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Just... Again? | A countryhumans IndoMalay Story by Brainerf518
Just... Again? | A countryhumans Brainerfed
"W-Where am I?" Amnesia. Forgetting everything. A devastating aftermath caused by a car accident. Indo has no idea who anyone is. He doesn't know where he came...
Enemy to Lover (countryhumans) by PurpleBeri
Enemy to Lover (countryhumans)by Purple Berryz
(Content some ship and mostly America x Malay) Malay moving to a new home because his parents got a job far away from their home. The next day, he go to his new college...
ASEAN (+other countries) Incorrect quotes by MarryLiaPearl
ASEAN (+other countries) Nabila Nur Faidah
cover by kuro.fukuro in Instagram. just incorrect quotes.
Bittersweet || China x Martial Law (On Hiatus) by Isuxcs
Bittersweet || China x Martial ThirdRei
idk.. another shitty story i guess :P sorry for the grammatical errors in the story. DOn't LiKe? DoN'T lOok
My Personal Demon (Indomalay) by PurpleBeri
My Personal Demon (Indomalay)by Purple Berryz
It's Mal's 20 birthday and his friend, Japan give him a necklace. What Mal doesn't know is that necklace has a demon in it and now Mal become his master
"Falling" | MalayPhil by fleuurez
"Falling" | MalayPhilby fleuurez
How do you maintain a relationship with one another? It's tough. Everyone would change time to time,, especially in this situation. Located in the western Pacific Ocean...
Ask And Dare The Aseans by malaysia_idk
Ask And Dare The Aseansby Maya
Ask and Dare our beloved Aseans {you can ask and Dare the states too} Most impressive ranking #269 imbored 18/2/2021
Countryhumans incorrect quotes (Mostly Malaysia) by Velvet_World
Countryhumans incorrect quotes ( Velvet_World
Hello this is my first ever book and it might be bad but i hope you enjoy also dont forget to vote okay thats it bye! Oh and the first few chapters are friking garbage s...
Golden IN Me [CH FANDOM AU] by MarissaAleya9
Golden IN Me [CH FANDOM AU]by Marissa Aleya
Homeland of countryhumans were separating into 3 nations under the 3 caretakers, and a powerful guardian of all countryhumans, UN. Most of countryhumans were powerful su...
The legend of the Moon and Sun Soulmate by LabuUwU
The legend of the Moon and Sun I'm blu
well as you know Philipines or sunshine is a top dont kill me ok while Malaysia is a bottom its about Philmalay since there is not many made Philmalay well only one pers...
"BLAND" | Indomalay Fanfic | Slow Update by amywasaby
"BLAND" | Indomalay Fanfic | 🌹
Meet Malaysia, aka Mal, you might know him for being one of the troublemakers, maphilindo, besides that, he's not very popular in the countryhuman world and he wants to...
Philippines x Countries [One Shots] by Best_Uma_Gurl8
Philippines x Countries [One Shots]by Dead Account
Ayee guys, this is my second book about Philippines(again)anddd this is my first time doing a one shots. So, please bare with me, I'm really bad at english quq
(¿) Enemies Forever (?) IndoMalay by pocong_raya
(¿) Enemies Forever (?) IndoMalayby tigerzmilo_artz
IDK America: Male Malaysia: Male Philippines: Male Indonesia: Male Netherlands: Male And so many characters... The enemies become love-hate couples? Malay mind about Ind...
Separated Love (Season 2) by AlphaDarkBlood
Separated Love (Season 2)by TelomianWolf
(SLOW UPDATE) Everything was fine until... the hunters found out about the disappearance of several students/people near by a school. Apparently, the school was a human...
Hybrid High Academy // Countryhumans by Mythical__Kitsune
Hybrid High Academy // Kitsune
This story is about Countryhuman Hybrid Story, Full Of Countryhuman Hybrids and Human Hybrids. A school for all Hybrids! Philippines is one of them and with fate, It has...
The woods of evil by Meskisaki
The woods of evilby Meskisaki
I know the title sounds stupid- But I've been daydreaming this :-: hope you enjoy reading xD, or not ._. The story cover is not mine!
Amnesia (CountryHumans) }{discontinued}{ by Y-Mellow_blue
Amnesia (CountryHumans) }{ Y-Mellow_blue
Philippines forgot? How!? Philippines is waking up from a coma, forgetting some pretty important stuff. Trigger warnings. I don't know if I'm gonna go threw with but it...
(DISCONTINUED)Things Change/Countryhumans story  by quwi_nash
(DISCONTINUED)Things Change/ quwi_nash
Countryhumans story, so plz don't kill me this is my first story. Revolves around Philippines so cringe warning/angst warning/cussing etc warings Summary: People can be...
Organization On Diary (slow update?) by albino_kunzilla
Organization On Diary (slow Ryaz
hohoho, author bikin cerita baru nih. memang ceritanya lebih ke Pengalaman Para Organisasi sih. cuman setidaknya bisa menghilangkan rasa kesedihan author atas cerita per...
Taming The Heartless Demon by MarituyOppai
Taming The Heartless Demonby MarinDopai
Philipppines Maharlika Ophirian, The entitled "Red" in Academy Country High. Your sweet yet innocent Phia Maharlikan is now different from what you have expect...