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The Bachelor's Bride by gingerbread250
The Bachelor's Brideby Rosanna Parker
Cover: courtesy of AVForrest Copyright © 2017 by AVForrest -A Wattpad Featured Story in Historical Fiction- Highest Rank- #17 in Historical Fiction New York City, 1908 ...
  • family
  • historicalfiction
  • trial
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No Regrets (Conclusion to Adopted by Gabbie Hanna) by SageMarsden
No Regrets (Conclusion to Chloe Chase
Beth is stuck in a love quadrangle. Her ex-boyfriend Trevor still likes her, her friend just kissed her, and the only thing that got her best friend through therapy was...
  • court
  • shanedawson
  • ewa2018
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BADLAPUR  ✔️Completed by arshiabigya
BADLAPUR ✔️Completedby ARSHI
"I will surely win this 2 rupees court case....who is this girl ? she is nothing before my assests.. . who would believe that she got raped ?" THE GREAT SHAURY...
  • kushi
  • arshi
  • fanfiction
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The Perilous Nature of Lust // l.s. by CharlieWritess
The Perilous Nature of Lust // CharlieWritess
Louis Tomlinson is an English born detective with a hate for crime and a passion for justice. Even though life in L.A. is far from boring, Louis finds the crime he deals...
  • louistomlinson
  • detective
  • happyending
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Key To My Heart (GraTsu) by The_DCruz_Missile
Key To My Heart (GraTsu)by Gems D'Cruz
Highest Rank : #42 In Mystery/Thriller (Reached on 13/04/17) Based on true incidents!! The story dates back to the late 1950s and revolves around a Naval Officer Gray Fu...
  • mystery
  • natsudragneel
  • stingsu
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The Judge by ColinSC
The Judgeby Colin St.Clare
A young runaway, she was tired of living by her wits. Ending up in court seemed like a good opportunity to go to prison so she could get well fed and have a secure place...
  • oldyoung
  • agegap
  • teleiophile
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Trial In Reykjavik by MaximumPandemonium
Trial In Reykjavikby MaximumPandemonium
A project I did in my Creative Writing class.
  • courtcase
  • justice
  • murder
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The Price of Freedom by GraceNotes
The Price of Freedomby GraceNotes
One fateful night brings a new case to lawyer Ben Harcourt, and he knows his client Cally Day is innocent. But can he prove it? And at what cost? ***********************...
  • arson
  • suicide
  • murder
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Mrs White  by Lakhens25
Mrs White by Lakhens25
After Mrs Nia White gone missing invesigations where made about who and what happened to her
  • anger
  • lust
  • confusion
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Live A Little  by Queenshinie
Live A Little by Queenshinie
An ihrem 24. Geburtstag wird Jade Coleman die Anwaltskanzlei ihres Vaters überlassen, wofür sie ihr ganzes Leben lang hingearbeitet hat. Nach einer kuriosen Begegnung mi...
  • romance
  • badboy
  • life
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Shrek V Donkey: A Play/Court Case Wattys 2k18 by Rob_Howell
Shrek V Donkey: A Play/Court Captain Rob
I own zero of the characters presented in this play/story. I wrote it for a project in High School with a partner, so if there's any bad grammer, I forgot to correct one...
  • courtcase
  • play
  • shrek
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Figure Of The Void by madmel2002
Figure Of The Voidby madmel2002
A mystery/thriller where school photographer Benjamin Harper comes to a close encounter with a mysterious woman leading to the death of the mayor's daughter Darcy Campbe...
  • courtcase
  • unusual
  • mystery
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Named After Houses. by JosephineRei
Named After Ravens: We Rule This School!
Godri Ridor, Saladar Lither, Reena Claw, Helma Puffy. Quadruplets. Foxes. (Not) Friends. They hate how their mother named them. They hate the biased people who treat t...
  • readthetitle
  • crazymoms
  • cute
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Forbidden Love by ADreamersWriter
Forbidden Loveby Carmen Lehtimaki
A lawyer, after spending much time with his client who has committed a crime, begins to fall in love. Will this change if she tells him the truth about what she did?
  • wattys2018
  • love
  • completed
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Trial of Djikstra Roper & Montagne Smith by AReallyMediocreGM
Trial of Djikstra Roper & AReallyMediocreGM
Something I wrote because my Dungeons and Dragons group needed some fluff.
  • courtcase
  • dungeonsanddragons
The Politics Of Being Sued by RebeccaTheMagical
The Politics Of Being Suedby RebeccaTheMagical
A short story on sexual harassment cases and all the drama, damage, and pain involved and the risks between witnesses and the harassed.
  • harasmentcase
  • pain
  • suffering
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The act of simplicity. by imadeatheater
The act of Mark Johnson
This story follows Emily in her fight for justice over her late husband. She battled through court case after court case trying to win. I am really enjoying writing this...
  • youngadult
  • crime
  • courtcase
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Baby Came Home [AU] by Tomlintoppers
Baby Came Home [AU]by Tomlintoppers
"Kid's looked for monsters, I looked for him."
  • courtcase
  • insane
  • louis
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