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Love and Money by greyunknown
Love and Moneyby HaileeStedman
After the death of her mother, Kayla's life changes forever. Forced to live with her father, billionaire Kay J. Lucian, who has had nothing to do with her until her moth...
  • secrets
  • cosmofiftyshades
  • love
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Fifty Shades of Grey Imagine (Cosmo) by Believeeexoxo
Fifty Shades of Grey Imagine ( DeAnna Ingraham
  • cosmofiftyshades
Confessions of an Inner Goddess by Noidea20
Confessions of an Inner Goddessby Noidea20
One day, Anna's Inner goddess decides to have a very important talk.
  • cosmofiftyshades
  • fiftyshadesofgrey
How I met your daughter by BookjunkLieke
How I met your daughterby BookjunkLieke
  • cosmofiftyshades
50 Shades Free by sushigal007
50 Shades Freeby sushigal007
When Christian's controlling nature gets out of hand, Taylor will go to any lengths to protect the woman he loves.
  • cosmofiftyshades
Later by merlinslaugh
Laterby merlinslaugh
  • 50shadesfanfic
  • cosmofiftyshades
Body Electric by moonliv
Body Electricby . is my Fifty Shades of Grey one-shot for Cosmo's Fifty Shades challenge:) Tell me what you think! A huge thanks to @1Dismoretome for the amazing cover! x
  • christiangrey
  • fanfiction
  • one-shot
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Kate loves Elliott - A Christan Grey fic by leelo96
Kate loves Elliott - A Christan Lee L
The one where Kate shows what it's like to be in a physically and emotionally desirable relationship in the world of Fifty Shades of Grey. A Fifty Shades of Grey alt-vie...
  • abusivebooksdisguisedasromance
  • fiftyshadesofshitmorelikeit
  • fiftydaysoffiftyshades
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See No Evil by bentogram
See No Evilby bentogram
"It's like Christian always said. The police are incompetent. You have to do this, Taylor," I choke out. "You have to find out who killed my husband."
  • 50shadesofgrey
  • cosmofiftyshades
Train Wreck by askmenoquestions
Train Wreckby askmenoquestions
50 Shades of Grey fan fiction written for Cosmo's 50 Shades contest
  • cosmofiftyshades
  • troutnation
Fifty Shades - My Design by 13foxywolf666
Fifty Shades - My Designby Diana Marie
The finest team on the FBI is called in to investigate the murder of a young girl found floating in Puget Sound. A Hannibal/Fifty Shades crossover one-off, showing the...
  • christiangreystruecolors
  • crossover
  • hannibal
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Fractured by Rosasusannah
Fracturedby Rosasusannah
She was young and naive when she first met him. As time goes on and the threats and manipulations continue, Ana slowly begins to listen to that voice inside her – the on...
  • cosmofiftyshades
Party Thoughts by afussycussyhussy
Party Thoughtsby afussycussyhussy
Kate's reflections at a family party
  • cosmofiftyshades
  • troutnation
  • troutstanding
New York Shade by TayMarie
New York Shadeby TayMarie
  • ceo
  • cosmofiftyshades
  • control
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An Anthropological Study of Human Romance (inspired by 50 Shades of Grey) by violetdale
An Anthropological Study of violetdale
50 Shades of Grey is about people behaving inexplicably. Perhaps one of them is an alien.
  • cosmofiftyshades
Escape by JennyTrout
Escapeby Jenny Trout
A short look at what it's really like to be with Christian Grey, written for Cosmo's 50 Shades contest.
  • cosmofiftyshades
Unfamiliar by LSaville
Unfamiliarby LSaville
Was meeting Christian Grey really the best thing that happened to Ana Steele? AU meeting.
  • cosmofiftyshades
A Night Out by LucyCarling
A Night Outby LucyCarling
Christian is away for a few nights so Ana wants to have a fun night out with Kate.
  • cosmofiftyshades
The Proposition by BronwynGreen
The Propositionby BronwynGreen
Lelia, Ana's former stalker and now permanent resident of a mental health facility, is surprised when Ana arrives for a visit. (This story was written for Cosmo's Fifty...
  • cosmofiftyshades
  • fiftyshadesofabuse
  • troutnation
Letters to a Golden Boy by downwithabusers
Letters to a Golden Boyby downwithabusers
A collection of letters written to Theodore Grey from the people he loves.
  • cosmofiftyshades
  • fiftyshadesofabuse