeowth
FC Barcelona playersby Nathalie
A guide to the FC Barcelona players of the 2017/18 season and the players who left after the previous 2 seasons. Check out my Football guide and my book Football questio...
FC BARCELONA ▶ imagines by zlajas
FC BARCELONA ▶ imaginesby all is new ✨
imagines with your favorite Barça footballers, ex players and current players ♥ _ © zlajas | 2018
What Happens In Brazil Stays With Him. by Tazzie_012
What Happens In Brazil Stays `Tezaé-Rai
What happens when you are a football fanatic and your dad surprises you with tickets to the 2018 Fifa Soccer World in Russia? Brazilian Footballing Maestro Philippe Cou...
All These Years ♥ {Philippe Coutinho} by lovinvenus
All These Years ♥ {Philippe Venus
{Onde Scarlett e Philippe se reencontram; depois de anos longe. "Porque depois de todos esses anos Eu continuo sentindo tudo quando você está por perto E isso foi a...
Football Perferences by katmcnama
Football Perferencesby ☽
your favorites ✨ : James Rodriguez 🇨🇴 Philippe Coutinho 🇧🇷 Jona Dos Santos 🇲🇽 Paulo Dybala 🇦🇷 Mats Hummels 🇩🇪 Eden Hazard 🇹🇩 Jesse Lingard 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Copyright © // Philippe Coutinho ( English version) by free_kick
Copyright © // Philippe Coutinho ( Ter Stegen Airlines
@wherearetheavocados Bom dia Coutinho! Me tomorrow when I get home in your life 👇 See you tomorrow! Seen Not writed yet Chapter 1 only
Heart Winners  by coldbooklady
Heart Winners by coldbooklady
Amigas desde a adolescência, Bia, Lara, Elisa e Luísa enfrentarão desafios que nunca pensariam serem possíveis. Juntas.
one wish ; marco reus au by ponybruh-curtis
one wish ; marco reus auby amelia / anya
a marco reus short story, also involving paulo dybala & philippe coutinho. enjoy football fans ;)
FC Group chats! by iamprateekamath
FC Group chats!by iamprateekamath
These are the group chats of various football teams.
How we meet<<<Mason Coutinho  by YamilethAlvarado8
How we meet<<<Mason Coutinho by Yamileth Alvarado
Renesmee and mason meet on the beach keep on reading to see wut happens
Eu deixo você ir, Philippe Coutinho by iamgril
Eu deixo você ir, Philippe Coutinhoby iamgril
kath e Philippe tem uma vida juntas, três filhos, uma ótima casa e Philippe está no seu melhor momento no barcelona, mas o casamento nem sempre é mil maravilhas. E não s...
He Is a Champion→ Trent Alexander Arnold ✔️ by hendsong
He Is a Champion→ Trent lari
01 de Junho. Final da Champions League. Trent Alexander-Arnold era com certeza um dos jogadores que mais dava tudo de si dentro de campo sempre, e naquele dia não seria...