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Luka Couffaine X Reader by Softieboyy
Luka Couffaine X Readerby softie
Luka from miraculous ladybug dating Y/N. how fun, honestly i dont know where ima go with this.
Luka Couffaine × Reader ✓ (Boyfriend Scenarios) by alazyass_
Luka Couffaine × Reader ✓ ( Hiatus
(Y/N) (L/N) flew all the way to Paris France, due to her familys business taking off and expanding. In an unexpected event at one of Jagged Stones concerts, she came acr...
different but... not so much//Kagami x OC\\ by LeonXXa
different but... not so much//
Dakota Ruiz, latina 16 year old, born in Colombia who has been living in the UK more than half her life and recently moved to Paris, fluent in english, spanish and frenc...
Natural Flirt | Cat Noir/Adrien Agreste x OC | MLB by randommsrandom
Natural Flirt | Cat Noir/Adrien crazymacarons
Dynila Pen is a model from America who was transferred to the Gabriel brand in Paris, France. Because of this, she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a designer as...
Wanted ✘ Luka Couffaine by starraika
Wanted ✘ Luka Couffaineby starraika ♡
Luka Couffaine x Reader. Adrien Agreste always got what he wanted, even the chance to attend public school, while (Y/n) Agreste was left behind. However, when she finall...
wallflower || miraculous ladybug by FrogTwinTopMagician
wallflower || miraculous ladybugby 𝕝𝕖𝕪𝕧𝕒
she is a wallflower. she see things. she keeps quiet about them. and she understands. until someone finally sees her. and she is thrown back into the world she was tryi...
Lovestruck ~ Luka Couffaine X Reader by youraverageweird0
Lovestruck ~ Luka Couffaine X 로렌
You move to Paris after your dad got a new job and was introduced to a boy named Luka. He takes you on wild adventures but you never saw him anything more then a friend...
Why is it always the Agrestes?! by xxLucyHeartfiliaFTxx
Why is it always the Agrestes?!by LucasDeAlgerObelia
The cover is made by me. Just read it if you want. Oh, also, this au does not have Ladybug and Chat noir. (Basically miraculouses) Best ranking yet: 1st place Felinette
Are You All That Bad? |Miraculous: Enemies to lovers| by Bugaroo24
Are You All That Bad? | 🎄xmas_tree_boi🎄
!!!CRINGE WARNING!!! this was my first book and it's kinda all over the place, so read at your own risk ig !!!CRINGE WARNING!!! Marinette and Adrien had been enemies fro...
Finding Yourself  by Sarasilvabaratheon
Finding Yourself by Sara Jaqueline
After Queen banana, Chloe loses everyone who still puts up with her. Adrien doesn't want to know about her anymore, Zoe has given up trying to make her like her and her...
lilac skies » luka couffaine by gigi-mendes
lilac skies » luka couffaineby gianna
❛ you touched me and suddenly i was a lilac sky then you decided purple just wasn't for you. ❜ ━ in which two ex-lovers are likely to still have romantic affect...
What About Us? by ChatNoirsAccount
What About Us?by Miraculous Stories
Marinette is the princess of France. With her parents stepping down from the throne, she must take their place. In order to do that she needs to get married to royalty. ...
The Words You Say { LukAdrien } by kokichiko
The Words You Say { LukAdrien }by 🧸
Adrien Agreste has everything together. A cute girl, good friends, and the ability to get away when it became too much. When Luka Couffaine challenged him, he could feel...
True Colors | Roseka Songfic by Alix_Kubdel
True Colors | Roseka Songficby ✫ Alix
| Miraculous ladybug Rose x Juleka Short Songfic Rose is feeling gloomy about what happened. Would Juleka be able to help her out? How? - Transfered from Miraculous Amin...
Is It Okay to Love My Best Friend? by Ivurn4422
Is It Okay to Love My Best Friend?by Akita
This is the story about how Juleka got Rose to be her girlfriend. After a few rounds of truth or dare and a sleepover everything changed. There will be other ships in he...
So, Adrien shows up in a Chat Noir hoodie... ((Lukadrien)) by Cassarilla
So, Adrien shows up in a Chat Cassarilla
Recently the Ladyblog had begun selling hero themed clothing. Adrien had bought at least one item inspired by each of the heroes. The proceeds went to charity and the de...
Miraculous: The Swap | A Lukloe Fanfiction #3 by Braidzella
Miraculous: The Swap | A Lukloe Braidzella
A third addition to my lukloe wattpad fanfics. Chloe still hasn't gotten over the whole Miracle Queen situation. Luka had tried everything in his power to help her, but...
Cliché is my cheese  by Sarasilvabaratheon
Cliché is my cheese by Sara Jaqueline
This will be a set of one shots with a cliché theme, focused on Chloé Bourgeois. Mainly Lukloe because Luka and Chloe is my favorite couple. But it will also have a bit...
Querido Luka: || OS- MLB || Lukloé by CjDeLarge
Querido Luka: || OS- MLB || Lukloéby ↠⛱️L a P l a y a⛱️↞
Chloé, la chica fuerte e indomable ha escrito una carta, pero no es cualquier carta. Dicen por ahí que el amor siempre vence al odio, aquel pedazo de pergamino escrito...
Whisper of Love [Miraculous Ladybug: LukaNette] by ldapholmes
Whisper of Love [Miraculous N/A
"I guess sometimes, feelings are better expressed in a form of music than through mere words" •>Original plot, do not copy<•