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Troubleshooter by alexames
Troubleshooterby Alex Ames
All he wanted was a regular job... Paul Trouble may not hold the most exciting job in the world as a pencil pusher and finance controller in Strom Industries' Mergers an...
The Arasaka Hero by ydwoldemar
The Arasaka Heroby
Akira Yamaguchi, a respected Arasaka executive, uncovers a conspiracy threatening not only his life but the future of Night City. With his loyalty tested and his life on...
A Kiss In The Dark by anupamavincent
A Kiss In The Darkby anupamavincent
Zoe loves to dream. She is practical, honest, sincere and everything nice. Enterprising and resourceful she never backs down from a challenge. Biting off more than she c...
/coded by Zac_Locke_Thriller
/codedby Zac Locke
For fans of Severance, on Apple TV: the serialized techno thriller /coded. When the young programming trainees of the Fortune 500 company Envêncerate start to suspect t...
False Blossom by golda_mowe
False Blossomby
Perkasa Semiconductors, a chip fabrication plant in Kuching, has a malware attack that is soon linked to the HR Manager, Jonathan anak Tuba. When three of his colleague...
A clear Heart by Gentle_Gen85
A clear Heartby Gentle_Gen85
Ana and Christian have been married for only a few short months when Christian suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized. Ana is forced to take over Grey Enterprises w...