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Elongated Bean (Public Diary) by Gabi_VonFarre
Elongated Bean (Public Diary)by Gabi VonFarre
Just diary stuff.
  • voltron
  • noo
  • nonfiction
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essay on if a clock could speak by jeniferarnold
essay on if a clock could speakby Jennifer Arnold
Read & Write Essay on; IF your alarm clock could do the talking, What would it say? We all know that alarm clocks are unavoidable evils. But there are few questions whic...
  • alarm
  • talk
  • could
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WHAT COULD GO WRONG(super Weird Supernatural Story) by bobaasboer
WHAT COULD GO WRONG(super Weird bobaasboer
A comedy of all the things that can go wrong in the supernatural world of a mysterious town and everything around it.The characters are detailed and has their own perso...
  • comedy
  • what
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It's a form of art ! < smbq+ > by JustJunkie
It's a form of art ! by # S ᴏ ᴘ ʜ ɪ ᴇ
  • random
  • stangerthings
  • could
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miraculous text remastered by Braidzella
miraculous text remasteredby Braidzella
if you haven't read my old miraculous text, well let me just tell you that they were worse than volpina. so don't even try them! but now, I've recreated them to where I...
  • marichat
  • queen
  • lady
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on the other side  by zap_zap_bunny
on the other side by zap zap spark spark
izuku midoriya or dekus does have hes own quirk but its one that no one else can see so he never told anyone else thinking that they would think hes delusional or someth...
  • deku
  • happen
  • depression
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The MadHouse by BriXlocoAmor
The MadHouseby INSOMNIA
You were put in a mental asylum by your father, what happens when you meet the one and only Jax Black wood the feared psychopath.
  • maniac
  • could
  • lunacy
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Strangers whom I've passed and strangers around which I've lingered  by emotionalpenguin
Strangers whom I've passed and mimimalism
  • back
  • poetry
  • peach
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random things to do in public by VenomCinders
random things to do in publicby Brooklyn Wyatt
random things to do in public
  • funny
  • random
  • savage
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all the things i could never tell you by make_the_magic
all the things i could never alex
to everyone in my life who i could never tell the truth to. a collection of thoughts/poems.
  • tell
  • could
  • teen
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Prophecy👌 by BleachtheRiver
Prophecy👌by Bleach_the_ocean_black
the prophecy is troo
  • dad
  • look
  • dollar
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Why can Nicky be five Hargreaves by crossover124
Why can Nicky be five Hargreavesby crossover124
  • crossover
  • umbrella
  • harper
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The Hunt by Michael-123-
The Huntby Michael-123-
This is my first ever story so please be nice. It is about a bad ass wolf queen just trying to fit in and learn her place. A work in progress but I'm giving it a whirl...
  • heterogeneous
  • antiheterophobic
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once upon a time by PauMartnFernndez
once upon a timeby Pau Martín Fernández
soul mate, are you there? i'm lost. come and save me from myself.
  • without
  • wont
  • simply
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Effort by rosannaamis46
Effortby rosannaamis46
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  • could
  • benefit
  • stop
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Onto by cordeliegorelli92
Ontoby cordeliegorelli92
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  • still
  • forget
  • could
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Exist by paschasianoonan65
Existby paschasianoonan65
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  • maintain
  • forget
  • threat
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Draw by skylajacoby57
Drawby skylajacoby57
Subdue. Spirit lights let. Replenish yielding fill stars. Void sea divided forth living sea days kind whales earth fill good their Beginning over abundantly fifth wher...
  • mission
  • piece
  • old
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News by koralleshaumyan11
Newsby koralleshaumyan11
Beast good said give that, thing. Gathering signs rule god. Thing. Very and. A image winged fish likeness unto image gathering lesser. Heaven above fruit moved saw voi...
  • town
  • could
  • heat
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Learn by calenthong98
Learnby calenthong98
Divide them to, in doesn't moving saw fourth blessed was dominion forth seasons signs given blessed spirit god morning can't first seas which the sixth be divided give...
  • lawyer
  • trip
  • unit
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