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Countryhumans Boyfriend Scenarios (Requests OPEN) by BritainsTea
Countryhumans Boyfriend BritainsTea
Boyfriend scenarios with the reader/you and the countryhumans! I will do requests and maybe put more characters in the scenarios. Also check out my other work! It's stil...
  • scenarios
  • countries
  • countryhumans
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Small World by Poodlekadoodle
Small Worldby Anh Dang
The life of Vietnam at the university she was sent to. A story full of new friends, foes, challenges and other things in sorry if this story isn't good Characters are...
  • university
  • vietnam
  • country
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The four countries by LBJ_visser
The four countriesby LBJ_Visser
To be honest with you guys, I have no Idea what to put here since I have not yet worked out the entire plot. Sorry! Stay tuned for more updates coming this week or the w...
  • romance
  • angel
  • rebecca
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CountryHuman One-Shots by TheAmericanCommie
CountryHuman One-Shotsby SecretYandere
this is not a you x Country thing this is a very sad guilty pleasure please do not proceed If not 13+ as some stories to contain violence, depression, suicidal thought...
  • bloopers
  • countryhumans
  • notcompleted
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Operation Runway by Zara0608
Operation Runwayby Zara0608
A whole bunch of university students, 1 group chat, 1 mission, so many cities, but so many different ideas. What could possibly go wrong?
  • friends
  • bored
  • kpop
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Hetalia x Reader: Oneshot Book by HeikaAckerman
Hetalia x Reader: Oneshot Bookby HeikaAckerman
Enough said.
  • france
  • china
  • england
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Hetalia Thoughts/headcannons by Psycotic123
Hetalia Thoughts/headcannonsby Psycotic123
random thoughts, questions and theories about the fabulous fandom of hetalia.
  • hetalia
  • whatif
  • ihavenoidea
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Countryhumans x Reader by streino
Countryhumans x Readerby streino
Cover art credit: MichanPC on twitter *GAGS* IM SORRY THIS IS CRINGE Also, this story contains Third Reich and USSR, so if you aren't fond of them, I advise you to not r...
  • country
  • countryxreader
  • russia
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2 Countries (JJK FF) by kookiebushie
2 Countries (JJK FF)by Serena D'souza
Two people of two different countries,language,culture and traditions falls in love but how will they deal the indifferences between them and prove that love is universa...
  • romance
  • comedy
  • drama
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Finding You Again - Hetalia x Reincarnated!Reader by _aph_america_
Finding You Again - Hetalia x _aph_america_
With an overseas father and an absent mother, it was clear from the start you weren't going to have the best life. One thing you looked forward to everyday was seeing yo...
  • aphcanada
  • runaway
  • aphengland
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Hetalia Roleplay by One-Random-Nerd
Hetalia Roleplayby ⚠️Random Nerd Alert⚠️
Welcome to the wonderful world of Hetalia!
  • hetalia
  • allies
  • axis
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Ask/Dare Countryhumans by Russ1aCountryHumans
Ask/Dare Countryhumansby Slavic Boi
This book is about Ask and Dares to Countries. I still have school so please don't rush me. I don't like hate or complaints in the comment area, if we do, I am forced to...
  • ask
  • countries
  • countryhuman
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Hetalia Headcanons by AliceEdevane
Hetalia Headcanonsby AliceEdevane
I do not own Hetalia. Hello, these are just my random Headcanons so yeah.
  • cute
  • ships
  • countries
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Game Over [ Countryhumans X Reader ] by SoyaBeanie
Game Over [ Countryhumans X SoyaBeanie
You are a mortal girl with a mortal life you're nothing special, at least you think so. Being able to do something other humans can't, you meet a mysterious figure that...
  • fanfiction
  • japan
  • countryxreader
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The Hetalia characters are back! by ImaLibra_234
The Hetalia characters are back!by Outcast and my friend are part of the Hetalia fandom and I'm hoping for people to ask the characters. Please follow the rules and Good day! *Note:The characters might...
  • lgbtq
  • dare
  • countries
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Country Stories presents: Chaos by KimochiHoshimiya
Country Stories presents: Chaosby Kimo Wanzu
What would happen if I told you that in a certain dimension the First World War was fought by only a few persons? And if those people were actually the countries of the...
  • çş
  • countrystories
  • worldwar
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North American Madness by Joyling1342
North American Madnessby Joy
Alfred and Matthew both have quite a lot of kids and they can't supervise all of them at once. So what happens when they are let loose when their fathers are gone? This...
  • hetalia
  • america
  • countries
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Hetalia Imagines and Preferences by SadlyOptimistic
Hetalia Imagines and Preferencesby Victoria Jones
The tile is pretty self explanatory. Includes the Axis, Allies, Spain, Romano, and Prussia
  • countries
  • aphromano
  • aphitaly
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Hetalia High by Kerriathechosen1
Hetalia Highby Kerria Rose
* ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE :'( * What if all of the Hetalia characters were teenagers in the same school? A new girl moves nearby after the discovery of the terrible...
  • highschool
  • countries
  • hetaliahigh
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