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Surrender by Violet_Hale
Surrenderby Violet Hale
My short story submission to the Cosmopolitan Fifty Shades of Grey fanfic contest.
Temptation & Truth by bundtcake
Temptation & Truthby bundtcake
Anastasia Gray, devoted wife, is tempted to betray her "perfect" but domineering husband, Christian Gray. But something isn't quite right with Ana, who seems t...
Body Electric by moonliv
Body Electricby . is my Fifty Shades of Grey one-shot for Cosmo's Fifty Shades challenge:) Tell me what you think! A huge thanks to @1Dismoretome for the amazing cover! x
SIDE EFFECTS OF THE CaliforniaSoulBlog
You and Christian have made a bet. He's not allowed to sleep with anyone for at least 2 weeks. If he loses, he pays for a vacation; if you lose, he gets to have sex with...
Laters, Baby... by mrsmanics
Laters, Emma T
Everyone seems to think that Anastasia Grey lives a perfect life. But Ana is hiding the truth from everyone she loves. And it's time for it to come out...
One Way Or Another by MGabi48
One Way Or Anotherby MGabi48
My name is Anastasia Rose Grey. I was born Anastasia Rose Steele. And that's the name I'll want to have on my gravestone. I'm not good at this legal thing - I was mostly...
Wild in Aspen - a Christian Grey fic by leelo96
Wild in Aspen - a Christian Grey Lee L
A Fifty Shades of Grey alt-view - written for the Cosmo 50 Shades contest. Inspired by the amazing Jen Trout
Well Done by Ezrasa
Well Doneby Ezra
Theodore Grey has come to understand how healthy relationships function while away at University. His Christmas visit brings unexpected closure to his relationship with...
If Only She Knew by kaydeelex
If Only She Knewby kaydeelex
The Truth About Men Like Christian Grey
50 Shades Free by sushigal007
50 Shades Freeby sushigal007
When Christian's controlling nature gets out of hand, Taylor will go to any lengths to protect the woman he loves.
Kate loves Elliott - A Christan Grey fic by leelo96
Kate loves Elliott - A Christan Lee L
The one where Kate shows what it's like to be in a physically and emotionally desirable relationship in the world of Fifty Shades of Grey. A Fifty Shades of Grey alt-vie...
After the Storm by bansheeofthewest
After the Stormby bansheeofthewest
This is a story about the Doctor discovering an overly naive, dickish heroine named Ana (rescued from her plight as Christian Grey's ill-informed sub), and helping her b...
Confessions of an Inner Goddess by Noidea20
Confessions of an Inner Goddessby Noidea20
One day, Anna's Inner goddess decides to have a very important talk.
The Proposition by BronwynGreen
The Propositionby BronwynGreen
Lelia, Ana's former stalker and now permanent resident of a mental health facility, is surprised when Ana arrives for a visit. (This story was written for Cosmo's Fifty...
Fifty Shades - My Design by 13foxywolf666
Fifty Shades - My Designby Diana Marie
The finest team on the FBI is called in to investigate the murder of a young girl found floating in Puget Sound. A Hannibal/Fifty Shades crossover one-off, showing the...