Bodyguard by LilianeGrouse
Bodyguardby AJ
Madison Jones used to be a regular college student. One roommate, one Senator and one night gone horribly wrong later, she's a material witness in an upcoming trial jus...
  • twentysomethings
  • newadult
  • conspiracy
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Errand Boy by akira_asylan
Errand Boyby Akira Asylan
23/9/18: #2 in corruptgoverment #4 in deathgame #9 in slavery In a world where the wealthy and corrupted people ruled, being a slave is the best option. Although bounded...
  • wattys2018
  • crime
  • knife
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Yakuza!!! by WhispererOfLove
Yakuza!!!by WhispereOfLove
"I only saved you, that does not mean that I would need to marry you." Japan has long stopped being the country it used to be. The usually bright country has g...
  • mafia
  • mafiaboss
  • corruptgovernment
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Where Colours Rule (Colour Blue) by AnimeReverseHaremW
Where Colours Rule (Colour Blue)by Miko12318
In a universe far away, the social life is ruled by colours. Whichever colour you were born in, is where you'll spend your life in as the government controls you. Kana...
  • reverseharem
  • blue
  • classdivision
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DRIFT: The Awakening by IriaEnahoro
DRIFT: The Awakeningby Writer Irianose
It's the year 2026. After the military battle 'Operation Invictus', the Guard Regency became the new Iron Fist. Ruled by deserters of truth with a feigned sense of moral...
  • romance
  • supersoldier
  • psychological
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Wild Snapdragon by Justadashofsunshine
Wild Snapdragonby Sunny
Ashlyn lives in a world where hard work equals a good life. However, things aren't so straightforward as it seems. When she was upgraded to the highest rank, Ashlyn disc...
  • femaleprotagonist
  • dystopian
  • secrets
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The High School Revolutionary(male rebel reader X high school harem) by Grimcreeper58
The High School Revolutionary( Austin
Y/N L/N and his sister,Akame were born in a world where the people blindly follow the government,however Y/N was also one of those blind people,until he opened his eyes...
  • malereader
  • male
  • harem
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Rise by Tigerplayzgames
Riseby Heaven
Meadow was born in the blocky world of Craftion. There was one ruler and the ruler was corrupted. The ruler would kill the innocent and only chose few to live a life of...
  • corruptgovernment
  • rebellion
  • minecraft
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Grim Tales: Rebels of the Underworld  by Eris345
Grim Tales: Rebels of the Fiona_Fox_Afton
Fantastic cover and story idea made by @Phantom-Kunoichi2001, so please go give her a follow! :3 You must read the webcomic "Grim Tales from Down Below" in ord...
  • demon
  • friendship
  • action
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Soprano Sunset by Me-key_Forest
Soprano Sunsetby Mekhi_Woods
Meet Dye, a 17-year-old student who is studying at Soprano University. What makes this kid so special? Well for one he's super smart, he is studying astrophysics, and he...
  • corruption
  • political
  • drama
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Yakuza!!! -His Bride by WhispererOfLove
Yakuza!!! -His Brideby WhispereOfLove
I knew he was messed up. I knew I shouldn't have fallen for him, but I can't help seeing the goodness in him. I can't help but think that maybe I could change him. My lo...
  • possessive
  • roughpast
  • wattys2018
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Unsalted Cashews by kanga_ruth
Unsalted Cashewsby ruuuth
Irabella 'Elle' Vanrindé was just a normal girl, at a normal school, with normal friends. And she's deathly allergic to cashews. Especially when they're unsalted. So whe...
  • blood
  • princess
  • vampires
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The Four Assassins by Cam_098
The Four Assassinsby Cam_098
Kayla, Shoin, Fain and Kinji have all joined a certain guild. This guild goes by the name of The Crows and they're devoted to overtaking their corrupt government. Our fo...
  • guilt
  • anger
  • violence
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A Sense of Who We Are (Naruto Online AU) by BreezeDancer
A Sense of Who We Are (Naruto ♛ Breeze Dancer ♛
"Never tell anyone your name." A drop of blue is swabbed onto the brush. With a flowing stroke, the paintbrush creates the skies and the flowing rivers. "...
  • azurefang
  • midnightblade
  • scarletblaze
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Khói by stopbutterfly3
Khóiby Stop Butterfly
Chuyện xoay quanh Minh, một đầu bếp có tài năng và đồng thời cũng là một tên tội phạm giết người hàng loạt; và Tú, một cô gái, chủ một tiệm bánh ngọt và cùng với đó cũng...
  • psychokiller
  • cooking
  • corruptgovernment
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Fear Serum No. 13 by Fandoms4life07
Fear Serum No. 13by Gabby
Europe has been split apart. One of those parts is called Escuchar. Escuchar is ran by a monarchy that believes slavery and fear is the way to go. Whoever tries to rebel...
  • sciencefiction
  • dystopian
  • wattys2018
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The Sacrificed by AuthorJordanLink
The Sacrificedby Jordan Link
Emerald Hayden lives in the City of Centsia, a half-winged among walkers. She has no family, friends, or food: only a grim future filled with tiresome labor in the upper...
  • angel
  • teenfiction
  • -romance
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My Ocs by SamuraiNight
My Ocsby GcrmvnVrtist
My ocs that I've created, in this book I'll show you what I have completed and wips too ^-^ My Instagram is @Gcrmvnvrtist My deviantart is @Kiteuro enjoy! :D
  • residentevil
  • corruptgovernment
  • geneticmutation
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Metempsychosis: Mortality by Cocoa--Hooves
Metempsychosis: Mortalityby Cocoa--Hooves
Metempsychosis /ˌmɛtɛmsʌɪˈkəʊsɪs/ [noun] The supposed transmigration at death of the soul of a human being or animal into a new body of the same or a different species
  • religion
  • corruption
  • romance
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Never Forthwith by WinterDiamondLore
Never Forthwithby Winter Meadows
A young child watches a witch burning and is scarred for life. Just not in the way people would expect. Not actually about witch burnings and more interesting than it s...
  • witch
  • magicabilities
  • timetravel
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