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Starr Academy: Year One by Katherin3Coitier
Starr Academy: Year Oneby Katherine Coitier
The Starr Academy is one of the most premier and exclusive school in the United States of America. So exclusive that they turned down Paris Hilton when she tried to dema...
Speaking by EmilyEvans190722
Speakingby Heba-Chan
Yuya, left mute after the death of his parents. He and his sister are forced to move after their uncle kicks them out of the home. They move to the next town over where...
Starr Academy: Year Two by Katherin3Coitier
Starr Academy: Year Twoby Katherine Coitier
The first year of Hope Lund's time at Starr Academy is over. Now she has to deal with her family for the summer and then the start of her second year. Things seem to be...
Severed ✔ (Counterpart Trilogy #2) [Young-Adult PNR] by ShanaVanterpool
Severed ✔ (Counterpart Trilogy #2) Shana Vanterpool Author
Book Two in the Counterpart trilogy. (A dark sequel) (Blurb to come!) Annabelle is lost, Richard is desperate to get her back, Isaac is drifting, strange things are happ...
The Soul Within Us (Sans X Reader) by Mugelbbub28
The Soul Within Us (Sans X Reader)by I N K T O B E R
(Sans x Reader Slow burn. Cover drawn by me :D) They made it to the surface. Again. But how long will it last? Frisk made a promise.... But how long will they keep it...
Mistaken Identity by EmilyEvans190722
Mistaken Identityby Heba-Chan
Yuya is a normal high schooler who just so happens to bump into someone on a normal day. Mistaken identity, romance love triangles and more take place in this counterpar...
Counterpart by TiyasaMukherjee
Counterpartby Tiyasa Mukherjee
"I'd have totally dated you, if you were a boy!" "Really? My male version?"- her best friend chuckled. "Yeah!" ...
Pokémon NL: Tale of Two Worlds SEASON 1 by FemaleAshGreninja06
Pokémon NL: Tale of Two Worlds Kalista Hunt
After the events of Thunderstruck, Ace, Ashley, Sonic and the rest of the gang meets four newcomers who turned out to be them from another dimension. Ace, his counterpa...
Empress: Yugioh Arc V X female reader (Discontinued) by Inklingarch4603
Empress: Yugioh Arc V X female InklingArch Productions
Y/n is a young duelist with seven decks, she joins You Show Duel School where she meets Yuya Sakaki, the son of Yusho Sakaki, who learned Pendulum summoning and his frie...
Resolution by Cyndaquil777
Resolutionby Cyndaquil777
A alternate ending to the Yugioh Arc V finale.
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Loki x werewolf! reader by WinterGoddess28
Loki x werewolf! readerby Winter
Nothing much for the description, just that it's looking pretty good. To find out what's going on you must read, Thanks! ~ Kira aka author~chan.
To melt a frozen heart. by Lumaking7
To melt a frozen Lumaking7
Gili Sakaki, nicknamed Gill, and brother to Yuya Sakaki enters this story with flashy steps, added with razzle dazzle and Icy moments. Just like brother, she aims to bec...
One minute to live (HIATUS) by lOiSwAtTs41
One minute to live (HIATUS)by Lois
Warnings: shippy. Blood. Gore. More blood. More shipping. A little more blood. Angst. And blood. When Grian and Tango discover a new counterpart, Helsknight, they never...
Counterpart by UnimportantName
Counterpartby Newbie_Queen
Book 2 Of "Red" - Can Be Read Alone Since the day Gulf pushed Mew away from his life, the two have been apart for two years. After meeting each other during a...
Ninjago and Ninjago movie crossover by LexaLikesNinjago
Ninjago and Ninjago movie crossoverby ★彡 ℓ𝒆ⓧ𝐈 彡★
The amazing cover that is better than this story is by @LuckyBugBooks The ninja wake up in the Ninjago movie universe and have no memory of season 8 but they still look...
The Emperor's Counterpart Kuroko no Basket Fanfic:  Akashi's Sister by LifeIsAStranger
The Emperor's Counterpart Kuroko seishu
I'm Kairi Akashi 15 years of age You're probably wondering about my surname Yes, I'm Akashi's little sister and I am his Counterpart. ** I grew up in America with my...
Coexistence | Markiplier and Darkiplier by KureikoJashinowa
Coexistence | Markiplier and Sasha
Mark, or rather known as Markiplier, is a popular youtuber with a huge community / fan base. Besides his lovingly community he has these.. "funny" counterparts...
Stuck [TordTom]  by HentaiiLoverrr
Stuck [TordTom] by 💕Aha, Die ☠️
It was a normal day in the Eddsworld household. Edd was making breakfast. Matt was admiring himself. And Tom was just tuning his bass, Susan. Suddenly a scream was heard...
The Counterparts (Sandersides story) by FightingFrenchFry
The Counterparts (Sandersides FightingFrenchFry
Something is changing in the Mind Palace and all of Sander Sides are going to have to come together and put their differences aside (pun intended) if they want to save T...
Shipping...Arc V style  by FriendHater
Shipping...Arc V style by FriendHater
As the title suggests, these are shippings from Arc V. Enjoy...*makes goofy smile* I have something planned tho.....